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Black Sheep Wanted

Chapter 1: I Saw a Ship A-sailing

"Dude?! You're going on a cruise?" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Sweet." Cyborg commented.

Robin shifted uneasily.
"Yeah… yeah, I kind of am… My guardian invited me, and… Unless you...?"

"We can manage, Robin." Raven said in a flat tone, indicating that any hopes Robin might have of his team talking him out of this, were officially crushed. "Besides, it's the holidays… everything is usually quiet around Christmas."

"Oh, but what about that most devious burglar we saw on the TV last night? We must stop him!" Starfire sounded concerned.

The others looked blank.

"What burglar, Star?" Robin asked gently.

"The one breaking into all the dwellings! With the deer's of rain and who only eats milk and cookies!"

"Ehhh… Star… that was Santa Clause…"

"You know his name?! Then we must apprehend the wrongdoer at once!"

"No… Star… you see…" as usual, it seemed to have fallen on Robin to explain these things, and he took a deep breath. "Santa is the one who brings the presents… and besides, he doesn't actually ex-" a metal hand was pressed over his mouth and Cyborg shot a worried glance at Beast Boy.

"BB will tell you all about Santa later, Star! He's his biggest fan!" the metal teen hurriedly said.

"Please do, Beast Boy! I long to hear how he manages to break into all these places!" Starfire said, curiosity shining in those big, green eyes.

Cyborg had finally let go of his rather annoyed leader, but Robin had gotten the not-so-subtle-hint and didn't mention the jolly red man again.

"Love too, Star, but I wanna hear more about the cruise!" Beast Boy said, eyes shining. "No way I could come with, right?"

"Sorry, BB" Robin smiled wistfully; he would have loved to have his little green friend there to lighten up the mood. "It's supposed to be like father/son-time or something…"

His relationship with Bruce had gotten better and better lately, but, nevertheless, Robin had a feeling that two weeks, confined on an ever so large cruise-ship, might not be the best idea the man had had… But he had an important thing to tell him and such matters were usually best to tell face to face. He was not looking forward to it, however.

Beast Boy seemed to be exited for him, though, and was doing a little weird dance while chanting.

"A cruise, a cruise … Hey, what can be better than a cruise, right?"

"Tom Cruise?" Raven said dryly, the faintest ghost of a smile on her lips.

"Hey! Everybody! Raven made a joke!" Beast Boy shouted, delighted. "Raven made a-" The green boy suddenly paled to the color of pear-flavored ice cream. "Wait!" he screamed, making everybody jump and looking around in alarm. "This isn't right!"

"What's up, man?" Cyborg asked, concerned.

"Well, Rae made a joke, right?"


"And Robin is going on holiday, right?"

As Beast Boy was now the second one to receive a blank group-stare that day, he started waving his arms in the air.

"So what is this?! Have we been jinxed?! Is this opposite day or something?"

"If this is opposite-day, you would be saying something really intelligent next…" Raven drawled.


"Theory proven wrong" the empath smirked.

"Weeeell… actually…" Cyborg grinned "BB was quiet, which is very unlike him, and you did tell another joke…"

This set off another outburst of theories from the changeling. Robin shook his head and smiled, leaving the living room before the guy started pulling out the visual aids.

Robin still smiled to himself as he started packing. Bruce had not given him much time to prepare, probably because he knew that this would give the boy more opportunities to back out, and Robin had a feeling that the man would not let him do that. Sooo… what would you need on a tropical cruise anyway? He didn't have a big civilian wardrobe, and clothes that might blend in on a vacation, were even more rare. Most of his stuff seemed to be black. Well, he had a few swim trunks and he grudgingly also packed two suits and dress shirts… he had a feeling they were expected to change for dinner. Okay…so he could walk around in trunks or in a shirt and tie… maybe he should try to find something in the middle too? Yes. Probably.

Returning to the main room, the discussion seemed to have died down.

"Hey, Star? Care to go shopping with me?" Robin smiled at the pretty Tamarean. Her eyes lit up and she almost dragged him out of the room, idly chatting about the mall and what 'glorious, fantastic items' it held. The rest of the team grinned at the scene. Robin and Star were much more relaxed around each other nowadays. Robin had taken her out, a few weeks ago, and the pair had returned a bit subdued. Star had been a somewhat quiet the next couple of days, surprising the team by, from time to time, suddenly drag Robin out of the room. From each of these little 'meetings', Star returned a little more bright eyed and Robin a little bit more red in the face. After a few days of this it was like Robin's and Starfire's relationship were stronger than ever. The rest of the team didn't want to impose with any questions, but rather enjoyed the sudden lack of drama.

