You're Mine Forever

Summary: Gabriella and Troy broke-up during their first year of college. Only it wasn't exactly the smoothest of break-ups, both were left with broken hearts and wounded ego's. Of course, now that the 'it' couple were finished, the whole gang went separate ways. When Gabriella comes back to Albuquerque for her mother's wedding, she never expected to see the Bolton's, especially Troy. Now, the group have nothing better to do...apart from getting the perfect couple in harmony again.

When sparks start to re-ignite, neither want to admit it and deny feelings, how long can they last though? Can everything be like high school again? Why is it that the whispered words are so very true... "You're mine forever."

Chapter 1 – Home To Albuquerque

"GABBY!" Three girls in unison shouted and ran towards the dark haired, tanned skinned, beautiful girl. The said young woman was then bombarded with hugs, kisses and lots of questions.

"How was New York?"

"Did you get us presents?"

"How's everything?"

"Did you get us presents?"

"Any cute guys?"

"Did you get us presents?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, New York is great, crowded but great. Everything is fine, lots of cute guys and yes I of course I got you presents." Gabriella replied and was once more surrounded in a group hug.

"Gabby, I've missed you so much! I've had so many dilemmas it is unreal." Sixteen year old Ruby told her. "I really needed you especially when I had guy fact I still have that, you have got to help me!" She exclaimed and pulled on her sisters arm.

"Of course I'll help you with everything. Lots of sister bonding time for us." Gabriella replied with a smile and she kissed her sister's head.

"What about me?" Twelve year old Grace asked with big chocolate eyes.

"And lots of bonding for us two as well." Gabriella pulled her into a hug.

"And you are sure you have presents?" Grace asked causing Gabriella to giggle loudly.

"Yes, I am very sure that I have presents, don't you worry." Grace smiled as she hugged her sister tightly.

"Oh look at you." Isabella sighed as she saw her eldest child as a fully grown woman. "You're so beautiful Gabriella, you've really changed from my cute little baby..." Tears welled up in the woman's eyes. "In to a stunning young lady." Gabriella smiled softly and pulled her mother into a long, tight hug that both woman had been waiting for. "I just can't believe you're not my baby anymore." She gushed. "It was just yesterday that you were taking your very first steps and saying your very first words." Tears strolled down her cheeks.

"Mum, please don't cry, you'll get me started too." Gabriella pleaded.

"I'm sorry, it's don't need me anymore and...oh gosh, you're growing up too fast." Isabella told her through her tears.

"Oh mum, I'll always need you no matter what." Gabriella replied and pulled her mother into another hug. Gabriella had missed her family so much and being back in their arms was exactly what she had looked forward to since she found out that she was able to return to her home town.

"Good," Isabella whispered. "Right," She straightened up and wiped her remaining tears away. "we better head home then, there is still lots to do Gabby and I know that you're excellent at organising things, so chop, chop. Girls, help her with her bags." Grace and Ruby quickly took a bag each and started to walk towards the exit of the airport. "Tyler!" Isabella called. "Tyler, come help!"

Slowly, a young man stood up, rolled his eyes and walked towards the group of girls. His I-pod was in and blaring out some new song he had downloaded. His jeans were hanging low enough to see his boxers, despite the belt that was supposedly meant to hold them up, he had a short sleeved red wildcat shirt on and a phone in his hand. He looked exactly how most seventeen year olds did however he wasn't as ecstatic to see Gabriella as most people would expect.

"Hey Ty!" Gabriella exclaimed.


"So you're not going to give your big sister a hug then?" She asked with a smile.


"Ty?" He took the biggest suitcase, turned round and walked towards the exit. Gabriella cocked her head to one side and stared after him. His attitude towards her was very different from what she expected and wanted. The Montez family had always been extremely close, so for this sudden change of mood, it made Gabriella very confused.

"I'll explain when we get home love." It was like she had read Gabriella's mind. Then again, Isabella was very good at reading people, something in which Gabriella had inherited from her.

The Montez' bundled into the family car and shared stories with each other for the journey, the only one not participating, was Tyler. Gabriella sent worried glances in his direction but he was always too busy on his mobile or I-pod to even notice how concerned his sister was.

"So where is Adam?" Gabriella asked. Adam was her soon-to-be step-father. To be honest, Gabriella was very glad that her mother was finally moving on.

