The black figure crouched on the wall, optics surveying the house. A slow smile creped across his facial plate as he considered what he was about to do. Wouldn't it be a nice step up?

A patrolling guard below him stop to look around. The figure above watched him piteously. He had no intention of sparing anyone. The gun rose and shot with deadly accuracy. The guard dropped, and the figure jumped down next to him, checking the pulse. Still beating strongly, and…

The mech looked up, his visor sucking in the light. The darkness that surrounded him was working in his favor as he heard the sound of turbo hounds shifting in the dark. With footsteps soft enough not to startle a deer, the mech moved into the inky blackness of the night.

The red and white Lamborghini rubbed his optics tiredly as he considered ignoring the mech who was currently screaming at him. He was exhausted from putting in a solid three days work on the security systems, and now he had been called up.

He did have an idea over what he had been called up for. "…Your security system that I paid good money for was absolutely useless! A good amount of money and rare, precious items were stolen! I demand recompense!"

"You have a warranty on them don't you?" The mech asked, optics glinting. "Demand recompense from them. MY warranty lasts for a single stellar cycle, and it's only over redoing the security systems, including replacing any broken cameras or equipment."

The one who had hired him shut off mid monologue, vocalizer grating into a thin whine. "Now… I'll get working on your security system."

As the Lamborghini walked off, a bundle of wires in his hand, he pulled out a map to the house. A police officer fell into line with him as the Lamborghini ducked under the cordoned off area. "Red Alert, correct?"

"Yes, I am."

"Very well, we need you to pull off the images off the cameras. There must be some sort of image caught on the cameras."

Red Alert competently pulled off the data on the cameras, and transferred the images to the files the police had waiting. "Here you go."

The police officer nodded, his paint catching the light. Red Alert began searching the cameras for what made them malfunction. He rocked back onto his heels, a scowl appearing on his face. The police officer assigned to him to make sure he didn't mess up the scene asked, "What's the matter?"

"These cameras weren't touched."


"Most thieves I've found usually do something to the cameras that they can see, from destroying them to rewiring them. These cameras were untouched."

Red Alert looked around the several cameras that lay scattered around him, optics narrowing. "I'll have to get someone else to look over this. Can I take them?"

"No, the chief of police said you could fix them up, but you can't take them until we had a chance to run a simulation test. We'll need you for that."

"The security director who usually runs this place should be able to do it-"

"He disappeared and hasn't been found again. We're guessing it's him, and since you're the one who designed the security systems, it's up to you to run them."

Red Alert nodded, bundling away his materials. He still had the rest of the house to go over, and police were crawling everywhere. He wasn't going to leave out his valuable tools for the police to take as he went to the next group of cameras. "Have you already had someone come through to inspect the cameras?"

"Yes, though most of our experts who can retrieve the information properly are out. That's why we have you doing it."

Red Alert paused at the next small group of cameras, optics considering them. The police officer handed him the file to transfer the memory to, which Red Alert took. He stared up at the cameras for a long few moments more, before reaching up to gently detach them from the cradles.

Behind him he could hear the police talking to each other, commenting on small things, trying to decide whether it was the thieves or the regular house-cleaning crews fault. He didn't pause as a mech came running in. He did pause however as the mech began babbling.

"Sir- Sir! Our afts are screwed! Did you see what the media is printing about us now?"

The police officer frowned as he took the datachip from the other, and began reading it aloud. "Thief Sneaks Into Sparkshafts Home. Today in one of the most mind-boggling cat burglaries ever attempted, the well-beloved actor in several of the best movies including Spark In My Heart, Count Von Genn, and Trapped With Organics had his house broken into and several items stolen. An anonymous source said that Sparkshafts props from the movies, along with some top secret data about the next moves were stolen. Police have so far refused to comment on the case, and speculation is running wild over who committed it. Sparkshafts fans have all been gathering, each in a desperate bid to prove that it wasn't them, and to catch the thief who-"

The police officer threw down the datachip. "WHO THE SLAG LEAKED THIS INFORMATION THAT THE HOUSE WAS ROBBED?"

Complete silence fell. The police officer, frustrated, began to speak again when Sparkshafts voice spoke from behind him. "I did."

The officer turned, optics narrowing. The handsome mech behind him smiled blindingly. "I'm sorry, did I do something wrong? I leaked it in hopes that my fans would be able to help track down the thief."

Red Alert, safe in his own corner, snorted. The police officer did not have such a luxury. Red Alert tuned both out as he continued working on the cameras.


The black, dark figure tossed the statue onto the table casually. "You asked for it?"

The small group of mechs stared at the statue in stupefied horrification. "You- you can't be serious. You'll be caught in a heartbeat!"

The mech said nothing. One out of the group got enough courage to actually touch the statue and start exploring it. "How did you do it?"

The mech didn't say anything. "What is your name anyways?"

The mech smirked. "Well, in the media I am now being called Luckysteal. I suppose that's a good of name as any."

One of the mechs placed down the statue, gesturing around the miserably small room. "And then why are you here. This place is tiny, and we-"

"You all know the greatest thieves and burglars in this city. Ever thought of putting that information to good use?"

The three mechs looked at Luckysteal closely. "What do you mean?"

"Every mech has there own special ability. Some can get to contacts easily, some can find research easily, and others can develop new types of equipment easily. Others are plain useless unless you se them to grunt work like doing the actual stealing. Have you ever thought of gather them all together?"

"Are you talking about some sort of thieves-" The mech paused, unsure of the word he wanted.

Luckysteal nodded. "A thieves guild. A guild where all thieves can gather together and help each other. A place to share information."

The mechs were silent for a moment. "That- That would be a risky business. If any of them were caught, they would be questioned and maybe forced to tell who told them what."

Luckysteal leaned close. "Not if we organized a party to rescue the mechs or femmes afts. And, more especially if we were careful about who we picked up. I'm not talking about any common thief can join, only those that have the skills that we can use."

Silence fell for a few long moments. "It… could work. But there are problems. If we do it in just one city-"

"Who said just one city?" Luckysteal asked. The black visor across his optics glinted in the light as he leaned forward. "I'm going to establish it across the planet."

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