Chapter Five

"Jake?" I mumbled into the fur, drowsy with sleep, my arms draped over its torso, as it came to an abrupt halt somewhere in the forest, and my eyelids fluttered slightly, expecting to see the house stretch ahead of me. Instead, I was surrounded by the height of dark green trees and ferns draped into some sort of path.

The wolf's head whipped around to face me, nudging me slightly, and then whimpering impatiently. I was still to drowsy to lift my head completely from the wolf's comforting fur, but I froze in shock at the furious growl coming from Jacob's figure. The soggy socks fell from my stone grip, and I jumped down from the wolf's tense form. Jacob's head lunged and he gripped my shirt in between his fangs, soaking them. I tugged my shirt from the grip, as the smell hit me. It felt odd, yet somehow familiar, as the millions of scents that I had in my perfect recall seemed to have qualities that matched this one. The sweet, amazing scent of a vampire. My eyes widened and my breath caught in my chest and then the wolf I had forgotten besides me growled impatiently, his brown eyes finding mine.

"Jake, can you phase?" I pleaded. "So we can talk?" I raised my eyebrows at the wolf shaking his head angrily, with a panic struck edge. The wolf twitched it's head towards the house's direction and moodily, I climbed back the thick fur brushing me welcomingly.

The wolf burst into a sprint as soon as my arms were wrapped around it, but I couldn't allow myself to go back to sleeping, but my eyes were weary and I only felt the suddenly cool air whip around me, brushing my ears painfully, my hair dripping humidly against the sweater.

The house stood five stories high all of a sudden, right across the fifty yards of the roaring river, after five cool minutes of whipping air, I got down warily. I realized I wasn't even close to the house. He dropped me off—if that was his intention—were the river ran about 10 yards wide. I froze, panic struck.

"Jake, what's going on?" I asked impatiently, as soon as the wolf's head was right in front of me. He whined impatiently and then went behind the bushel to phase.

His legs were covered by the bushel, which meant this was a 5-minute warning.

"Ness, go to the house, please." He commanded and then bent over to phase. His russets, wide feet were replaced by imposing brown claws.

"Why?" I whined, impatiently. The wolf growled and then came behind me, to nudge my back towards the river. I planted my feet on the ground, and they sunk on the soil obediently.

"Jake, tell me!" I begged, jerking my head around, were Jacob was still clawing at my shirt, nudging me forward. I trailed after him, keeping a fistful of my camisole at hand.

He phased again all of a sudden, and before I could see what I pinned to avoid seeing, his hand titled his chin up to bare into my eyes.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you will go to the house. You will stay there with your grandmother and tell your grandfather to meet me on the Oak. Understood?" His voice was so stern and impossibly loud—almost like yelling—and his eyes so imposing he reminded me of my dad. "Bring Emmet and Jasper." He added, before phasing again and grabbing the sodden fistful of shirt with his teeth, but this time I followed a bit less willingly, mostly because I was frozen in shock.

"Em and Jazz?" I stammered. Emmet and Jasper had always equaled in my mind virtual indestructibility, and I wondered why anybody would need that particular quality in this situation. My breath caught in my chest, and I almost fell to my knees. The wolf growled in exasperation and then howled loudly. Upstairs, in the second floor, Esme's velvety blue curtain sled open to reveal Carlisle, his shirt missing two buttons, his hair slightly disheveled.

The wolf growled, nudging me forward, and then a minute later, Grandma flung the door open and ran towards the river, her rolled up pants and bare feet soaking in the process.

"Darling, what's going on?" she asked nervously, flinging a lock of wet hair past my forehead and then crushing me to her chest, and I wrapped my arms around her in response.

"I don't know." I stammered, clutching at her like a lifeline. Carlisle came out seconds after Esme exchanged a few meaningful looks with the wolf, dressed a lot more than his wife. He wrapped an arm around Esme and then they exchanged a meaningful glance. Jasper and Emmet came out a second later, flanking Carlisle.

"What is she doing here?" Jasper snarled at Carlisle and Esme reproachfully.

Carlisle looked back at him guiltily, and I frowned.

"I'm not a baby." I hissed. Emmet snorted, making me feel less sure about the fact. Carlisle and Jasper exchanged knowing glances. Esme pressed her arm against me tighter and then kissed my forehead.

"Of course you aren't, darling." She said in that patronizing tone of whatever-you-like, with a hint of anxiety.

"You must be freezing, love." Carlisle added, trying to look relaxed as he smiled at me but exchanging meaningful, anxious glances with everyone at the same time.

"Go inside, sweetheart." Jasper encouraged, and then, with a huff, arm still wrapped around Esme I jumped across the river, glaring at their anxious smiles.

Esme squeezed Carlisle's hand and then touched Jasper's arm, and my eyes narrowed. My arms found my hips and then Emmet gave Esme a way-to-go look.

"Let's go, darling." She said casually, finding my hand after jumping and then nudging me forward. She wrapped an arm across my shoulder, but that didn't stop me from shooting glares at their edgy forms. They were all leaning against the feet that were facing the forest, smiling impishly and encouragingly at me until Esme managed to shove me past the door.

She lingered at the door, but I was immediately ambushed by Rosalie.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, what do you think you're doing outside at this hour?" Rosalie snarled, ambushing me in the light-flooded living room, still shooting sideway glances at the glass pane.

"Go to sleep, missy." Alice added, mimicking Rosalie's actions, grabbing my hand and tugging me up the staircase. Rosalie kept on tugging on my legs, pushing me forward, alternating between looking at the glass door anxiously and then staring at me sternly, with that hint of adoration that could only be found at all times in her eyes.