The death of their father had really damaged her but Adam had brought back some new life into her. Something which Gabriella, and many others, thought was impossible. The love between Isabella and their father, Nicholas was over-whelming and showed others that high school sweethearts can fall deeply in love. Unfortunately when Gabriella eighteen turning nineteen, her father had sadly past away from a car crash. He had been in a coma for months and they had to make that terrible decision to let him go. They were told that there was no hope for him. However much Gabriella missed him, she hadn't cried in front of her mother and siblings. Gabriella had stayed strong for them and Isabella couldn't of been more grateful.

"I couldn't of done it without you Gabby." Her mother had told her.

Four years after his death and Isabella met Adam. Isabella had accidentally walked into him in the street causing his coffee to hit the ground. After a million apologies from both parties, Isabella had persuaded him to let her buy him another coffee. Although once Adam had left the shop again, he left with another coffee and her number. They hit it off straight away and although he would never be able to fill Nicholas' spot in her heart, he had touched her heart in some way and soon she was falling in love again. Adam had been very sweet towards the situation, he was understanding and listened. In fact, he went to the cemetery with her to offer his own respects, on Nicholas' birthday and Christmas'. Two years after they dated, Adam proposed and Isabella accepted. Now here they were, getting all their family together for the first time so they could join them into one.

"So, how many children does Adam have again?" Gabriella asked.

"Two. One is sixteen, that's Jasmine and Rebecca is thirteen." Isabella replied. "They are two very sweet girls, I must say that." She added.

"Yeah, Jasmine is really cool, you'll love her!" Ruby exclaimed.

"Ruby and Jasmine are best friends now." Isabella replied.

"Sweet." Gabriella smiled at Ruby.

"Yo, mum, can Kyle and Zac come round today?" Tyler asked.

"Sure thing hunny, we have guests round anyway." Isabella replied quietly hoping that Gabriella didn't hear.

"Guests? Who?" Gabriella asked curiously.

"Oh, just a few people,"

"Is it Troy mum? Because, if it's Troy, then can Madison, Erin and Keira come round?" Ruby quickly asked.

"Of course they can, they're all welcome."

"Awesome, I gotta text them now." Ruby squealed and grabbed her phone with a beaming smile on her face.

Although Gabriella didn't look good at all. At the sound of Troy's name she had frozen and turned deathly white. Her eyes went wider and her mouth was shut tight. In the past, they had been together. Been so in love but things changed and they had had a very bitter break up which caused a lot of pain to Gabriella. They hadn't spoken since, that had been almost five years ago. Isabella had noticed the sudden change to Gabriella and felt guilty that she hadn't warned her about Troy.

"I'm sorry sweetie." Gabriella suddenly unfroze and snapped her head over to her mother.

"So it's true, he's coming tonight?" She asked coldly.

"Yes, look, Lucille is helping with the preparations and since everyone was staying for dinner, I invited the whole family. Sweetie, I promise you that if I had remembered about the past, I never would of done it." Isabella explained with sorrow. She had seen the pain that Gabriella had gone through after the break up and as soon as she put the phone down, she had regretted asking them round, but what was done was done and she couldn't stop it.

"Un-invite him then." Gabriella hissed. "I refuse to sit and eat at the same table as that...that...thing."

"Gabriella, we both know that I can't suddenly un-invite them. That would be down right rude." Isabella scolded her daughter. "You don't have to talk to him, you don't have to speak to him at all but you will have to put up with the fact he's coming young lady." Gabriella let out a frustrated sigh.

"Well then, can I have dinner early and stay in my room for the rest of the night?" Gabriella asked. "I'll be too tired anyway mum." She faked a very convincing yawn and Isabella sighed.

"Fine, you can stay upstairs if you really have to but I would prefer you to come down." She replied. "We've got family coming. Adam's family have been dying to meet you sweetie." Another sigh left Gabriella's lips.

"Okay, I'll think about staying down." Isabella smiled.

"Thank you love."

"Is it formal?" Gabriella asked.

"No, not at all." Gabriella let a sigh of relief.

"Good because I don't have any formal wear with me." The two giggled and Gabriella smile got wider as they pulled up outside her home. The one she had gotten so very used to. The one she really loved. "Guys, we're home." Tyler looked up from his phone that hadn't left his hand since the airport and quickly rushed out of the car and into the house, no doubt to his bedroom where he would put more music on. Gabriella shook her head and turned back to her two sisters that were fast asleep in the car. "Come on guys, wake up." The two began to stir and finally a rose to walk into the house.

