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"Get some sleep." That was the best he could come up with?! He had half-smiled at Edmund and told him to go to sleep. What was he thinking?! Peter wandered moodily around the camp. He bitterly wished that one of the girls were here to tell him what a dunderhead he was being, but Susan and Lucy had both followed Edmund into the tent to 'take care of him'. He knew that while their sisters were 'taking care of him', Ed was unlikely to get any sleep for a long while yet. Peter wanted to have gone with them, to stay near his brother in case he wandered off again and yet somehow he couldn't bring himself to even look at Edmund, let alone be with him. It was funny but when Peter had first seen him again, the only thing he could think about doing was hugging Edmund senseless. That, or throttling him.

He continued past the blacksmiths, nodding and smiling politely at their warm greetings whilst mentally berating himself for officially being the worst brother in the whole of Narnia, never mind England. Edmund needed him! He should have been there with him and the girls, not speaking to Ed with cold indifference and walking away! He looked out over the dusk-lit world below him, then picked up a stone from where it lay at his feet and threw it away with a frustrated growl.

"Ha! What 'ad that poor stone done to you, eh?" Peter whirled around, coming face to face with Mr Beaver, who was smiling amusedly at him. Peter grinned slightly and had the good grace to blush and look away, then he sighed sadly.

"Nothing really. And that's half the problem. If it were the stone that had done me wrong, I could throw it away! But what do I do when it's my brother?" Beaver raised his eyebrows, Peter gave a quiet laugh then said softly "He's a bit big, to throw away you know."

Beaver waddled over to a nearby boulder and patted the space next to him gently, motioning Peter over to sit with him. They watched the horizon quietly for a minute, then Beaver turned to him:

"They're tricky things, brothers. I 'ad a brother once, the Witch saw to 'im when I were only just married." He was quiet for a moment, then he said pausingly "Broke my 'eart that did. The Mrs swears I ain't never been the same since. 'Course it served 'im right, he weren't the best of brothers. Nor were 'e the best of beavers, went over to Her see? Aw, but 'e had a crackin' sense of mischief did that one! We'd only just started talkin' again, 'e was trying to get away from Her, seen the sort of things she did you see, terrified him the poor little blighter! Then he died see, and that were that." Peter was at a loss for what to say. So he said the only thing he could say,

"I'm sorry."

"Ah, s'alright" Beaver sniffled, and Peter pretended not to notice. He paused then ventured slowly,

"What do you think I should do?...About Edmund, I mean."

"You do wha'ever feels right, son. There ain't no magic spell of ours or Her's that can fix things like this, mores the pity. Nah, you do what feels right to you and your brother; you can't go wrong with tha'."

"But I've already tried doing what I thought felt right! And look where that got us!" Peter protested, hating how childish he sounded.

"You ought to be careful, son, 'cause that sounded awfully like you was givin' up." Beaver said sternly. "Nobody ever said things was gonna be easy – I certainly didn't. But you've gotta try!"

Peter gave a sudden, bitter laugh. "Yes, 'For Narnia!'"

"No!" Peter jumped at Beaver's sharp tone. "No! That's not it! You've gotta try not for any of us, just for you! And your fam'ly!" He turned to Peter and Peter was surprised to see tears glistening in the creature's eyes. Beaver continued softer than before, "You gotta try 'cause he's your brother." Taking one of Peter's hands in both of his front paws, he whispered urgently and haltingly: "I 'ad a younger brother once, and I let 'im slip away from me! 'Cause I weren't watchin' him when I ought to 'ave been! Yours got away from 'er, Peter. Mine didn't. Don't let him slip through your paws – er, fingers I mean – ever again! D'you 'ear me?" One or two of the tears slipped out of Beaver's eyes, leaving shining tracks down his dark fur. He looked earnestly at Peter, who looked away silently.

"I don't know what to do with him." Peter admitted quietly, tears now filling his own eyes. He dashed them away furiously, then turned back to Beaver and cried angrily "I mean...what am I supposed to say to him? 'Oh Ed, you ran away from us! And you meant to sell us to a murderous witch for sweets! But Ed, it's okay because now it's all gone wrong for you and you're back, we forgive you! I forgive you!' I can't do that! I can't!" Finishing on a slightly hysterical note, he ran one hand over his face before continuing so quietly that even Beaver had to lean closer just to hear him, "I was so scared. And when I thought that he might be..." He closed his eyes and broke off, unable to voice the thoughts that had been plaguing him ever since Edmund had left them. "I can't forgive him for this. I can't forgive him to what he put us through, Susan and Lucy would have been heartbroken if anything had happened to him! And I can't, I won't forgive him for doing this to them!"

"Yes, you will Peter." Both Peter and Mr Beaver jumped and turned to face the person who had spoken so softly and sadly to Peter. "You will forgive him Peter. And I think you already have, I think you forgave him before he even did it." Susan smiled gently at her brother's confused look, "You'd forgive Edmund anything, wouldn't you?" She walked slowly over to them and cupped his face in one hand, he shook his head jerkily, causing tears to escape his eyes and roll down his cheeks.

"No. I won't do it Su. You can't force me to forgive him!" She wiped them away and glanced at Beaver and he bowed slightly, taking his leave of them. They both watched him go, and then sat back down on the rock, Susan taking up the place that Beaver had just vacated.

"Peter," She began quietly, "Peter, you said that we were forgiving him because..."

"Because everything's gone wrong and now we have to fix it, yes. And I don't understand how you can forgive him so easily!" Peter interrupted quickly. Susan raised her eyes to look into his, she could practically hear his inner thoughts begging her to help him let go of his hurt, to give him a reason to help understand why Edmund had done it to them, to Peter. She sighed loudly; she had just promised Edmund that she wouldn't tell. On the other hand, both of her brothers desperately needed to be reconciled to each other and she could think of no other way to do it. She sighed even louder and gazing into Peter's pained blue eyes, she explained quietly:

"I can forgive this and easily for two reasons Peter; first of all, he is our baby brother Peter!" She shuddered and closed her eyes momentarily then turned back to him and whispered miserably " And secondly, you haven't seen how terribly wrong things have gone for him."