The pair returned from the shopping with their arms full of bags and parcels, and Robin could continue to pack, now not worrying about what to bring, but rather how to make it all fit in his bag. He hadn't only bought clothes, but also some shoes, a small digital camera, sun block and a few other thing that might come in handy on a ship, like a couple of books in case the trip turned out to be boring.

He left the next morning, wearing civilian clothes but only shedding his mask after reaching the city by his motorbike, taking a cab the rest of the way to the airport. It was a bit weird, being on his own and not even in uniform. No one gave him a second glance, and by the time he had met up with Bruce and the Wayne industries private jet, he had relaxed more into his roll of Richard.

"Hi there, Dick!" Bruce grinned and there was a slightly awkward but warm hug.

"Hi Bruce! Err… Could you call me Richard? I mean… like I'm a bit too old for a nick-name you know?" he said, embarrassed.

Bruce gave him an amused look and nodded.

"Will do… You will be sixteen in a few more months… time flies…"

"Said the old man…" Robin grinned cheekily.

"And since you're too old for a spanking, I just have to forbid you to co-pilot the plane because of that…" Bruce said airily.

"What? Noooo!" Robin complained, but couldn't hold back a grin.

The flight was uneventful, although pretty long, and they both continued to talk, Robin eager to catch up on everything in Gotham. They took the opportunity to speak freely here, since they had to be a little more careful on the ship.

Bruce was completely relaxed, and Robin was delighted. The man had told him that he had left both his jobs completely behind, he hadn't even brought a cell phone. If someone really needed to reach him, they could do it through the ship. Robin had done the same thing, leaving his communicator at home. It was nagging at him, but, as his team had reasoned, if they were really in trouble, Robin wouldn't be able to get there in time anyway, as he was half a world away.

"So… everything okay back in Jump?" Bruce interrupted his thoughts.

"Yeah… mostly quiet this time of year…" Robin nodded, and then bit his lip a little. Would he dare to ask? Mustering a bit of courage, he plunged in. "Bruce? I… can't I tell the team about you? I mean, we get together a lot more often now, and…"

"No, Robin…" Bruce said, and by using that name, the teen understood that Bruce had slipped into 'bat-mode'.


"It's not that I don't trust them, Robin… you have a fine team and you are doing a great job."

"Then what is it? Our age? We're not kids, Bruce!"

"No, but the more people who knows, the more dangerous it will be." Bruce interrupted Robin, who was about to say something, by raising a finger. "Not only to me and you, but to them as well. If someone saw us all together, and even suspected that they knew… would you like to put them through that?"

Robin shivered. He had been tortured once, back in Gotham, and been threatened with the same countless times, because someone was determined to find out Batman's identity.

"No… No, I see your point." he admitted and nodded his head. "It just feels so weird, you know… I know I'm not lying to them, exactly, but I'm just so afraid my tongue will slip…"

"I understand. It's easier for me, I guess. I have lived with a double identity for so long. At Jump you are mostly Robin, you don't have to switch between your alter egos so very often." Bruce leaned back in his seat slightly, looking into Robin's eyes with a very serious expression. "And Richard? I think that is a good thing. Switching like that. Basically living as two people isn't something I want for you. It makes everything else so difficult. I won't ask you to keep our secret for ever, maybe just a few more years. I'm not planning to be Batman to the point where I need a walking-stick to get around, you know…"

Robin laughed, picturing it in his mind, but then turned serious again.

"You are thinking of quitting?"

"I am able to do a lot of valuable work from the cave, and there are young heroes out there who will be more than able to take over one day… who knows, I might even find someone to tutor… Because I figure you prefer Jump and the Titans?"

Robin smiled, a little bit sadly.

"Yeah, I think so…. having a team is kinda great, you know?"

"I should guess so," Bruce said wistfully, "and you make a great leader… if I'm ever in trouble I would call you in an instant…" he added with a grin.

Robin beamed. Getting praise from Bruce, especially praise of this caliber, was rare but always genuine.

