Of Trees and Frost




Chapter Eighteen: The Training, Part Four

"Naruto Uzumaki, you are here by charged with high treason against Konoha! You are to be executed in two days!" Naruto sat in a court room bound in chains and surrounded by ANBU. The Daimyo of Fire Country sat in front of him, surrounded by his samurai guards with Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Sarutobi on either side of him. "Do you have any reply or words for your captors?"

"Yeah, go shove it up your whore of a mother's ass!" ANBU surrounded him, weapons drawn. The crowd in the court room screamed as the ninja who retrieved Naruto struggled to attack him. Naruto searched for his youki but the chains wouldn't move.

"Verdict change, execution now! Bring in the guillotine!" a squad of men hurriedly brought in a large rectangle, with a place where a neck could be placed and a large blade would drop onto to and behead the person. The men marched them Naruto over to the killing device and placed his head beneath the slicing piece. The Daimyo turned to the doorway next to him and signaled for the man next to it to open said door.

"Yes, Lord Daimyo." he grabbed the handle and let in a man Naruto knew all to well.

"Mizuki, you bastard of a traitor!" yelled Naruto.

"Mr. Uzumaki,-"

"UZUMAKI-NAMIKAZE!" the female member of Sarutobi's team shot up.

"Lord Daimyo, I demand he gives us the scroll for the Flying Thunder God Technique!"

"Fuck you ya dumb ass, used up, retired whore! I burned it already, and all the scrolls in the library!"

"Guards, restrain him!" the men next to Naruto shut him up with a smack to the head.

"Quiet Kyuubi Incarnate!" Naruto's eyes flashed silver and the man's head fell to the ground in a flourish of blood.

"Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, this man is your executioner." Mizuki ran over to the device and grabbed the lever. On the older man's word, he pulled it. Luckily, the top suddenly exploded, Mizuki dropped to the ground in pain, and the chains were destroyed. Naruto's allies dropped to the ground and drew weapons, ready to fight for his life.

Naruto bolted upward, ending the dream. Sweat poured down his face. He had felt the chill of the chains, the energy sapping of the chakra seals, the rush of air as the blade fell, the heat from the explosion and the feel of two different kinds of hands picking him up. It seemed so real. "I must be going crazy.'

"Well, there are documented cases of people seeing into the future with their dreams. Though you would have to ask the Shinigami himself."

'Okay, I'll just use the Shiki Fuuin and talk to him.'

"Don't mouth back to me! Especially about that bastard! Not only did he put the Stupid Brothers, 'Head as hard as bark' and 'as much brains as a glacier', in here, he altered your seal!"

'WHAT!? How and when?'

"From what I can tell, when we were in Wave. When your body wants to resist my chakra, you're low on chakra, you've activated Hanyou mode at least once, and you lose control over your emotions, your Wind affinity spikes to the level of Shukaku and Sesshomaru mixed."

'Cool, I'm gonna go activate it!'

"Side effects include: destroying every one around you, losing your mind, exploding diarrhea, imploding diarrhea, inability to produce, beating yourself to death with chop sticks, and very painful and slow castration."

'On second thought I'll just keep what I got.' he quickly changed into his clothes and left the house. At the front gate, he looked at the old, crumbling house. He made a snap decision and made one thousand Shadow Clones, handing out sealing scrolls to squads. "You know your job." he walked away to train with his Hawks and Rochi, which he hadn't done in a long time.

"Summoning Jutsu!" the Royal Five appeared as planned, but they brought company.

"Were, the Noble Five!" the five girls said together.

"I'm Rei of the Poison!" said a deep green one, the smallest.

"I'm Maru of the Steel!" said the gray and silver feathered bird, second smallest.

"I am Orihime of the Sand!" yelled the middle one, a tan colored creature.

"I am Konan, the Ice user." said a white bird using a bored and un-interested tone. She was the second biggest.

"Every one just calls me Mag. I'm the leader of the group and the Magma user of our group." said the largest bird, a beautiful creature with deep satin red feathers.

