We're so glad you read our story!  You finished the whole thing…or else you skipped to the end.  Anyway, here is some food for thought…or not.

If you enjoyed this, there are two (yes, two) other stories after this.  First, Cordelia the Wise, a short little interlude consisting of three conversations…and the kind of advice that only Cordelia can give. 

Cameo appearances made by Spike and Dawn.  Conversations featuring Xander, Buffy, and Angel.

Secondly, our sequel is now posted…NOT ALL OF IT, but it's coming along.  It's called Camelot is a Silly Place and it's even crazier than this story.  It's another crossover with "Angel" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Certain things to expect from the sequel:

1) Buffy/Spike shippiness

2) Xander/Spike friendship

3) Dawn's dirty, twisted little mind

4) More making fun of Angel (but we really love the guy and watch his show all the time…IT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME!)

5) Xander/Drusilla…something (it's kinda complicated)

6) Angel/Bob hatred (who's Bob, you ask?  Read the story!)

7) Surprise guest stars!  Plus, a few original characters!

8) A new bad guy!  But not a made up one!

9) Slayage of the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign

10)  Buffy/Xander/Spike fun (not that kinda fun you freak!  Good, clean fun…kinda).

11)  The chip!  The chip!  What about the chip?!?!?!  Don't worry.  You'll find out!

Also, we have a stand alone ficlet called "Think About It."  It is a response to "Dead Things" and boy did we have something to say about that!!!!  Definitely a different tone than our other stories, but we like it.

Also also…Kelley has her very own story on fanfiction.net.  Wow!  It's called "Sweet William"!  Did you know that's a flower?  Well, that's beside the point.  Anyway, if you're tired of waiting for us to update, go read it!  It's not as funny, but a more clear cut Buffy/Spike shippy story.  We didn't have the Xander obsession (AKA-Shelley), to cloud the issue.  Her singular author name…whatever…is Kelley: The Self-Toastable Pop-Tart.  Shelley will do her own story one day!  She does have X-Men fanfic though!  Her singular author name…whatever…is Drake Roberts. 

Ok, to not get big heads from self-promoting, here are some great stories to read that ARE NOT written by us.

The Journey by Mary Anne Gruen

Whiskers of Fury by AussieBullDog

Well, there are tons more stories!  Just look under our list of favorite stories.  It's all there! 

We're shutting up now.  Toodles!