"I'll get you my number…" Robin grinned, getting a chuckle in return.

The ship was blazing white and managed to look both sleek and huge at the same time. Robin shook his head as they boarded, wondering how the men and women who had dreamed up this creation had managed it. They were given brochures, thick as books, with the many activities there was to be had onboard, as well as maps of the different floors, and where then showed to their two-bedroom suite. The rooms were, naturally, above sea level, and had a stunning view over the side of the ship. They had their own private balcony, complete with hot tub, as well as a very generous living area and small kitchen. Robin took a quick look into the both bedrooms and smiled widely.

"Yeah, I could live here… For two weeks, you know…"

"I figured as much." Bruce smirked. "I decided that we could do with some extra space, if we were to get on each other's nerves."

Robin chuckled, as he had been afraid of the very same thing, but, right then, that didn't seem very likely.

Three days later, on Christmas day, they were sunbathing by one of the larger pool-areas. They had both agreed not to buy presents for each other this year, and to just enjoy the cruise instead, and that had suited Robin just fine. The trip so far had been very pleasant. They had explored the ship, made some acquaintances and tested a lot of things from the paint-ball course to a few of the gyms. Robin had found that the people onboard, from the staff to the other passengers, were nicely polite and withdrawn. He had worried about Bruce being practically jumped by men wanting to talk business or women looking for a rich husband, but, even though there were some flirting and a few handshakes, everyone seemed to respect each others privacy and the need for a holiday. Bruce had chosen this particular cruise line carefully.

Robin glanced around. They had set up their sun beds a bit apart from the rest, and no one was close enough to hear. He drew a deep breath. Now, he guessed, where as good a time as ever.

"Bruce… there's something I need to tell you."

"I've noticed." Bruce said, raising himself up on his arms and looking over towards his ward. "What is it, Richard?" His statement didn't surprise Robin in the least; the man had always had a gift for reading other people. He was just thankful that Bruce hadn't prodded.

"Well... lately… I… I mean I have… I think... no, I know… Bruce, I'm gay."

His guardian flopped back down, flat on his back, heaving a big sigh.

"Oh, thanks god, I thought you' had knocked Starfire up!"

Robin's face turned beet red, but he laughed.

"I'm glad it could have been worse…" he snorted.

"What? I can't think of any serious matter that wouldn't be…" Bruce turned his head and smiled. "Trust me, I'm completely fine with it, and so will Alfred be. Does your team know?"

"Only Star… we… well, we haven't exactly dated, but I knew she liked me, so I needed to tell her first. I plan to tell the others as soon as I get back."

Bruce nodded.

"That's good. I mean, your sexuality is a private matter, but it would help when you start dating… or… is there someone special already?"

Robin blushed some more, and shook his head.

"Okay. Well, now maybe you'll go talk to that cute guy who has been checking you out since we boarded?" Bruce smirked and nodded his head towards the main sunning area.

"Shhhhut up!" Robin hissed, his blush seemingly occupying his face permanently by now. He had noticed the dark teen as well, very much so, and was mortified that Bruce had as well.

"All right, I'll be nice. And need I tell you that I think you are too young for sex, but if you choose to have it, to use a condom?"

"No-no-no, I know!" Robin pleaded, sliding into a state more severe than just 'mortified'.

"Do you know how to put one on? Maybe I should order a cucumber from the kitchen and-"

"You wouldn't dare!" At that moment, Robin realized that his mentor was having the time of his life, tormenting him like that. He huffed, and, followed by a low, friendly chuckle, he stood up and dived into the pool. He swam two lengths, trying to work off his embarrassment and get his face to return to a normal color. As he was about to start his third lap, a head, luckily attached to a body, suddenly bobbed up in front of him, and the two nearly collided.

"Whooo… you're fast!" said the smiling head.

"No, I'm Richard." Robin grinned, and just then recognized his little crush and wanted to bite his own tongue off.

The boy merely laughed.

"I'm Jamie… wanna stop tearing up the water and just chill for a bit?"

Did he ever. Jamie had light brown hair, Robin noticed, with highlights that seemed to be of the natural, sun kissed, variety. Chocolate brown eyes smiled at him, and his toffee-colored skin looked good enough to li-

"Err, yeah, sure!" Robin croaked, and followed Jamie to a ledge in the water, sitting down with him.

