So here we are again? I've got more time on my hands so I decided to take up a bit of writing again. (Feel free to see my other stories that are a working progress!). I'm sure you've been hungry for a bit of Hannibal fiction. Sorry it's taken me so very long to do this. I've got a great direction for our story. I appreciate the feedback.

In the morning however, people did notice the strange car parked on the street.

Clarice was woken up blue lights flashing against her eyes. She rolled around slightly in the seat. Finally, she opened her eyes. There was a police officer proceeding over to the car.

He tapped on the window, she rolled it down. "Excuse me Miss, we received a few calls about a car being parked here? Do you mind stepping out the car for me?" The officer backed away.

Clarice panicked, looking to the driver's seat, she saw it was empty. Before she had time to comprehend where Hannibal had gone, the officer continued with "If you'd like to please step out of the car."

She hesitantly moved out of the car, her brain was still working slowly.

"Taking a nap were we?" The officer gave her a sleazy grin.

"Yes. I had been driving all night, I just had to stop." She forced a smile, unable to keep eye contact.

"I see, I see. Well as you know, it's not very comforting for the residents-." He stopped as she reached into her jacket. "Whoa whoa, hands where I can see them!"

Clarice had pulled out her badge; she flicked it open in the face of the officer.

"Clarice Starling, FBI."

"Starling eh?" His face lit up with interest. "You're that Hannibal Lecter hunter eh? I guess you're doing some top secret surveillance? This isn't the first time I've stopped an FBI agent." He leant on the door of the car, glancing her up and down.

Clarice placed her badge away. "I'm sure you're aware, it's a very demanding job." She tried to peer around the surrounding area for Hannibal.

"Demanding? I wouldn't mind being up there with you guys. They got a lot of good looking women working." He gave another sleazy smile to her, this time finished with a wink.

She forced a laugh, looking back at him. "I better get going, officer." Clarice edged back slightly to the car.

"Sure!" The police officer turned back to his partner in the control car. "Ey Jerry! It's nothing. It was that Clarice Starling!"

She watched as the officer's partner got out the car, they exchanged a few words. The officer's face dropped, they both darted their heads to look at Clarice. She hopped into the driver's seat and shut the door.

'The car. It's not my car.' She thought. The officers then proceeded over to the car. She once again rolled down her window. They walked around to it.

"I'm going to have to ask you to step out the car again, Starling." The officer had lost his grin.

"Why?" She tried to ask innocently.

"This car is registered to a man who was reported missing last night. We heard it out on the radio, step out the car."