I wrote this in about five minutes while watching Revenge of the Sith on Spike. I hope I've captured the essence of this character. And I allow anonymous reviews, so there's no excuse for not leaving one...;-)

I am the hunter.

The stuff of nightmares. Of dark, twisted imaginings of the unconscious.

Spawn of tragedy, breeder of hate.

I travel in the shadows, move faster than the speed of light.

My victims never see me coming.

But oh, I keep them alive. Just long enough to see the fear in their eyes, to hear their pitiful pleas for mercy.

I kill slowly. Cruelly. As life is: cruel.

Why should I suffer alone?

I am a teacher. My victims learn the meaning of the word "suffering." As I did.

But I do not look back. I cannot. To look back would be to drown in the memories. Of her.

So I blot them out. I instruct my victims in the meaning of pain, in the truth of life. I move in shadows, faster than light.

I am the hunter.