A/N: This story takes place after The Search for Spock, so the crew of the enterprise will be wearing their red uniforms.

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Kirk sat at his chair, with a finger at his chin, recording his memoirs. "Admiral's log, star date: 2214," he recorded. "We have recently discovered a new unknown planet, with an atmosphere similar to our earth. I am sending down a party to explore the new planet. If it has intelligent life, we wish to ask them to join their planet with Star Fleet so it can be protected from other hostile beings such as the Klingons." To be honest, Kirk was excited to be seeing another planet similar to Earth. He hadn't a clue as to what sort of species were living on this planet, but he and the crew would be discovering all the information they would need soon enough.

"Sir," said Lt. Sulu. "We are now approaching the planet."

"Ten clicks and closing," Chekov added. "Reduce thrusters, Admiral?" he questioned, out of habit.

"Reduce thrusters, Chekov," Kirk said.

Chekov nodded as the ship started to slow down.

Kirk then turned to Spock. "Spock, how does it look down there?"

"The atmosphere seems breathable," said Spock, peering through the scanners. "I do not believe we need environmental suits once we disembark the Enterprise, Sir."

"Let me guess," said McCoy. "The search party consists of me, you, and Spock?"

Kirk smiled and said, "You guessed right, Bones." He then pushed a button on his chair. "Mr. Scott, prepare for three beaming down."

"Jim," interrupted McCoy. "Are you sure about beaming down? You know the transporter is close to malfunctioning."

"We'll have to take that risk. Scotty, prepare to beam us down."

"Aye, sir," said Scotty on the other side of the communicator.

Firstly, the three walked to the transporter room, then stepped into the transporter and waited for Scotty to beam them down. Moving a lever, Kirk, McCoy and Spock were beamed down to the planet's surface while the remainder of the crew kept watch above, waiting for a response from the search party below.


Cape Suzette was seeing a very fair and beautiful summer season. The air wasn't too hot and the winds were gentle. All was well except for a recent public debacle that had been publicized in the local paper. Apparently, Shere Kahn had made a bad deal of some sort but sources were specifying what had happened.

Back at Higher for Hire, Baloo had been reading the news and felt almost sorry for Khan, strangely. He didn't know why he would care for such a selfish predator such as him, but he hadn't known the whole story. He had no idea that the King of Thembria had been involved with Khan. But he knew something very suspicious was behind this, and darned if he didn't find out the reason for it.

Of course, when he had made this revelation upon Rebecca, she wouldn't hear of it. "We don't need to have you going off on some hair-brained adventure!" she stated honestly, putting her foot down to emphasize her point.

"I know, Beckers, I know. But something about this stinks and it indirectly involves the rest of us. You've seen how the economy is reeling recently. Sure it might not look like a lot to you, but it's important. How will we keep Kit in school if we're not getting enough money to do so?" Baloo stated. Strangely, he sounded like a father at this point, rather than the typical employee.

It was Becky, incidentally who usually made these claims, and what he had said hearkened her heart to Molly's education too.

Baloo couldn't be dissuaded from his cause. She had a terrible feeling she would regret sending Baloo off into no-man's land to do some investigating. He couldn't go alone but Wildcat wasn't exactly the best at doing detective work. Besides, she needed her mechanic at home.

"Just hear me out on this Rebecca," Baloo said, seriously. Rebecca knew that Baloo was being extremely sincere in what he was telling her. It wasn't often that he used her full name, but he sincerely wanted her undivided attention. "I know something's going on. But someone is too yella to bring out the truth. Who else do you think will look in on the situation? Not the cops, for certain. I know it's absolutely nuts, but Becky, I gotta do this!" Baloo explained.

Rebecca knew his points were valid, and maybe he wouldn't be gone 'out on expedition' for long. Perhaps he'd just acquire his information and be back in no time. So, against he better judgment, she let him conduct his investigation. "Just be careful, alright?" she cautioned.

Baloo chuckled light-heartedly. "Beckers, you got nothin' to fret about. So, don't go worryin' yourself silly over me, ok?" With that, his arms full of the supplies he needed, he smiled at her gregariously with an air of confidence and left her office.

As soon as he left, out of his earshot, she looked downtrodden. With a frown on her face, she thought, "What on earth have I just done?"