Sulu was confused, feeling as if he had hit his head on a terribly blunt object. "Just…where am I?" he mused to himself. Only minutes earlier had he been standing in the transporter and now he was in what seemed like, a small house, no…scratch that, apartment. "Kirk…Spock…Doctor? Where are you?"

Just then, he heard the sound of a shower going on in the next room. The noise stopped, meaning the shower had turned off. "Molly," said a female voice, coming from the room. "Mommy's finished showering and will be out in a minute." Just then, an anthropomorphic female bear, wearing a towel over her mid section, came out of the other room. "Molly? Where are you, you silly gi-" Rebecca then froze when she saw Sulu staring at her.

Sulu's eyes widened. "Oh dear," he said.

Right at that moment, Rebecca screamed for her life.

Sulu panicked and tried to calm her down. "Please s-s-s-stop screaming, stop screaming, please! I-I'm not going to hurt you!"

She grabbed the nearest lamppost and tried to knock him out with it. "I don't care who you are, get out of my apartment, now, you, you pervert!!"

"Madam, you don't understand!! I'm lost, I just need some help!!"

Rebecca could sense the man was being sincere and put the lamppost back on the end table where she had picked it up from. "Lost? I can certainly tell you're not a local. But how can I help you, Mr. …?" she said.

Sulu calmed down. "Allow me to explain. I am Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Sulu of the U.S.S Enterprise, and I'm very sorry about seeing you when you weren't…decent."

Rebecca looked Sulu, inspecting his uniform. "Oh, you must be with the Navy, Lieutenant Commander. I can help you find your ship. Cape Suzette has plenty of them. But before I do that, I really must become more decent. If you'll excuse me. You can make yourself at home if you wish. If you need something, just ask."

Sulu bowed. "Thank you, Ms....I didn't get your name."

As Rebecca shimmied away she grinned softly. "Rebecca Cunningham, sir," she said and walked away to change in her bedroom.

Sulu breathed a sigh of relief and sat down in a chair. Just then, his communicator beeped. He picked it up and answered. "Sulu, here."

McCoy sounded annoyed. "Sulu! Where are you, man? We can't trace you anywhere."

"Doctor McCoy!" Sulu said in surprise. "I'm glad you called. I am over at an apartment building with a female bear named Rebecca Cunningham. She was alarmed at first, but then she calmed down. Where are you?"

"We're on the other side of the city," McCoy answered. "Damned transporter's on the fritz, so the only way we can get to you is by taxi, but we don't know where you are."

Sulu walked towards a large window and saw a large waterfall tumbling down from the top. "Well, I think I can describe where I am. I'm inside a rather big apartment surveying a large waterfall, on the top floor, I believe."


Meanwhile, McCoy, Spock, and Kirk were waiting by a street corner, waiting further transportation. McCoy knew he could follow Sulu's directions. Although it was a bit strange to be traveling in such a primitive means of transportation, it would have to do for the time being, wherever in the blazes he was.

"Doctor?" asked Sulu, on the other line. "Are you still there?"

McCoy banged the communicator. Somehow, it wasn't transmitting properly and all he was hearing were fragments of words. "Damn it!" he cursed under his breath. He hoped Sulu would keep talking so he could pinpoint his location.

"Well, you heard him," said Kirk, smiling. "All we got to do is look for a hotel with a waterfall. Shouldn't be too hard."

"Let's get a move on then, we're burning daylight," McCoy said bit gruffly. He didn't mean to sound so gruff, but being in a strange place made him sensitive to all of his surroundings, so taking defense of everything was only natural.

"Well, we could always ask for directions," said Kirk, with a smirk. "Besides, the people here don't look hostile."

Just then, they came upon a small wooden building that was close to the harbor. The sign that read on the dock behind it read, "Higher for Higher".

"Do you think we should stop here?" McCoy offered.

Spock scanned the area for signs of life with his tricorder. "Currently, there are no signs of life here," he observed. "But there are traces of activity from before."

"It can't hurt to wait for someone, now can it?" Kirk asked. "Besides, it says they're open." Kirk then pointed to a sign posted at the front door stating, "Open".

The crew's curiosity was starting to grow, but they decided to stay in one place for a while until somebody showed up. seemed that they waited for hours until they heard the motor of an airplane. Drawn back outside by the sound of the motor, they noticed a large grey bear behind the wheel of a rather impressive hydroplane. He was dressed in a khaki shirt and a red pilot hat.

"Well, there's something you don't see everyday," McCoy remarked, obviously.

Kirk nearly made a witty retort, but he too was transfixed by the sight of the archaic vehicle. The simplicity of it was inspiring, and almost breathtaking. Not thinking about what he was doing, Kirk stepped out and watched the plane dock itself. "Told ya someone would come," he said to the others.

"Indeed," Spock retorted, raising an eyebrow quizzically.

The others were still remaining in the tool shed, but Kirk had already ventured far out to the edge of the docks. Before McCoy could grab his attention, Baloo had noticed him, and his crew. Strangely, he wasn't put off by the visitors.

"Have I done something wrong, officers?" Baloo asked. "Ya here to site me on parking? I can assure you, I can legally park the Sea Duck at these docks," he explained.

"And I can assure you, sir, that we are not policemen," Spock interrupted.

"That's right," said Kirk. "We are officers aboard a ship known as the U.S.S Enterprise. A member of our crew lost his way here in your city and has ended up at a location we are not familiar with."

Baloo felt a sudden surge of power. He knew he could help these men. "Wherever you need to be goin', I'm your guy. Let me know what I can do for ya."

"The location he described to us over the phone was a large hotel stationed near a waterfall," answered McCoy. "Know of such a place?"

Baloo beamed. "Do I? I can take you there. Come on, follow me."

Kit, who had heard the Sea Duck land, came to hear of Baloo's latest flight, but saw he had some unusually dressed acquaintances with him. After Baloo explained who they were, Kit was eager to follow him. Not able to say 'no' to Kit's request, he decided it was nothing to worry about allowing the young bear to tag along with them.