"So much for help then." Isabella spoke sarcastically.

"Help is here!" Adam exclaimed delightfully and walked over to give Gabriella a large hug. "Gabster! It's been too long!" She giggled as he lifted her up. "You're all grown up, what's happened?" He asked. He was a very friendly man, with a slight belly and short black hair. His dark brown eyes were large and always showed warmth and happiness. Gabriella looked up to him as her second father, he would never replace Nick, but he was someone just stepping in.

"Adam! It's so good to see you." Gabriella replied and hugged him back. "Wanna carry my bags?" She asked cheekily.

"Of course your highness, I would love nothing more but to carry your bags for you." She giggled and started to take them out of the boot. "Holy Shit, you have a lot of stuff." He added with wide eyes. "Sorry love, I know you don't like me swearing like that." He quickly hugged Isabella and kissed her cheek.

"You're right, I really don't." She replied but still with a smile on her face.

"I'm sorry but your daughter has a lot of crap." Gabriella dropped her jaw playfully, a smile still on her face, and she hit him in the shoulder. "Ouch! Abuse, Izzy, you totally saw that didn't you?"

"Yes hunny I saw that but you did call her stuff crap...I guess there is nothing I can do." She shrugged and picked up a couple of bags.

"You're in this together aren't you. You're plotting my downfall. I won't sleep tonight I can tell you that."

"Maybe I can keep you company." Isabella said seductively as she trailed a finger down his chest.

"Eww, eww, child is here. Please, I may be twenty five but I do not need that." She shuddered. "Oh god, images...bad images." She shook her head. "They're aren't going away." She whined and shook her head more vigorously. The couple laughed but stopped when they heard someone clear their throat.

"Ah! Jazzy, you're here, Gabriella meet my eldest Jasmine, Jasmine meet Izzy's eldest, Gabriella." Jasmine held put her hand out for Gabriella to shake which she gladly accepted.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you." Jasmine greeted with a smile. She looked a lot like Adam with her black straight hair and very dark eyes that also showed the same happiness in them. Gabriella could already tell she was a kind soul.

"Hey, it's very good to meet you as well. I've heard so much about you. Oh and call me Gabby." Gabriella replied sweetly and Jasmine giggled.

"Likewise, your mum and my dad should write a book about you." She joked causing the girls to laugh together. "Oh and you can call me Jazzy." Gabriella smiled and nodded. "I came out to see if you needed any help."

"Great, unload all of these bags and take them up to Gabby's room will you." Adam joked.

"Adam." Gabriella and Isabella said in unison and Isabella slapped his arm.

"Oh sorry, unload all of these bags and take them up to Gabby's room will you...please." He teased earning another slap from his partner. "Okay that has got to stop." They laughed together and all took her bags out and to her room.

Once the bags had been placed in Gabriella's room, she saw that her mother was alone in the kitchen making a few snacks for the evening. She then took her chance to ask about her little brother and his strange behaviour towards his elder sister.

"Hey mum." Gabriella greeted. "Need any help?" She asked.

"Just put some crisps on the table will you." Isabella replied. "Thanks love." Gabriella nodded and grabbed the crisps out of the cupboard and started to pour them into large bowls.

"Um...mum, why is Tyler acting so, so weird around me? I mean, he hasn't said a word to me at all." Gabriella asked sadly, she loved her little brother very much and he had never acted this way before which worried Gabriella extremely.

"Oh sweetie, I know I said I would explain later but to be honest, I'm not really sure on the full story myself. All I know is that he hasn't been the same since you left last time." Gabriella sighed. "Why don't you go talk to him? Maybe you can get some answers." Gabriella nodded and chucked the empty crisp packets away before running upstairs and knocking on her brother's door. There was a grunt from the other side which Gabriella took as a 'come in'. "Hey Ty." She said with a soft smile.

Tyler snapped his head up from his computer but equally placed it back down again.

"Tyler? Why aren't you talking to me?" She asked not expecting an answer.

"You really have to ask that?" He replied coldly. His voice was a lot deeper and more masculine from what Gabriella remembered, then again she hadn't spoken to him for months.

"Yes, I do. Now tell me." She sat on the end of his bed and he swivelled round on his chair to face her.

