This is my first story that is actually not intended to be inappropriate. Just random. Please R&R.

Zak and Wheezie were eating breakfast, this really sugary Dragon Berry stuff Wheezie bought at the caffeine supplement store. "WHEEEEEEEE!!!!" Wheezie yelled and she turned on the song "Pop, Lock, & Drop it". Zak covered his ears and made a face. "Wheezie, I hate this song! Turn it off before I shoot myself!" Wheezie was watching the music video on YouTube and learning all the moves to "Pop, lock. And drop it." Zak was looking for corn flakes in the cupboard. "Wheezie, what did you do with my cornflakes!" He yelled as he realized his prized nerd cereal was gone. "Hee-hee!" Wheezie laughed, "It's somewhere in the house, just the last place you'd look!" "OH NO…" He went to the bathroom and discovered the box of corn flakes sitting in the toilet. The face of the nerd professor was still visible. "Wheezie! You heartless evil witch!" Zak yelled as he kicked the bathtub. ANYWAY….

"I wish, I wish with all my heart…to fly with dragons in a land apart." Emmy and Max said in a monotonous voice (GRRRR…THAT SHOW IS SO ANNOYING!!!!!! I used to like it when I was little but damn!). Then the dragons started flying around Max and Emmy and they landed in Dragon land, next to Cassie's house. Cassie had a sombrero on and so did Ord. "Max! Emmy!" Cassie yelled as she tripped over a log. "OW!" She yelled as a big lump shot through her sombrero. "Max! Emmy!" Ord yelled, "Quetzal's getting deported back to Mexico!" "WHAT!" they yelled as they saw guys with ponchos and sombreros playing mariachi music as they dragged Quetzal away. "No, please!" Quetzal yelled, "What will they do with my farm?" "Farm?" Max and Emmy asked with quizzical looks on their faces. Suddenly, a bunch of random "animals" popped out of nowhere. Gir from Invader Zim, Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Dobby from Harry Potter, and all the Teletubbies started milling around and making farm animal noises..well…sort of. Gir started squeezing his squeaky piggy and moose. "E I e I o!" Gir yelled as he started giggling, "Let's make taco soup! Go, my Mexicans!" He yelled at Quetzal, Max, and Emmy. They quickly made tacos and threw them into a blender with some water. "Mmmm…" Gir said, "Tacos."

The End.