"Jamie Sparrow." the boy said and reached out with his hand.

"Richard Grayson. Really? Sparrow?" Robin grinned.

"Yup! You wouldn't believe what a good pickup line my name has turned into. I love those movies almost as much as I love pirates."

Robin laughed.

"What is it? The peg legs?"

"Nah, they're just hot."

There was a small pause while the teens tried to feel each other out. You don't just hit on a random guy, and if you do, you're careful.

"Johnny Depp's the hottest one, though." Robin supplied airily.

"Oh, by a long shot! I mean Orlando? Please! One look into those vacant eyes is enough… he's just a pretty face."

Robin laughed again and nodded, leaning back against the edge of the pool and closed his eyes in the sun. Not a bad vacation, this. Not bad at all.

"So where are you from?"

"Jump City." Robin cracked an eye open. "You?"

"Oh, we travel a lot." Jamie shrugged.

Robin suddenly noticed a plastic tag around the boy's neck.

"What's that?"

"This?" Jamie snorted and yanked on the cord. "It's a solo-tag."

"A what?" Robin asked, curious.

"That's what they called it. Means, like… kid traveling alone. I gotta keep it on so the staff can look out a bit extra for me… you know, so I don't leave the ship with strangers and stuff…"

"Oh… so… where's your parents?" Robin knew it was a sensitive question, and winced as Jamie's face hardened.

"They dumped me. No biggie. Happens a lot. And then my tutor came down with the flu, just before we were gonna leave, so my parents figured that I could go by myself."

Robin decided to pretend that he had only understood the positive aspect of this, and grinned.

"Wow… no parents and a whole cruise-ship! How great is that!?"

Jamie smiled back, apparently happy he didn't get the pity-look.

"Greater now, when I've found you…"

Jamie turned out to be a bit over sixteen, but Robin was glad to see that he wasn't that much taller, at least. He was extremely sociable and talked to everyone, and even though they only had been at sea for a few days, everyone onboard seemed to know him… and he knew all of them. Robin snickered as Jamie told him of some of the gossips onboard, apparently everyone wasn't as well behaved as it had first seemed. Over the next couple of days the boys went to movies, Robin introduced Jamie to Bruce, thankfully without an embarrassing sex talk to follow, they played all kinds of games… and they kissed. Jamie had been the one to initiate the first kiss after their first unofficial date, and it had left Robin's lips tingling for the rest of the night.

"I don't like him."

"Excuse me?" Robin looked up at Bruce over the breakfast table.

"Sorry. Just don't. It's probably just me being overprotective. If I hate the next five guys you introduce me to, then just ignore me." Bruce shrugged. He really didn't want to start a fight with his ward, but he had always believed that honesty was the key. Even when it was brutal and hurtful.

"Well, I like him." Robin said, crossing his arms.

"I know. I said I was sorry. Are you going to meet after the cruise? Where does he live?"

"He travels with his parents a lot, so… well, probably not…" Robin sighed. He had tried to talk to Jamie about that, but with more than half of the cruise to go… and Jamie was more of an 'in the now' person… he didn't like to talk about the past or the future, unless it had to do with movies…

Bruce only gave his charge a raised eyebrow, before folding up the day-old newspaper he was reading.

"All right, gloomy talk's over. What are you going to do today?"

"Hang with you, actually… Jamie had to write a letter to his parents and stuff…"

"Oh, so you got stuck with the old man. Poor you. Want to take a tour into town?"

During the night the ship had docked in the harbor of a small city, and the tourists were allowed off to do some souvenir shopping and get a change of scenery.

"Yeah, why not?" Robin said.

"We'll do the whole tourist-trap thing… this is our last stop for a few days. From here it's just open water to our next destination." Bruce said, putting the dishes together to be picked up. They had eaten a private breakfast in the suite, instead of going to one of the buffets, for a change.

The town was interesting, with lots of little knick-knack shops selling useless but fun things. They had also taken the historical tour, as Bruce claimed that it wouldn't hurt them to learn a few things even though they were on vacation. As they were about to board the ship again, Robin spotted someone in front of them.

"Jamie? Hey, Jamie!"

The boy turned around, startled.

"Oh… Hi, Rick."

"You didn't tell me you were going into town! We could have gone together!" Robin smiled wistfully, thinking of all the fun they would have had.

