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Lucy watched miserably as Aslan walked slowly along the beach, willing him to come back to them - to her. She felt warm tears trickling down her face and sensed a presence next to her.

"We'll see him again." Tumnus murmured consolingly.

Lucy held back a sob. "When?"

He smiled at her softly, her blind trust in in unfailing despite his past mistakes. "In time...you mustn't press him, after all He isn't a tame lion..." He shared a grin with the young queen.

"No, but he is good."

"Here, I think you need this more than I do." Again they both smiled, sharing the memory. When they looked back at the beach, the lion was gone.


From another balcony around the corner of the cair, Edmund too felt tears threatening as he watched the Great Lion walk away once more. He swallowed deeply and dashed away the tears with the back of his hand. Who knew when they would ever see Him again? He sighed and leant his elbows on the cold stone wall, gazed out to sea, shivering in the cool wind. Spring may have finally arrived but it was only a week since the entire land was covered in a thick blanket of snow.

The words at the coronation echoed in his mind as if he were back there again. "To the glistening eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy the Valiant." He closed his eyes as he recalled his little sister's pure joy at the title. "To the radiant southern sun, Queen Susan the Gentle." Susan had been radiant in his eyes, lighting up the hall with her smile. The title fitted her so very well, Heavens knew she'd always been gentle to him even when he didn't deserve it, she could also be fiercely protective and painfully like their mother at times. Narnia was in good hands with his sisters as their queens. "And to the clear northern skies, King Peter the Magnificent." There could never have been anyone in his eyes who deserved the title more than his older brother did. Peter whom he had fought with constantly since their father had gone away, fought with even before he left. Peter who had always taken the blame for their fights at school even though it meant a letter being written to their mother to tell her, and even the occasional beating. Peter who had chased off bullies twice his size to protect Edmund. Who had come looking for him after their arrival in Narnia even though Edmund had betrayed him and the girls. Who had smiled at him, however briefly when he finally arrived at the Narnian camp. Peter who had held him and let him cry even though he didn't deserve it. Who had stood up to the White Witch though he must have been terrified. Who had tucked a blanket around him when he had fallen asleep with Lucy on their journey to the cair. Peter.

"Ed?" Peter who was stood right behind him. Edmund started and whirled around, ignoring the protest in his side as he did so. Peter smirked at his brother's wide eyed expression and strolled up to where he stood on the balcony, sensing rather than seeing Edmund tense as he joined him. He tried to ignore the sharp pang of regret and hurt. "It's cold out here. We should go back inside, Su won't be happy if we ruin surviving the fighting only to catch our deaths out here." He said it cheerfully and Edmund summoned a small grin for Peter's benefit, Peter was after all, truly trying to be kind though Edmund couldn't imagine why.

"I'd rather stay out here Peter. It's too noisy in there, I can't think." Edmund spoke quickly and without thinking.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Just...Mum. And Dad." He turned pained brown eyes on his older brother. "They'd be so ashamed of me Peter. Even more than usual."

Peter tutted but spoke softly. "They aren't ashamed of you Ed. None of us are." He reached out a hand and placed it on top of his brother's smaller one. He was more than a little hurt when Edmund pulled his away as though he'd been burned. Edmund did not however, move away.

" 'm sorry Peter." Edmund placed his hand back on the wall.

Peter reached out for it again. "It's all right. I suppose I surprised you?" Peter's voice was unsure, as though willing his brother to agree that his only reason for pulling away was surprise.

"Yes...well, no. I..." Edmund shook his dark head and sighed irritably. He just couldn't get the words he wanted to say. "I didn't...mean about...that." He finally said, haltingly.

Peter frowned. "Oh." Was all he said.

Edmund clenched and unclenched his fists, his entire body near trembling with nervous tension. "I meant...I'm sorry about...what I did, well almost did...No! Did. To you and the girls."

Peter's features slackened into an expression of shock. "Ed, you don't have to. I know you're..." He started awkwardly.

