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Doctor Uchiha

By: I'm Gay Dammit

"Had enough?" Sasuke panted as he tried to catch his breath.

Sasuke had been sparring with Naruto for a good portion of the day. Naturally, both teens were exhausted. Naruto was facing him with a huge grin on his face that made Sasuke smirk.

"Teme-" Naruto started but the next thing Sasuke knew the blonde's eyes dilated and had fainted.

"Dobe!" Sasuke immediately jumped to his feet and managed to catch Naruto in time. He tried waking the blonde by shaking the light body slightly. "Wake up. Usuratonkachi this isn't funny." When Naruto didn't respond, Sasuke stood up carrying Naruto in his arms and ran to the Hokage Tower.

He was so freaked out that Sasuke ignored the people giving him and the unconscious blonde knowing looks and heated glares. Sasuke ran faster when he neared the tower.

"Tsunade-sama!" Sasuke almost yelled in urgency. "Help him." Sasuke indicted the blonde boy from his arms. If Sasuke didn't know any better he might have mistaken the blonde for a girl. He's so light, Sasuke thought.

Tsunade took Naruto from Sasuke and waved at the raven to wait outside. Sasuke, for the life of him, couldn't sit still and started pacing. Horrible things kept making its way into his head.

Get a grip, Uchiha! Sasuke scolded himself. He fainted, he's not dying or anything. He probably didn't eat or he just got dehydrated.

"Sasuke," A nurse exited Naruto's room called for him. "You can come see him now."

The raven nodded, taking careful steps. He took a deep breath and exhaled as he entered the room. His breath hitched when he saw the serenity Naruto's sleeping face held. He nodded at the Hokage's direction.

"How is he?" Sasuke asked worriedly.

"He'll be fine," Tsunade gave him a reassuring smile. "He just got dehydrated and since he just recovered from the flu the day before yesterday, his body took its toll when he spent too much chakra." Tsunade then gave him a pat on the back and a slip of paper. "Here are his medicines. It is required to give it to him." She looked at him dead serious.

"Okay." Sasuke sighed when the Hokage left as he stared once more at Naruto. After a moment he then glanced at the paper given to him. Maybe he had some at his house. What was written made his eye twitch. "What?"

Required Medicines:

Water 7x a day

Vitamins 1x a day

Uchiha Sasuke 24/7

He then glanced up to see a pair of blue eyes staring at him mischievously.

"Can I have my medicine now?" The blonde purred.

"Tch. Dobe." Sasuke smirked as he leaned down kissing Naruto softly on the blonde's slightly parted lips.

Finally, those two got together. Tsunade chuckled at herself not bothering the weird looks people giving her. I had to hand it to Naruto, I didn't think his plan would work. She smirked. That's my boy.


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