"I don't know, how about the fact that you haven't bothered to see me in fourteen months." He spat at her.

"Ty, you know I had work to do. It's not my fault." She tried explaining.

"Not your fault." He scoffed. "It never is, is it Gabriella. You never called either." He harshly replied.

"Hey, you could of picked up the phone yourself!" Gabriella exclaimed.

"So could you! If you weren't going to bother to call me then why should I?" He asked.

"Yeah, and if everyone thought that then no one would use a telephone." Gabriella shot back. "Is this how you treat your friends Ty, if they don't call you push them aside? Well?" She asked angrily.

"You're behaving like a silly child Tyler. It's ridiculous."

"Maybe because I am still pretty much a kid Gabriella. I may be seventeen but you left me not knowing anything. We were close, you helped me through everything but as soon as you left you never checked up. I guess I took that as a sign that you were sick of helping me." He explained angrily. "You could of just said that you didn't want to instead of shunning me away."

"I did not shun you Tyler! I asked mum to call you, I heard her calling you but you never wanted to talk and of course I wasn't sick of helping you. I'm your big sister, I have to do that! I want to help you. If you had told me what you needed I would of been here in a flash. I thought you were okay, that you didn't need me because you were growing up!" She exclaimed and then sighed. "Look, I didn't come here to fight with you Ty, I love you very much but you never let me know how you felt. If you had just said something." She told him softly.

"I was scared." He admitted quietly.

"Of what?" She asked him as he collapsed on his bed next to her.

"That you wouldn't bother about me anymore. That you found something better. Someone better. You knew how I felt when you first started dating Troy." He looked at her. "I was the sibling from hell!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah." She giggled. "You were."

"I just thought that you had found someone better so that you wouldn't want to talk to me...that's all." He quietly replied. "I'm sorry." He mumbled.

"I'm sorry too, and next time just tell me. No one could stop me from loving you more. You're my little brother." She hugged him tightly. "Now, do you have anymore problems that you would like to share?" She saw a faint blush hit her brother's cheeks. "What girl do you like?" She asked with a smirk.

Tyler shot up and stared at her. "How did you know?" He asked.

"Hey, I'm your sister, it's like a built in system that I know these things." They laughed. "So, who's the lucky girl?" She asked.

"Her names, Ellie. She's in my year and...well she's apart of the dance team." Tyler told her with a red face. "She's really nice and we've been texting but I don't know whether or not to ask her to be my girlfriend or not...or..." He trailed off not knowing what to say.

"Why don't you ask her on a date first?" Gabriella suggested.

"I've tried but I get scared that we won't have anything to talk about." Tyler admitted.

"Oh Ty, if you have a lot to talk about now then you'll have a lot to talk about on your date, and if you don't then you know you're better off as friends." Gabriella explained to him. "But I'm sure it won't be the latter." She reassured him.

"Thanks but where will I take her?" He asked.

"How about...Spice?" Gabriella asked.

"That's perfect!" He exclaimed. "There's a band playing there this Saturday, thanks sis, and I'm sorry again for being a total jerk." He hugged her.

"Hey, I'm sorry for not making more of an effort, lets never let it get to this stage again."

"Deal." Tyler replied and the two punched their fists together like they always did.


"Guys, they're arriving now." Isabella yelled through the house as numerous cars suddenly sprung up outside their abode.

"Coming mum!" Ruby shouted back.

"Coming Izzy!" Jasmine replied loudly.

The girls rushed down and Isabella could tell that they had been working on their outfits for some time. Ruby was dressed in white skinny jeans and a purple top with large jewels round the top of it, she wore purple pumps and her hair was down naturally in curls. Jasmine had a flowy white skirt that was just below mid-thigh, she had a strappy tight purple top that clung to her curves perfectly whilst still making her look modest. She too had purple pumps and her hair was in a messy bun. Both girls had done their make-up to perfection and had bright smiles on their faces as they waited for what Isabella expected to be the young boys that were coming along with their parents.

"You both look beautiful girls." They giggled to each other as the doorbell went. Isabella opened it up and with a bright smile greeted her guests. "Jane, Ian!" Isabella greeted. "Look at you, where's Chad?" She asked.

"Oh, he's coming with Troy. Where's Gabriella, we're dying to see her again." Jane replied.

