Of Trees and Frost




I'm sorry to say Wielder of the Shoulang has lost inspiration for the moment as I can't focus on it, but I have no problem getting this story line. I want to give you a heads up, both male Sannin will be in the Leaf and I will have some one else as the main antagonist.


Chapter One: Uprooting in the Snow

Naruto leaned against the tree and used his goggles to check for Mizuki. He saw Iruka talking to him and inwardly smiled, then began to breathe as a strange sensation came over him, Mizuki's words flowing back to him. 'I don't care what the bastard says. I am Naruto Uzimaki, not the fox!'

'Smart you are Young One.'

'Who is this?'

'I am the Kyuubi, here to pass on what I was assigned by the Shinigami to do.'

'Could you explain a little more please?'

'The Shinigami ordered me to attack your village and your father to seal me inside you. My job is to deliver you the power for the job the Death God has bestowed upon your family members to finish that is now rightfully yours. Now, SUPPRESSION SEAL: KIA!' Naruto felt his body act on its own and his eyes felt fuzzy, which was quickly followed by a chakra pulse hitting them. He rubbed them and looked at a puddle near him, seeing his eyes green on the outside and icy blue on the inside.

"NOW DIE IRUKA!" Naruto suddenly felt the power take over and yelled at Mizuki, who smirked and tossed the over sized buzz saw of a shuriken at him, but he snapped and it was impaled by a branch extending from a tree. Next he looked at Mizuki and did a set of hand seals at a speed he didn't think possible and slammed his palms on the ground as a rocket of water shot up from under Mizuki and froze.

"Ice Style: Freezing Water Pipe Jutsu!" he called out in a voice older and more experienced then his own. Iruka looked at the blonde in disbelief as the aura of power faded and he fell to his knees. Iruka ran to him and leaned him against a tree, checking his pulse.

"You okay Naruto?"

"Yeah Iruka-sensei." Iruka smiled, and then told him to close his eyes. "Why?"

"You'll see Naruto." the blonde mentally shrugged and closed his eyes. He felt a weight on his forehead and wondered what it could be. "Okay, open them." he gasped as he felt the head band and traced the insignia on it.


(Hokage's Office)

"That jutsu, it belonged to the Nidaime Hokage!" yelled Kakashi, shocking the other Jounin in the room. "And I didn't get to copy it!" he broke down on the floor crying and sucking his thumb, making every one else sweet drop.

"Now, who wants Naruto on their team?" hands shot into the air, but a random academy teacher spoke up.

"Lord Hokage, although Naruto would have been placed on Kakashi's team since he was the dead last, we had a last minute entry named Sai who has been ordered by you to spy on the Uchiha to check his mental stability, remember?"

"Oh yes, thank you." he tapped his fingers on the desk thinking then snapped them all of a sudden. "Some one get me Yamato and Hayate stat! And Anko if she isn't drunk." once all the other Jounin had gotten their team assignments, Yamato and Hayate stood before the Hokage, Hayate having dropped the Genjutsu that made him sick.

"What is it Lord Hokage?" asked the wood wielding Jounin Yamato. He was thought to be the only one in the village able to use Wood jutsu because he was infused with the first Hokage's DNA, Tsunade, the Fourth's, and Naruto's DNA! (Insert dramatic back ground music here)

"I have a very special Genin without a sensei or team, so I want the two of you to train him."

"I mean no disrespect milord," said Hayate as he held his hands behind his back. "But why should this Genin have two of Konoha's most skilled Jonin, especially Yamato?"

"Well, he is the great-great-grand son of the first and second Hokages and has awakened his Kekkai Genkai from the first and the Nidaime's skill at Ice Style jutsus. Yamato will train him in wood jutsu while you teach him kenjutsu."

With shocked expressions they replied "Yes sir, Lord Hokage Sir!" they blurred into black lines as they went in separate directions. Sarutobi sighed then the door was knocked on and his former team mates and Danzo walked in.

"No, now go away." he said, knowing what they came to talk about.

"But Lord Hokage-"

"OUT! NOW!" he yelled, and they left him with angry stomps. He sighed once again and cast his old gaze upon the man who was both his successor and predecessor. "Why did you waste your life on such idiots Minato?"

"Hey old man! I need to ask you something." he turned to look at the number one, knuckle headed, hyper-active ninja in the village as he entered the room with a strange mix of anger, surprise and resentment on his face.

"What is it Naruto?"

"Well for one, why didn't you tell me about the fox? You know the one sealed inside me and all?" Sarutobi's face turned to shocked horror in an instance then he began to clam down as he explained his emergency decision.

"Well I thought you would break down emotionally and mentally and I didn't want to see that happen."

"Okay, then give me my inheritance!"

"What inheritance?" he asked, never meeting Naruto's eye.

