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New Year's Resolutions


- develop a new guard program against Crown destroyer programs

- wire my oven so that it beeps when my favorite Tri-D show is on

- convince Niko that her computer and Tri-D set need an overhaul

- continue practicing poker against Gooseman

- think up new games to harmlessly entertain Kiwi kids while babysitting them

- be more absent when Captain Fox asks who will represent our team on Beta's New Year's party sketch marathon

- look more innocent when Commander Walsh asks who destroyed the shuttle

- spend a long vacation on Tarkon

- all unresolved issues from last year's list


- catch every criminal in the galaxy, sort out my love life, avenge Wolf Den and beat Doc at poker


- get my wife back


- make sure my teammates keep their New Year's resolutions (unless they involve illegal activities or my Tri-D set)

Commander Walsh

- peace for the universe, Earth and my office

Eliza Fox

I want to get out of here!!!

Queen of the Crown

- get competent personnel

- search for new court sorcerer, chief scientist and court musician

- put up warrant for old court sorcerer, chief scientist and court musician

- organize surprise party for Galaxy Rangers

- make sure there are no unexpected surprises for me at said surprise party

- fill psycho crypt

- conquer the galaxy

- exercise more and eat more healthily


- beat Gooseman

- find out who his hairdresser is

Daisy O'Mega

- lots of interesting and profitable encounters (for me, that is)

- get back at Galaxy Rangers

- avoid ALL Supertroopers (No exceptions! None!!!)

- buy new Marque CD

Nimrod the Cat

I'm too busy running from those Crown agents!


- temporarily find new sorcerer to apprentice to

- read style guide for spells

Lazarus Slade

- find new genius plan to convince Queen to marry me

- compliment Queen that her new diet and exercise regime are paying off

- avoid being executed


- keep us alive


- make appointment with Killbane how to get back at Runt

- get Darkstar better Christmas present next time

- break chains


Our New Year is in April!

I wonder whether Doc will visit?

Must see to rebellion now, and the Heart of Tarkon has called me.

Next time, I will intervene before Scarecrow sucks business consultants dry of life (probably)

Cody Carson

- visit my grandchildren

- not get shot by my son while visiting my grandchildren

- ask Ranger Niko out for a date

- not get shot while doing that either

- stop trying to do the right thing, or at least not get shot while trying to do the right thing

- buy new blaster-proof vest

The General

- leave Deltoid Rock

- not try to clone Macross again


- revenge, lots of it (once I've sorted out which clone is me)