"Sorry Naruto, but out sisters followed us." said Suizetsumei.

"It's fine, really. I just wanted to train with you guys a little." he activated his cloak and launched himself backwards into the air. They followed him and the last day of training before the finals finally stared.


"You have come far my container. It's time I give you a set of swords to use in battle." said Sesshomaru. In front of him, Sasuke sat with his new style. He was dressed in the same kind of clothing as Sesshomaru, except his had seals holding kunai and shuriken inside them. He had grown out his hair to the length of the dog demon and had used chakra to length his nails then file them to a point.

"I thought you told me I wasn't strong enough to create my own sword."

"You aren't. I'm going to give you my father's sword and a sword of your own, made from my fang." Sasuke stared at him, confusion obvious on his face. Sesshomaru sighed and pulled out one of his fangs in his mouth. It re-grew in an instance.

Then he held his hand out and the air in front of it started to shimmer. He grabbed it and a sword formed. The handle was a white leather cord wrapped tightly around the handle leading to a red handle and a golden piece on the bottom. It sat in a white sheath.

"Didn't you tell me something about that?" the demon nodded, signaling him to continue. "That's the Tenseiga, the counter actor of Tetsiaga, your father's sword, and Bakusaiga, your first sword created by you. While Tetsiaga can destroy one hundred in a single stroke and Bakusaiga destroys any matter it connects to, Tenseiga can bring one hundred back in a single swipe and fix any broken matter."

"Yes, you are correct. Now for the fang." he tossed it to Sasuke. "I taught you about Elemental Youki and we found you had Lightning. I want you to focus that youki to the fang."

Sasuke closed his fist around the piece of bone and closed his eyes. A yellow hue surrounded the fang when he opened his hand. Sesshomaru made a golden fire appear on the ground at Sasuke's feet.

"Drop the fang in." Sasuke turned his hand over and the white material fell into the flames. The fire shot into the air and formed into a long, slightly angled, blade. It was about two and eight inches long and glowing gold. The handle was in the form of a snarling Sesshomaru in his demon form.

As the glow faded from the sword blade, a dark blue sheath with a Chinese dragon circling it appeared. "Grab it, quickly!" Sasuke's hand shot out and the sword flew to his finger tips.

"What the hell?"

"Now, I want you to spend the rest of today figuring out the special ability of that sword."


Gaara knew he had one last day to train, so he decided he needed to train his Hanyou form. He realized it was even more powerful with Iron Sand. "Iron Sand world Order!" he directed the sand at the tree he used for attack training. The sand formed into a sphere that grew spikes in random places and came back down.

It started to expand and he fired the sphere off. The tree finally exploded into shrapnel after the attack hit.

"Not bad, for an amateur." Gaara waved his hand and Baki covered his balls as a fist of sand headed for it.


Yugito decided she would just rest for the rest of the day. The most eventful thing was when a pokey cart was stolen by a guy in a dark cloak with red clouds on it in a straw hat who had red eyes.


"Son, I've noticed your liking to the Jinchuuriki of Cloud." spoke the Tsuchikage.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Urusai felt his face heat up and was glad he wore his mask. Again.

"Son, you are not in any trouble. I just wanted to give you a gift, to get you ready for later relationships." he spun around and opened his arms wide to show a huge pile of 'Icha Icha Paradise' books. "These books will tell you everything you need to know!"


"Yes, what is it son?" asked the smiling man.

"Did you forget I was blind or something? Or did you have another boulder fall on your head?"

(Temari and Kankuro)

Temari sent huge dragons of compressed air at the blur in the air that was Kankuro's first home made puppet. Temari was using two very small fans at the moment but eventually she got mad and pulled out her 'Mega Powerful, Ultra Supreme, One Hit KO' fan.

She opened it up and several hundred other fans popped out. She swung it with all her strength at the blur. A dragon as tall as Shukaku and as long as the Bijuu's tail shot towards the blur. Instead of hitting it, the blur stopped and with several clicking sounds, a large hole opened in its chest. "Wind Style: Mega Dragon Cyclone!" she yelled.

