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Summary: Keeps within the Supergirl movie (1984) universe. This story takes place 2 months after Kara has returned to Argo City with the Omegahedron. Having tasted life as a human, she longs for the excitement she had as Supergirl while at the same time longing for the company of Lucy, Jimmy, and Ethan. Seeing the sadness of their daughter, Alura and Zor - El decide that maybe letting her go visit the planet will help lift her spirits. Kara's return to earth proves to be a learning experience for her as she learns more about the people she had once left behind.

Returning To Earth

Kara lay in bed looking at the group picture that Jimmy Olsen had taken at Popeye's. They all looked so happy and carefree and she knew that they were probably wondering why she had never tasted fried chicken before. The picture was taken a half hour before the runaway tractor, before she saved and met the man who woke up her feelings of young love. Setting the picture on her chest she closed her eyes and tried to recall Ethan's eyes, smiling at her, his lips saying he loved her. She could not help but wonder if he still remembered Linda Lee and her alter ego Supergirl. He had found out her secret before she returned to Argo and she wished that she had more time to be able to get to know him and her human friends. Jut like Zaltar had told her when he was still living, humans were indeed a very complex breed of creature. She had met a few of the lunatics like Selena, and made friends like Jimmy and Lucy. Earth was truly a magical place where everything had life and excitement. She felt alive while she was there. Now, back at Argo, she missed her adventures on the planet and wished for more. She dozed off to sleep with these ideas running through her mind.

Alura watched her daughter toss and turn on the bed through the door port. Once again she was having a fitful night of sleep and seemed to be calling out to someone. A person she did not know.

"Ethan!" She heard her daughter giggle as if she was being tickled.

"Lucy, this shirt is wonderful!"

Indeed, Kara had changed since she came back from Earth. Her moods switched from melancholic carefree all the time. Alura was sure that her daughter missed the planet and its people. But, would it be safe to send Kara back for a visit if Kal-El was a trillion miles away still trying to get that peace treaty signed? Kara had told her about the powers that she developed while she was there. Maybe the visit would do Kara some good.

Zor-El, Kara's father agreed that the trip to her cousin's planet changed their daughter for the better. After recovering the Omegahedron for Argo City, Kara now displayed a more mature outlook in her life. Although still filled with her adventurous and fun loving nature, she now also proved to be a responsible member of the House of El. After seeing how the omegahedron could be abused by non Kryptonians, Kara seemed to have appointed herself the guardian of the orbs that provided their city with life sustenance. She never wanted her city to lose the orb again. She worked closely with her father to make sure that it would never again be "borrowed" by anybody the way Zaltar had done in the past. A "borrowing" that almost cost the city inhabitants their lives.

As responsible as she had become, nothing changed the fact that Kara was also a young lady who needed to learn more about life and the world beyond Argo City. Alura and Zor-El both knew that eventually, the power sources for Argo would run out. Zaltar had estimated a 20 year life span for the power sources and they were now a year away from that deadline. Kara would be forced to start a new life for herself without them beyond the inner space they lived in now. It was only logical that they allow Kara to return to Earth for a few days so that she could continue to establish ties on the planet that could help her in the future.

Classes had ended at the small Kryptonian school that the parents on the planet had established to help teach the children who were born in the new city about their home planet and lessons that were of vital importance to every Kryptonian. Now would be the best time to send Kara back to Earth for a while.

As Kara and Alura cleared out what remained of Zaltar's quarters, her mother told her of her impending return to the planet.

"It will only be for 3 days. Your father believes the vacation will do you well."

She could not believe her luck. Kara had resigned herself to never returning to Earth since she destroyed the podcraft when she first landed on the planet.

"Much as I would like to return mother, I have no way to do so. I can only fly when exposed to the yellow sun." she replied trying to hold back her smile.

"Your father has made the proper arrangements. You leave in the morning."

3 Argo days are equivalent to 7 Earth days. Plenty of time for Kara to once again assume her identity of Linda Lee and assimilate once again with the Earthlings. Kara wished that she had some way to get in touch with Lucy Lane before she got back. She doubted that the Midvale School For Girls would allow her to "attend school" after all this time. She would need a place to stay and the only other place she knew on Earth was Selena's abandoned carnival. There was absolutely no way she was going to stay there. She had no idea how to reach Ethan either.

On the day of her departure, her parents accompanied her to the launching pad to help her prepare for take off.

"Turn on this monitor as you approach Earth and input the name of the person you want to find. I already scanned your friends pictures into the computer for pinpoint matching accuracy. " Zor- el instructed Kara. The monitor was equipped to help the hyper-pod land at the closest area to the person Kara wants to meet.

"Wear the wrist version when you disembark and never lose it. It is the only way to make the craft visible to you and will allow you to re-enter it. And don't forget to turn on the cloaking switch before you leave the craft. You know how humans are afraid of aliens and alien invasion. Try not to destroy this hyper-pod like you did the first one." she was warned.

"Where shall I place this?" her mother asked holding up the familiar red and blue skirt suit that Kara first wore on Earth. "In case you need it."

With everything in order,and a wish of a safe vacation for their daughter, her parents disembarked from the craft and the doors sealed Kara safely inside. Finally, Kara excitedly began her trek back to Earth.