"I now the fourth is…was my dad. So give me my inheritance!" Sarutobi sighed again and put his pipe to his mouth and lit it, savoring the flavor of the smoke.

"Rub your blood on his picture, but that is all I am allowed to give you according to the will he left." Naruto hopped excitedly to the painting and did as Sarutobi told him to, making it warp around and become a safe. He pulled it open and found a scroll, a set of keys, a box of weird kunai with three prongs and a giant scroll that Sarutobi wanted him to unroll so he could look at a weird picture of a bird.

"Well, the Hawk Contract. This is very powerful."

"How so?"

"Well, each summon usually has an element associated with that beast. Canine are Earth, Dragons fire, etc. The Hawks are the only beasts to have every kind of element. Even the sub elements like poison and metal."

"So what do I have to do?" he showed Naruto how to sign it and the hand seals, then Naruto wrote his name and placed the finger prints on it. He noticed some of the names were in black blood while the only one in a red color was his own.

"Let's go outside of the village for this. My sensei told me the boss of a contract like Hawks could destroy Konoha easily, but you must pass a test hardly only one has managed to prevail in. If you lose, the boss kills you." Naruto realized those in black blood must have been hopefuls turned down and destroyed.

"Old Man, who was your sensei?"

"The Nidaime Hokage of course. That's why I was asked to train his grand niece Tsunade."

"Oh yeah, the medic ninja." he said while they walked down the street. A bunch of villagers shot hate filled glances at the young man but Sarutobi stopped their thoughts of attack. The two reached the gates and walked about a mile out of Konoha into a huge clearing.

"Just do the hand signs I showed you and mold a HUGE amount of chakra." Naruto expelled blue energy as he did five hand signs quickly and hit the ground with a palm thrust. A giant spiral of smoke erupted up and as it dissipated, a giant gray bird with rainbow eyes appeared. It had wicked looking claws and a hooked beak and when you looked closely, one would notice that the feathers were blade like and when a leaf fell on one, it was sliced to pieces.

"Who are you young one?" it said, leaning down to eye level with Naruto. It was about eighteen foot six in height.

"My name is Naruto Uzimaki-Namikaze." the bird straightened up at the sound of the last surname and slowly looked him over.

"You must pass a test to be our contract holder." Naruto looked excitedly at the boss summons as a pulse of chakra expelled from its bodies. "A group of ANBU guards are coming, so we'll do this quickly. You must summon one or more of my family members." he gave him the names of his family members, a.k.a. his children, and Naruto focused his chakra once more.

"SUMMONING JUTSU: HAWK STYLE: ROYAL FIVE!" Sarutobi and the Hawk boss' eyes grew huge as five puffs of smoke, four the size of his fist and one slightly larger then the others, sprouted from the air. They cleared to show birds in order from, left to right, smallest to largest. Their colors, in the same order, were blue and white, flaming red and orange, brown with gray spots, black with yellow streaks and finally, a gray one with white cloud shapes and blade feathers like his fathers when the wind flew by.

"I'm the first and youngest brother, the water user, Suizetsumei! (Water Death)" yelled out the blue bird while striking a pose and forming water balls above his head that formed a rotating crown that turned his feathers into blades like his father's.

"I'm the second and fourth youngest brother, the fire wielder, Kamaru! (Fire star)" yelled out the flaming bird while streaking a salute. Flame orbs floated around his body in a protective manner, activating his bladed feathers as well.

"I'm the third and middle brother, the earth wielder, Iwa! (Rock)" the middle bird struck an attack stance as gravel formed orbs around him and rotated. His feathers activated like his brothers.

"I'm the fourth and second oldest brother, wielder of lightning, Raisenshu. (Lightning flash)" he said calmly while he held his wings in a guard. An orb of lightning formed over his head and sent random bolts out to activate the sharp flight giving body cover.

"I am the fifth and oldest of the Royal Five, Fui-sasuke (Wind raven), and leader of the group." the final creature said as a circle of spiraling wind formed around him and began to speed up and extend. His feathers remained serrated.

"Why are your feathers bladed like?" asked Naruto, tilting his head to the side.

"My family all have the ability to turn are blades into sharp blades to help speed up our flight and use as weapons." answered the boss. His own fathers grew sharper as he flapped a wing towards the trees and they flew through them. They were instantly replaced.

"Oh, what's you name Boss Hawk?" the giant bird laughed and he struck a pose as ten orbs, all different colors and representing different elements, floated around him.

"I am the bladed bird, the master of the ten, Hishourei (Flight zero)!" Naruto sweat dropped as the birds went into a series of poses.

"Um, the ANBU Hishourei." reminded Sarutobi. The birds stopped and the smaller ones disappeared.

"You pass."