"Go to sleep, now!" she snarled, finally lifting my feet from the ground as if to cradle me in her arms.

"Ok, ok!" I mumbled, drowsy with sleep, and she dropped me back against the ground, and I followed Alice upstairs.

My room was at the third floor—which would've given me pretty good chances of making a run for it—but Alice tugged me towards Esme and Carlisle's rooms. The sheets weren't done perfectly, actually, half opened, making me shudder and make a gagging noise.

"I'll go get you a new pair of PJs." Alice said, closing the curtain as I fell over the soft mattress.

She left up the stairs, glancing at the window anxiously. Rosalie came in as soon as she left, a phone pressed against her ear.

"No, she's fine." Rosalie said into the phone reassuringly, holding a mug of tea in her hand. Oh god, these people.

She snapped the phone shut and laid the mug over the night table, and sat next to me, rubbing circles against my back, and I suddenly realized how tired I felt.

Alice came back in, a pair of Polka-dotted Victoria Secret Kids pajamas in her hands and a pair of thick woolen pink socks from the same brand. They were purple with blue dots, thick and woolen pants and a blue camisole with a purple little ribbon, thick like the pyjamas. I took of the dripping pants and shirt, and changed into the other pair. Rosalie came in with a towel and I wrapped it around my head.

All throughout the process, they kept shooting sideway glances at the window. My mom burst through the door as I was getting into the thick, warm hotel-like feeling quilt, sipping the tea.

"Nessie." She cried, looking relieved, rushing over to the bed.

"She's fine, Bella." Rosalie assured her, grabbing the PJs from the floor and throwing them into the laundry basket of my Grandparent's massive closet and flicking the lights off and blowing a kiss, trailing after Alice.

"Are you okay?" she asked anyway, stroking my cheek. I nodded sleepily, curling into a little ball as I did.

"Where's daddy?" I asked, my head sinking deeper and deeper into the pillows, as sleep slowly crawled over me.

"With your uncles." Mom answered slowly, stroking my forehead.

I didn't have the energy to press for more, as the bed turned more warm and strangely welcoming each second.

I nodded weakly, yawning.

"Good night, honey." She whispered, pressing her lips against my head, and then closing the door behind her.


My grandparent's room always left me with the impression of being a princess in a medieval castle, and as such it was the room I always picked to play in as a little girl when I dressed up as one. There were three doors, one that held a vault with all the valuables, and one for the closet and my favorite one, a door which lead to a staircase that itself lead towards Carlisle's study, where I'd always sneak up on him and he would pretend to be surprised even if he knew I was coming, because I giggled so much. Also, the bed was placed in between a square dent, and a desk leaned against the window.

Besides the fact that it was so large—my favorite place by far—the forget me not, blue silk that decorated it alongside elegant mahogany furniture gave it the 'princess-and-castle' effect I looked for as a little girl. The long, silky forget me not, blue canopy was held back very medieval-looking silky yellow ropes, the quilts heavy, and the usually arranged pillow set of yellow embodied pillows and equally silky soft pillows managed to achieve the effect to perfection with the wine headboard and window overlooking the forest, covered by matching curtains.

I felt sleepy, and even though my eyes were closed I felt like I was treading over the water, still somewhat on the surface rather than swimming under it. I heard the hums of voices downstairs, and my stomach clenched at the newest voice I couldn't place anywhere, so it was no surprise when the click of the door and slight flood of light managed to open my eyes slightly.

Daddy came in, slipping through the crack of the door and I breathed in relief.

"Daddy?" I croaked hoarsely. He walked in quietly, and then smiled at me, stroking my forehead, his eyes lighting up. I'm so sorry for being so rude to you today.

"No need to apologize, love." He said, kissing my forehead gently.

What happened?

"Nothing you need to worry about, sweetheart." He said gently, his voice having the most velvety edge to it that made me sleepier. "Go back to sleep, love."

Everyone's fine?

"Yes, they're all fine." He hummed, his silky hand still stroking my cheek and forehead. "But they'll be even better when they know you're asleep, angel."

I'll still be able to go to school tomorrow? I knew this was the pressing question. If he said no, that meant that in fact, something was very wrong, meaning he wanted to have me in the eye sight of 8 killing machines to be sure of my safety. If he said yes, something could still be wrong, but not enough as to have me in the sight of eight killing machines, just one slightly overprotective one.

He chortled softly.

"I don't see why not." He smiled adoringly, and that made me smile. So, maybe, he'd gotten over this whole aversion thing, because otherwise he would've said a very tense 'yes.'

I love you.

"I love you, too, sweetheart." He kissed my cheek before strolling out the door. "More than my own life."

And he looked oddly tense as he left.


The noise of the alarm clock upstairs was loud enough to wake me up. After about 5 minutes of frantic beeping, I got up from the warm welcoming quilts that still felt oddly hotel-like. I went up the hallway, hearing a very low conversation joint conversation going on downstairs and then went up to my room.

It felt like being back home from vacation. I picked out a beige cashmere and a white button down, a pair of rather faded jeans and a pair of chocolate brown suede boots as I saw the crust of ice outside into the balcony, and made my hair into a slightly messy, yet somehow glamorous looking bun, leaving a few loose strands hanging from them. I grabbed the silver 'R' I got for the typical 'no-reason-at-all' from Daddy a couple of months ago and wrapped it around my neck. I grabbed my brown nylon shoulder bag from the foot of the wide bed and threw it over my shoulder.

I trotted down the staircase, ready to drop my bag on the garage staircase but had to slow down on the fifth step as I caught sight of a stranger seated on the living room.

"Hello." The pleasant, unfamiliar musical voice greeted me. "You must be Renesmee."

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