After numerous threats of bodily harm and anyway i miss u guys, ive posted this teaser chapter to appease u readers. pls understand dat i have many commitments and dat i am not a very good writer. But i try to produce works dat are worthy (I hope) of ur perusal. the real chapter will be posted in 2 weeks time wen im finally not so busy. Until den thank you for ur devotion and encouragements, even the threats:)

"C'mon you could at least try it," teased Lou as he dangled the packet of dehydrated MRE in Luthien's direction. "Look, I'll even warm it up a bit so it'll taste even better!" added the young man as he put on a great show to prove his point.

"Mmm...this is some good stuff!"

The eldar maiden merely glared at him as she chewed on a cherry-like berry from her small bag and trying to feed an awakened Melda at the same time. The gyrinx for once was being quite restless as she declined her meal, whining and mewing.

"See? She doesn't want those puny berries. She wants real food," proclaimed Lou proudly.

"I can hardly call that synthesized food 'real', mon-keigh," scowled Luthien. Nonetheless, a ghost of a smilie did appear on her face for a moment.

Lou was quick to notice it however, and his grin got wider as he came up with a plan.

"Tell you what; we'll play a game."


"A game; it's something we 'mon-kay' do for…"

"I know what a game means, mon-keigh," interrupted an annoyed Luthien, "I'm just wondering why in Isha's name should I indulge your immature endeavour."

"Because it'll be fun," replied Lou with a smile. "Besides, it's not like you have anything to do right now…"

"I have plenty to do; I need to return back to my village with Melda and warn them of this Chaos incursion."

"Okay so you have plenty to do...but all that needs energy to get it done properly. You've eaten..sort of but Melda hasn't and it looks like she's being quite picky this morning; tell you what, you put your bag of berries on the ground and I'll put my MRE beside it, we'll see which one she chooses, what do you say?"


"Aww…c'mon. look at the poor thing," said Lou motioning to the gyrinx which was looking back and forth between the two with twinkling eyes. "It's not eating."

Luthien glared at Lou and spoke with an air of finality.

"Melda has and will always eat our Eldar food over your 'fake' food. Our cuisine thrives on simplicity and nutrition palatable to suit her taste-buds unlike your…-Melda! How could you?"

While she had been busy retorting to Lou, Melda had taken the chance to wriggle a bit closer to snatch the MRE packet from Lou's hand with her teeth. Her mistress could only look on in shock as Melda looked towards her with pleading eyes, the packet of food still in her mouth. Luthien sighed before glaring murderously at a positively smug-looking Lou.

"Not. A. Word."

Lou merely gestured by zipping his mouth. The smile threatening to burst out into a fully-fledged grin.