This one's for Jaime. BECAUSE MOMMI LOVES YOU. -shot-. And thanks to Slacky for the title and a few words to keep me going. XD

And sowies if its a bit short. -shot-

Yukimura sometimes gives Kirihara bits and pieces of yarn to play with that he's gotten from art class. It doesn't always happen, since they don't always use yarn during art, but he sometimes has some extra, so he gives it to him.

Kirihara always takes the bits and pieces of yarn. Yukimura doesn't know what he does with it, but Kirihara takes it anyway, that foot long piece of string that isn't really useful. Maybe Kirihara forgets about it, Yukimura muses, or maybe he just gives it to his neighbor's cat to play with. Kirihara always takes his yarn, no matter what color it is and no matter what size it is.

Kirihara is sitting on the bench with his headphones, humming to the tune of the music his mp3 is blasting at him. Tennis practice is over, so he waits at the bench, like always, for Yukimura to come over so they can go home together.

Yukimura comes up to him and gives him another piece of yarn, which Kirihara pockets gratefully and stands up.

"Akaya, what do you do with all this yarn, exactly?" Yukimura asks him.

Kirihara shrugs nonchalantly. "You'll know soon enough, I guess."

Yukimura finds out, three months later, when he sees knitted mittens sitting inside of his locker. The mittens have all sorts of colors, and there really isn't any pattern, but Yukimura knows it's made from the yarn he's been giving to Kirihara, and he smiles.