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The Fates...

They watch as the seven kids panic in the cage. They fear in their eyes brought joy to The Fates. They need the final member Ryssa. Mike appears with her, she tries to fight him off. The sisters cause their niece to stop fighting and placed her in the cage with her brothers and sisters. The Fates smile.

"They are the ones who control all."

"Life, Death, Earth, Fire, Water, Hell, Heaven and all."

They look down at the kids. They are to be the end of the three. So they must get rid of them by all means. They stand close to each other as a spark of regret touches each sister.

"The life of one is for all."

"We send them to a place were they don't think."

"Trap them in their worst nightmare."

The painful screams of all eight kids fill the room into the night. The fates smile at the demise of their brother's kids.

Christopher's Pov

It's only been three months and I haven't given up on finding Evi. My Angel is gone and all I have left is the cd she made before she vanished the song she sung is on the disk. How could they have taken her! How could I just sit here! I stand from the table, my family looks at me.

"Chris?" Mom mutters "Are you okay?"

"Okay!" I yell. "The girl I love is out there and you're asking me if I'm okay!"

"Chris, don't yell at your mother!" Dad sneers.

"I need to find her!" I yell.

"She could be dead." Mel sobs.

"Don't you dare say that!"

"Chris, it's been three months."

"She can-"

"What about Gina!" Junior cries. "She' gone too, just like Evan Essie, Estef."


"We lost them too!" Wyatt yells. "Evi was always with us. Don't you think we hurt too!"

I squeeze my eyes shut and rush out I go to the park and stare at the little kids. I feel someone behind me. I turn to see a girl...

"Hi." She whispers.

I nod as a greeting.

"I'm sorry to bother you but, you look upset so I thought you might like to talk."

"What makes you think that?" I hiss.

"It's easy to tell strangers things because they can't hurt you." I consider what she said.


"What's your name?" She asks.

"Chris." I whisper.

"Nice to meet you."

"What's yours?" I ask.


I freeze at her name.