Time for dinner. Hannibal Lecter looked at his watched, 10:30pm. He exited his apartment and entered his car. Switching on the radio he sighed, wondering why he always ended up living like an outlaw. He had fled to Ghana following his last escape; he stayed there for 5 years, but did not favour the temperature there and decided to return to the US. To a remote town in Idaho, going out only at night.

He had arrived, as he got out the car he reached for his hat. He slammed the door shut whilst avoiding the gaze of a group of youths. The store was run by Russians, safe bet, no cameras. He knew the camera they had propped above the till was a fake and it's rubbery exterior often made him smile. He alternated between this store and the other one a few blocks up, run by an Asian couple.

Making his way through the store to the glass fridge; he took out a packet of chicken thigh. He searched the various herbs on the shelves, looking for something half decent. He picked up a packet of cilantro and some garlic. He returned to the counter. Peering out the dirty window, he saw the youths breaking into his car. 'Didn't lock it' the thought rushed into his head. Dropping the items he ran out as they sped away, grinding his teeth he ran after it. He stopped; he saw that it was cut up by a speeding car. He bent to catch his breath and looked up.

* * * *

Special agent Clarice Starling was on her way back from a crime scene. She'd been travelling back and forth all day and was exhausted. She got a call on her hands free, it was Josh. She answered it.

"Josh I'm driving, I'll be home. If not, I'll stay in some motel" Clarice said, there was silence.

"Oh, ok, I've missed you" He said waiting for a reply. More silence.

"Ok, I'm about 4 hours away yet, don't wait up. Goodbye." Clarice replied. She hung up. She sighed and looked down, as she looked back up she saw a man chasing after a speeding car. She spun and cut the car up. She grabbed her gun and jumped out, pointing towards the car. For that split second something drew her to look away from this car and along the road. Her eyes met the breathless man. The gun dropped from her hand.

Both were lost in that moment. Neither one of them spoke. They stood, feasting on the sight of one another. It was silence. The silence they only found with each other.