"Well, I… I couldn't tell you… it's a surprise!" Jamie suddenly beamed at him. "And now I gotta go write that letter… see you tonight?"

"Yeah, see you…" Robin smiled, but the smile faltered somewhat as the boy turned back and hurried up the landing, where he was now getting an earful from the stewardess for sneaking off the ship unattended.

With sore feet from walking the whole morning in new shoes, at which he was snorted at by Bruce, Robin decided to take the rest of the day off, just reading by the pool. Most of the passengers seemed to be late risers and had probably only recently gone into the town, so he had the entire sundeck to himself. Bruce soon joined him, however, and as both their books turned boring, they started to talk.

"So, you've heard a lot about Gotham… how's Jump?" the man started.

"Oh, it's okay… Red X is a pain in the ass, but the real trouble is the mindless ones, you know? They just pop up, go on a rampage for no reason, and then we have to take them down."

"They are unpredictable…" Bruce nodded. "Yes, that must be frustrating. What about Slade?"

"Haven't seen even a trace of him for months…" Robin said. "Hopefully he has left to go sulk about the apprentice-deal."

It was, in fact, the 'apprentice-deal' that had brought Robin and Bruce closer together again. It had been a tough time for Robin, but not really that traumatizing. Slade was a rough teacher, but hell, he had been taught by Batman since he was nine! Robin had even come to realize a few things about himself afterwards. Slade had purposefully pushed his buttons, claiming he didn't have any patience and needed to control his temper. Robin had come to the shocking conclusion that the man had been right. Not that he would ever admit that to Slade, should he ever see him again.

"I have some new information about him…" Bruce said, and looked around. They were still alone on the deck, however, and he continued "He used to go by the name 'Deathstroke the Terminator'."

"Really?" Robin giggled. "A bit full of himself, isn't he?"

"Not really." Bruce said, seriously. "He's a mercenary, Robin, and a good one. Deadly as hell. I really do hope he has given up on you as a target… although it is somewhat of a compliment. A man like Slade wouldn't pick just anyone."

Robin shrugged.

"I guess… so, the name 'Slade' then… where did that come from?"

"It's his first name. His whole name is Slade Wilson."

"Wow…" Robin blinked. "Why can't all bad guys just introduce themselves with their first name? Should be so much easier to track them down… What if the Riddler had just started out by saying 'hi, I'm Edward'?"

"Or the Joker had said 'Hi, I'm Fred'." Bruce filled in.

Robin sat straight up.

"You found out his identity?" he hissed.

"No… he just looks like a Fred to me…" Bruce smirked.

Robin snorted loudly as he lay back down.

"Funny …" he muttered. "Well, anyway, it wouldn't matter… I didn't seriously think Slade was his real name… I barely researched it…" he added, now more growling than muttering. "Stupid, stupid, stupid…"

"I doubt you would have gotten very far without both names… his records were pretty deeply buried. Besides, that's not the most interesting, or rather, dangerous, thing about him."

Robin glanced over at Bruce, all ears.

"So, what is?"

"Due to some military experiment, he is more or less indestructible. He can heal from almost anything."

"Cheating bastard." Robin sighed. "So, how did he lose that eye? Or is his face missing?"

"I think Two-face has that patent. No, his eye really is missing or at least blind. I'm not sure how that happened, though. All I can tell you that in an old surveillance picture I saw, he was unmasked and was wearing a black eye-patch."

"You saw him without a mask? Wow, when we get back, could you send me that pic?"

"Well, I told you this to make sure you stayed away from him, not so you would be even more fascinatedwith him…" Bruce muttered.

"Am not! Well, okay, so I was… but believe me, one week with the man, and you stop being curious… you're only interested in a brake…" Robin sighed and stretched out on the sun bed. "Like a Christmas cruise for example. I should get kidnapped more often."

"If you do, next time I'll take you for a triathlon in Siberia..:" Bruce warned.

"Where's the fun in that?"


That night, Robin met Jamie by the ships' small, but fully functional Mac Donald's restaurant. Robin had laughed when he had seen it, not understanding why people would want to eat there when they had the creations of some of the best chefs in the world to choose from. After eating the famous cuisine for a week, though, Robin found himself ready for some junk.