"No Peter!" Edmund interrupted angrily. "Peter! Please, I need to say this! Please!" He glanced hopefully at him. Peter nodded and turned back to the sea. When Edmund was certain he was not going to be interrupted again, he began speaking again, quietly and haltingly. "Peter,...when I first came to Narnia...after Lucy did the first time, I...met this woman" Peter snorted and Edmund looked up fearfully. Peter tried to look encouraging whilst not looking angry at Edmund referring to Her as a woman. "Peter, she was...she was really kind to me. I was freezing cold and...I didn't know where I was and I...I was scared. She gave me sweets! and hot chocolate! And she let me sit with her and I...I trusted her! And...back home and at the professor's house, all anyone ever seemed to do was shout at me. I felt...as though I didn't...belong with you. And She, she was so nice but I still felt as though there was something wrong but I ignored it!" He laughed bitterly. "She said she wanted a son. Someone to be the Prince of Narnia! And....I, I wanted that. I wanted, just once to feel as though it was the three of you who...who weren't good enough for me! Because Peter, that's how I felt. I wasn't good enough for you three or Mum and Dad!" Peter watched as Edmund wiped away more tears before adding almost inaudibly "That's how I feel!"

"Edmund..." Peter tried once more desperately wanting to escape this conversation which he had known would come eventually. But once again, Edmund seeming angry to have been interrupted again cut him off.

"I'm not trying to make excuses! I just want to tell you. I want to tell you because...because you're my brother and I..." He sighed heavily again. "I just wanted you to know. I didn't do it because I was angry at you or the girls. Or because I wanted your attention or even because I wanted to get back at you. I just wanted to make you jealous! To have something that you couldn't have! And She was nice to me and Peter, all you and Su had been to me since we got to the professor's was nasty! You called me names," Peter opened his mouth to object but: "You did Pete! And Su shouted at me for teasing Lucy and you...you were trying to be Dad! You...you smacked me Pete. Only Dad ever does that and I hated it...I hated you! I wanted to forget but you wouldn't let me and then I found this place that only Lucy and I knew about and I didn't really even believe it was real! I really didn't Peter! You called me a liar but I wasn't! I didn't believe it! And then we came back and it was real...and She was so close! And she liked me and not you three and I wanted that. I wanted to be the Golden Boy Peter!"

Edmund paused to take a much-needed breath and again wiped away his tears angrily. Peter watched, speechless and reeling from Edmund's confused tirade. "I didn't think anything bad would happen Peter." Edmund said in a small voice. He was watching Lucy and dance with Mr Tumnus and he felt his throat tighten. What could have happened to her because of him?! "I didn't know what she would do. I really didn't! If I had, I'd never have done it Pete. You have to believe me! Please!" He gazed imploringly at his older brother, his eyes wild and red from crying. Peter nodded, of course he believed him! Edmund's lips parted into the tiniest of smiles but his face dropped and he looked at his feet. When he spoke again, it was in such a small voice, that Peter could barely hear it. "I'm so so sorry Peter. I know you must hate me..." Peter was startled by this sudden statement, confused and unfounded as it was. "...but, I really, really am so sorry." He raised his head once more and stared into Peter's eyes, blue meeting brown. Tears ran down his cheeks, in truth, he looked all of about five years old. "I'm sorry Peter." His voice broke on the last word as he was swept roughly into his brother's arms.

Peter closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his brother tightly, kissing his head and willing the mental anguish his brother was suffering to be over. Edmund clung to him as he had done in their tent the week before, his entire body racked with sobs. Tears soaked Peter's clothes and though he did not notice, Edmund's hair was also wet with tears. Peter kept his head bowed and whispered reassurances to his little brother, making sure that they were out of sight of the hall. When Edmund's crying had decreased to the occasional sob, Peter pushed him away from him and held him at arms length.

"Edmund look at me." He commanded tearfully. Edmund reluctantly complied, his eyes widening at Peter's tears. Peter moved his hands from Edmund's shoulders up to his face and pushed Edmund's fringe out of his face. Holding his brother's face in his hands, he knelt down until he was virtually at eye-level with his brother. He swallowed deeply and said the three words that Edmund had so badly needed to hear from him. He had heard it from both his sisters but Edmund needed to hear this from him, Peter realised. At Peter's words, Edmund once again broke into sobs, deep relieved sobs which shook his body but freed his soul. The words echoing around in his mind, over and over again. He hardly dared to believe them.

Peter held him and let him cry and finally, watching the stars appearing over the eastern sea. Repeating the words that had released Edmund from himself.

"I forgive you."