"Lightning Style: Cannon of the Thunder Phoenix!" shouted Kankuro from the capsule on the puppet's back for its wielder. Yellow energy exploded into life in the center and shot at the dragon. A large bird of thunder barreled into the dragon. The two energies fought each other before canceling the other out. The fan was closed and Kankuro landed the puppet on the ground.

"You two have come far." said the Kazekage. "I have a feeling together the two of you could defeat Gaara in his Hanyou Mode." this brought smiles to the two teen's faces.

"He is right. You have grown much stronger." spoke Kagura.

"Which is why we have some gifts for you." spoke Chiyo, fluently inserting herself into the conversation. Kagura pulled out a small fan with a picture of a purple moon with a weasel holding a scythe flying over it.

"This summons the Weapon Weasel clan. I hope you have a good use for them."

"Thank you Kagura sensei." Temari took the fan in her shaking fingers and looked it over even more.

Chiyo pulled out a scroll and gave it to Kankuro. He unrolled the paper and pushed his chakra into it. Several puppet pieces fell onto the ground. One was a cylinder with the symbol for 'Flames' inside it. Another was a box separated into squares with several blades inside it. Then there was a belt with several spheres on it, each with a kanji for a different element.

"Great-Grandmother, aren't these the puppet pieces created by the first Puppet Master of our village?"

"Yes they are. I want you to have them." Kankuro instantly was attaching pieces to the puppet. Temari gave Kagura a hug.

The Kazekage smiled. It quickly turned into a grimace as thoughts of the war tomorrow entered his mind. He pulled out two pieces of paper and walked past his kids, placing one on each of them, before going inside for the night.


The blonde whistled as he delivered several garden gnomes around Konoha. He met up with Naruto and they placed several of them on the Hokage Monument. "Are you ready Naruto?" he asked his fellow blonde.

"Always and forever Dei." they each made the same chain of hand seals before each yelling in unison.

"Compost Garden Gnome Explosions!" all around the village, garden gnomes exploded into compost and turned what ever they hit different colors. If one were to walk into the village, they would think the mountain was a weird looking rainbow.

"NARUTO! DEIDARA!" screamed Sarutobi, the prank finishing by releasing the Genjutsu hiding almost three fourths of the paper work in the Hokage office. They two blondes ran for cover as ANBU started to appear.


"I wonder if I would get in trouble for flash freezing all of Father's autographed 'Icha Icha Paradise' books…" wondered Haku before going to do so.


The pale eyed girl smiled into Sasuke's eyes before leaning in to kiss him. They fell backwards, kissing passionately on the bed in Hinata's room. "No sex until marriage." said Hiashi as he walked by. This was a common sight in the Hyuuga residence since the prelims. They shot up and separated.

"Some times your dad can be annoying." stated Sasuke.

"I know what you mean." Hinata said, putting her jacket back on while Sasuke zipped up his shorts. "I mean we may go to third base at most but not all the way."

"I know. It's such a stereotype that teens have sex. I mean, we're like what, twelve?" they both shook their heads before grabbing each other and kissing again. Sasuke held one of Hinata's breasts and her ass while Hinata held his ass and drew a finger around………the area below his belt line.


The entire Nara clan was all out together looking at the clouds. Shikamaru loved these family picnics. He sighed and petted the black kitten at his side. "I wonder if a cloud tastes like roast cats?" the kitten ran away as Shikamaru turned and evil eyed on him.


The young boy decided to take the day off and looked up new beasts to draw. He was very happy with the eighteen beasts he got from this practice.


"Shino," called Shibi Aburame. "Have you found the beetle yet?" Shino came out of a large hole, on fast flapping wings. Behind him a colony of beetles flew, heading for his hive.

"I have father. I have even figured out the jutsu."

"Very good my son." the Aburame smiled beneath his collar, a rare occurrence for an Aburame, at his son. "You are ready for tomorrow's exams. Let us returned home and rest."