They ordered a Big Mac meal each and went to sit down in a booth. All food and drinks were included in the price, which meant that you could order whatever you wanted at any time. The ships two casinos more than covered that cost, Robin suspected. As a minor he was only allowed to watch, but he had only been once. The amount of money being gambled away wasn't funny, it was frightening. Bruce had taken part in a poker-tournament, and with his face-reading skills he had easily won, immediately giving the prize money to charity. That, Robin had enjoyed, especially watching the faces of the other gamblers when Bruce had told them his decision.

He nibbled on some fries when Jamie pulled out a plastic bag from his ever-present denim knapsack.

"Here! Got you this!"

Robin opened the bag and pulled out a shirt. It had a print of the backside of a very sexy man on it, and the words 'Pirates do it for the booty'. Laughing, he gave Jamie a hug.

"Awww… this is so cute… but you didn't have to get me anything…"

"I just wanted you to have something to remember me by… and not just something from the gift-shop…" Jamie grinned, his cheeks a bit red.

"I'll get you something on our next stop!" Robin promised.

They went to a movie at the classic movie theater, and watched "The Maltese Falcon". Then they just moved around, walking on the promenade deck. Robin thought it was really romantic, with the stars and the moon, and… well, Jamie's lips on his, now and then, didn't make things worse. It was getting rather late, but Robin really didn't want it to end. Jamie had the same thought, it seemed.

"Want to go back to my cabin?"

Robin had never been there, but that wasn't the point. He knew what Jamie was asking. He briefly saw Bruce's frowning face in front of him, but it quickly disappeared. The atmosphere, the fact that it was New Years Eve tomorrow, that the cruise would end in less than a week, and that he might never see Jamie again…all those things came together, making up his mind for him. Robin nodded, blushing lightly.

It turned out that Jamie lived in a small, ordinary cabin, and Robin made a surprised remark.

"Well, my parents exchanged it when it turned out they couldn't go… didn't want to waste the money, I guess." he shrugged, drawing Robin closer. "Do you want to…? I want to feel you inside me…"

Robin blinked, slightly surprised. For some reason, he had pictured himself bottoming, but he couldn't deny that he disliked the developments. If it had been the other way around, he would probably feel more nervous and now, he … Robin paled slightly. What if he hurt Jamie? What if he did something wrong?

"Jamie, I've never… you know… at all… have you?"

"Absent parents, remember?" the boy smiled softly "Yeah, I have… don't worry… come here…"

Robin was dragged down on top of his boyfriend and was subjected to the extended class on kissing. Jamie wound his legs around him, grinding their hips together, and Robin gasped as he became completely hard in the blink of an eye. After that, there really wasn't much resistance, or thoughts, left in his head. They undressed each other hurriedly, still kissing and touching. To Robin, Jamie was the most beautiful human being he had ever seen, and he wanted to take his time, to explore the body beneath him. Jamie, though, seemed more hurried, and reached for the bedside table, getting a packet of condoms and a tube of lube.

"Sorry, I don't do bareback…" Jamie said, grinning apologetically up at Robin.

"No, I would never… of course we should…" Robin stammered. The truth was, that he hadn't even thought the word 'protection', and now felt really guilty as well as angry with himself. He was a rather intelligent teen, how did this happen? Jamie helped him get the condom on, which was a good thing, because it took a bit of skill, and in his current state Robin didn't think he would be able to even figure out how to put a sticker on a wall. As Jamie pulled Robin over himself again, he smiled reassuringly, and lifted his hips.

"Come on, sailor… you'll get the hang of it…"

Robin chuckled, despite himself, and slowly leaned forward.

"Wait… shouldn't I … you know… prepare you or something...?"

Jamie's eyes looked really soft at that moment.

"Already done, Rick, I'm good to go… just be careful, kay?"

Robin leaned forward again, using one hand to line himself up, and then pushed gently.

"Not that careful…" Jamie chuckled and pushed himself up towards Robin.

Entering his boyfriend, Robin guessed, was the single most amazing experience he had had so far… and that included every adventure of his. Jamie was tight and hot, gripping him as he pushed in further.

"Are… are you okay…?" he asked as he found himself completely buried in the intoxicating heat.

"Yeah… but you're not… stay still for a got or you're gonna blow…" Jamie smirked, and then raised a hand to brush Robin's bangs out of his eyes. "Rick… you're… you're just so…"

"You too…" Robin mumbled and lowered himself down for a kiss. After a while he felt ready to move, and started to do short, shallow thrusts.