"Hang on," Isabella went to the bottom of the stairs. "Gabby! Come down here sweetie!" She called loudly and there was a bang as she shut the door.

"Just coming." She called back.

"Well, how have you two been?" She asked.

"We've been very well thank you, how about everyone here?" Ian asked.

"Also very good, where's Anna? Is she coming, I'm sure the girls would love to see her."

"Yes, she's just getting something from the car...speaking of the devil."

"Hey Isabella." Anna,, Chad's younger sister, greeted.

"Oh darling, look at you, you get prettier every time I see you!" Anna blushed and thanked her just as Gabriella ran down the stairs.

She was wearing a dress that came to mid-thigh, it was plain black, short sleeved at the stop with a round cut while the bottom half had small flowers all over it. She wore a large black belt that went around and she had black peep toe heels on accompanied with Tyler who was just wearing the same outfit as before and Grace who was in a sweet pink dress and her hair was in bunchies.

"Gabriella? Is that really you?" Jane gasped. "Oh my goodness, you look stunning darling. You look so grown up." She gushed and pulled Gabriella into a tight hug.

"It's great to see you again Jane, you're looking so well and I love your dress," Gabriella complemented. "Hi Ian." Gabriella waved but he too pulled her into a hug, he was exactly like the older version of Chad, personality wise while Chad looked more like his mother. "And Anna, oh gosh, you're so tall now. You gotta stop growing or you'll be taller than me." She hugged her.

"Ha, nice to see you again Gabs." Anna replied and gladly excepted her hug.

Soon everyone was around the house socialising and generally having a good time. Ruby and Jasmine had all their friends round so they were by the young males that had arrived at the party who also looked as if they enjoyed the girls company. Then Isabella was sorting out the seating arrangements with Jane, Fiona (Taylor's mother), Katie (Kelsi's mother), Sara (Sharpay's mother) and Jackie (Zeke's mother). The men just hung around and Gabriella found out that all her friends were coming later and some were coming together. Her nerves hung around in her stomach, she didn't know what to do. It was sad, most had kept in touch with at least one of the gang but Gabriella had no one. Yet she was determined to play the upper hand here and even though she was scared of seeing Troy again, she wasn't going to let him win or see her nerves. It was then that the doorbell went again. Isabella and Adam were too busy talking amongst friends. The girls certainly weren't going to get it and Tyler was upstairs in his room with his friends. So that left...Gabriella.

Cautiously she opened the door after taking a deep breathe. She could feel her legs shaking but stood firm as she flung the door open.

"Oh Jack, you couldn't of just- Gabriella?" Lucille Bolton asked. "Is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me, it's good to see you again Mrs. Bolton, Mr. Bolton." She greeted kindly.

"Oh honey, you know by now surely that you can call us Lucille and Jack." Lucille gushed. "You are so grown up and so beautiful. Gosh, I didn't think it was possible for you to get even more stunning than you were but you've proved me wrong on that one." They giggled and Gabriella blushed.

"Hey Gabby." Jack pulled her into a hug. "You look great." He beamed.

"So do you two! I swear, you haven't changed since I saw you, you both look incredible." Gabriella gushed and they laughed.

"Well apart from my beer belly of course." Jack chuckled.

"Still working at East High?"

"Where else would I be?" He asked and she giggled softly. "What about you, what do you do now?"

"A journalist." She replied. "For the New York Times."

"Wow, that's impressive." Jack replied.

"Enjoying it?" Lucille asked.

"Loving it. How are you two?" She asked.

"Wonderful, and yourself?" Lucille replied softly.


"Hey, pass the ball dude!" She heard Chad's voice.

"Nu uh, you'll break it." Troy's voice was heard.

"I will not break it!" Chad exclaimed and the nerves approached Gabriella once more. "I- hey is that Taylor?" He asked.

"Guys?" Gabriella heard Taylor's voice. Gabriella couldn't wait to talk to Sharpay and Taylor again, she had missed them dearly but just lost in touch.

"I can't believe it's you, it's been so long." Troy beamed.

"You guys look awesome." Sharpay replied and they all shared a lot of hugs before they heard a very familiar voice.

"Oh look what the cat dragged in...a bunch of wildcats." They turned and the girls screamed.

"GABBY!" Taylor and Sharpay screamed and rushed towards the young woman to engulf her in hugs and squeals.

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