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Chapter 4


"Hey, buddy! How are you feeling? It's your big day!" Max's voice and sudden appearance of three friends almost made Rei jump.
"I guess I'm fine" He answered.
"If I were you, I would be already wetting my pants" stated Tyson.
"We know" Kenny giggled.
"Besides…" started Rei "Have you heard anything from Kai?" He really hoped it sounded normal and indifferent.
"No, but just forget about him." Like he forgot about you – Tyson added in his mind, angry with his team captain.
"Oh, you know, I was just curious what he might be doing."
"Probably planning how to take over the world." Stated Max with a serious face. Boys burst with laughter.
The nurse opened the door. "Sorry to interrupt you, but you need to leave. We must prepare Rei for the operation." She said with a smile and three bladers obeyed.

The operation went smoothly. Bladebreakers were waiting all this time in a hospital hall, but saying they were patient would be as true as saying that Russia is a small country. Tyson was constantly nervously stuffing his mouth with chips and sweets, Max was permanently walking in circles and Kenny was tapping his fingers on the laptop. Finally the same nurse approached them.
"The operation is over, my boys. Your friend is perfectly fine, you don't have to worry. He will be sleeping for about 12 hours now, but you may see him if you want."
Before she could finish they run to the Chinese's room. They knew he won't wake up soon, but it was kind of reassuring he's fine.

The next day, after a fight with doctors, who didn't want to let him leave the hospital so soon, Kai was sitting already in his usual outfit in Rei's room. The younger teen was about to wake up and the Russian really wanted to be by his side at this moment. He heard a soft sigh. Looking at the boy in the bed, his crimson eyes met amber orbs. Kai smiled.
"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty." Did I really said that aloud? – he mused. It doesn't matter. After all, that's what he is – Kai thought while observing the ebony-hair boy.
"Kai?" but the Russian didn't replied as three boys walked into the room.
"Rei, you're awake!" they rushed to hug his friend. After a while they noticed their captain.
"And look who's here." Stated Tyson. "Where have you been all the time?"
"It's none of your business." Normally, Tyson wouldn't utter anything more after receiving a death-glare from Kai, but this time it was different.
"No, it is our business. You left without a word while your teammate, your friend needed you. You'd better explain yourself!" Kai remained silent. For a moment Rei saw in his eyes the same hurt-look he had seen once before.
"Tyson, leave it." Rei said quietly.
"What? You're still defending him?"
"No, he's right. I'm sorry Rei." Kai cut in and quickly left the room. Bladebreakers were to shocked and astonished to utter a word.

Sound of the ocean, chirping of the seagulls an joyful screams of his friends were filling the air. Rei was sitting on a warm, white sand and the sun beams were caressing his face. He closed his eyes and began to muse. It's been almost three months since the operation. He recovered quickly, but Mr. Dickenson refused to let him train yet and sent the whole team on a holiday. And so they were, on a pristine beach on Australia coastline. The past seemed like a bad dream, only a bad dream. The Chinese smiled to himself. He was fine, resting in a beautiful place with his friends. Could he ask for more? Yes, came the reply in his mind and he mentally kicked himself for thinking about his captain again. He opened his eyes and saw that object of his thoughts was standing a few feet away, staring at the ocean. He looked gorgeous in midnight blue shorts and white, unbuttoned shirt, which was revealing his toned chest. Rei couldn't take his eyes of him as Kai took of his shirt. The Chinese's gaze wandered up and down the Russian's back, admiring all the curves and muscles when suddenly his eyes stopped at one spot. Just above Kai's waist at the left side of his rear there was a strange scar. Rei's eyes widened in a shock as he realized that his own scar looks exactly the same… . The truth hit him.
"Rei, are you aware that you're staring at Kai's ass?" Max giggled as he walked by the Chinese. Rei didn't respond as he stood up and stopped right behind his captain. Max's eyes followed his friend's look and noticed the scar.
"Oh my God" he managed to utter.
The ebony-haired boy gently touched the Russian's back and tracked the scar with his finger, what caused Kai to stiffen. He mentally blamed himself for being caught off guard. He didn't want this to happen.
"Kai" Rei whispered, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. The said teen turned to face the younger blader.
"Shh, Rei. I didn't want you to know about this, but I guess it's too late for denial." He sighed. Rei wrapped his arms around his captain and nuzzled into his chest. Kai stroked his hair. "Just remember that you don't owe me anything. It was a gift. I'd do everything for you because I love you. It's simple." The bluenette whispered in the Chinese's ear.
"Kai" Rei smiled through tears "I do owe you. I owe you my life. I owe you all of me. And I'm more than willing to give you that."
"It's simple. Because I love you too. Rei closed the space between them and their lips met in a soft kiss. Both teens craved this moment for so long that only the lack of air forced them to break. By this time Tyson and Kenny approached their friends.
"Anyone care to enlighten us what's going on?"
"Well, let's just say it's not everyday that you find out that the person you've loved for so long returns your feelings and, what's more, loves you so much that he gives you his kidney." Rei chuckled.
"Tyson, with your mouth open like that you look even more dumb than usual." Kai stated.
"C'mon guys, they need some time for their own." Max said and lead still stunned Tyson and Kenny to the hotel.
"Where were we, Kitten? There was something about you giving yourself to me" Kai smirked.
"Let me remind you" Rei replied and placed his lips on his love's one.



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