Pain Gone Unnoticed Chapter 8

Tony's POV

Tony didn't go to sleep after talking with Pepper. Nor did he go back to work on the suite. Tony stayed up the rest of the night contemplating over

what Pepper had told him. She didn't trust Obadiah. Ever few hours he would go up to Emily's room and check on her. Tony remembered doing

the same thing when him and his wife first brought Emily home. She was so small and fragile looking. Tony was afraid of all the possible ways she

could get hurt. So Tony had stayed up watching his baby girl sleep. He would dash to her side at any whimpre or sight that passed her lips. He

even went so far as to hold a small mirror in front of her face to ensure that Emily was breathing. After two weeks of this nonsense his beautiful

wife,Joanna,finally put her foot down. They were a great pair. Joanna and him. According to Joanna Tony was the helicopter dad. When Tony

hovered too much Joanna was there to calm him down and make him see reason. She was his match. His other half. After her death Tony didn't

think he would ever feel whole again. Then he met Virginia Potts. That fiery red head challenged him. Pepper put him in his place when he needed

it. And..she made him feel whole again. Tony would never have admitted that even to himself but this issue with Emily had him thinking things he

always put in the dark corners of his mind. Tony stopped his train of thought when he heard a noise coming from Emily's room. He rushed in as

quickly as he could. He looked around the room trying to find out what was a miss. Tony sighed. Emily wasn't having another nightmare. Her

notebook fell down. Emily had hundreds of those damn notebooks full of little scribbles and drawings. Tony was sad to realize that he hadn't seen

any of hisdaughter's drawings in a while. There was a time when she would proudly show ever little doodle she made. Now they seemed to be

kept under lock and key. Tony didn't like this. He didn't like his daughter keeping secrets. While he already felt bad for what he was about to do

Tony argued…with himself that he had a right to look at whatever his daughter drew or wrote. He bought the notebooks and stencils to create

the piece of art why shouldn't he look at it? Tony smiled prepared to see the beautiful drawing his daughter created. For some unknown reason

what he saw made his stomach drop.

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