"Touch me…" Jamie gasped, and Robin wound a hand around the boy's shaft. It felt so strange, jacking someone off while you were fucking them… it was like he touched himself and still not, and though the feeling was great, the confusion and the concentration it took, made Robin last just a little longer than he would have otherwise. The inevitable wave started growing, though, and the bigger it got, the harder and faster Robin moved. It was like someone else had taken hold of his hips, slamming them into his partner over and over again. Suddenly he heard a groan, and something hot and wet ran down his hand. Jamie tightened even more, and Robin cried out harshly as the wave finally washed over him, taking the rest of the world with it.

They laid cuddled together for almost an hour, but then Robin started to move.

"Jamie… I'm sorry, but if I stay out all night, Bruce's gonna have kittens…"

"Mmmm…. I know… it's okay…"

"Maybe tomorrow?"

Jamie looked up at him with a serious expression.

"Yeah… Yeah, it's a date…"

Robin grinned and kissed the other teen on the mouth.

"It was fantastic… I love you…"

"It really was…" Jamie nodded and then closed his eyes, half asleep already.

Robin slipped back into the suite in the vain hope that Bruce had already gone to bed. No such luck.

"Where have you been? It's after two."

"Just…out with Jamie… we lost track of time.."

Bruce studied his ward carefully and then sighed.

"I knew I should have kept you on a leash. Tell me you at least used protection?"

Flabbergasted Robin froze.


"Good, but to be on the safe side, after we get home, I will take you to a very embarrassing visit to Dr. Leslie."

"What? No, I swear..!"

"And I trust you. But you need to understand what it means to be sexually active. I'm not angry with you, I just want to make sure that you are safe."

Grumbling under his breath, Robin nodded and headed for his bedroom. As he was about to enter, he heard Bruce chuckle quietly.

"And… Richard?"

"Yeah?" Robin half turned around.

"Congratulations, I guess…"

Where Christmas had been a quiet affair onboard, giving every family the opportunity to celebrate the way they liked, without imposing, New Years was extravagant. Over night the tasteful but rather boring Christmas decorations had been replaced by silver garlands, stars and bells, until the whole ship looked like it was frozen in glitter. Robin grinned as he saw it, the shine and sparkle really reflecting his mood. Last night, he had to confess, had been a bit hurried and clumsy. Next time, tonight, he hoped, they would go slower. There were so many things Robin wanted to try and ask, and, feeling confident that Jamie knew what he was doing, Robin considered asking the other boy to top as well. He was a bit hesitant about that, though. What if he didn't want to? Robin shrugged and decided that then it wasn't such a big deal, as long as they were together.

"Stop daydreaming, we're going to breakfast, we're not standing in line." Bruce chuckled, brushing past him. Robin's smile only widened. Who could blame him, anyway?

At eight o'clock the New Years Eve party started. The whole ship had been invited to attend, and the large ball-room was packed. Robin searched the room. He hadn't been able to find Jamie the whole day. Granted, Bruce wanted him to keep close, so he couldn't really search the whole ship, but… ahhh… there he was!

Robin snuck up behind the boy and placed his hands over his eyes.

"Guess who?"

Jamie jumped and swirled around like he had been slapped.

"Oh, god, Rick, you almost gave me a heart attack!" he said, clutching his backpack like it was a lifeline.

"Sorry… where were you all day?" Robin asked, a bit taken aback.

"Just around… wanted to give you and the old man some time alone… and... you know… not have him beat me up…"

Robin laughed.

"So you figured he found out? Yeah, he did, but he's not pissed… anyway, maybe we should sneak away… you know... to be on the safe side?" he grinned mischievously.

"Nah, lets enjoy the party for a while, huh? Maybe we can steal ourselves some champagne?"

Robin shrugged, rather surprised. Jamie hadn't seemed to be someone who enjoyed these kinds of events, but here he was, all dressed up and anything.

"Okay… it gives me a chance to flaunt my hot boyfriend…" Robin chuckled, and was a bit thrown as Jamie kissed him, right there, in the middle of the room. Luckily almost everyone's attention was on the stage, as the ships captain, a woman in her late fifties, had entered it.

"Captain's speech…" Jamie hissed in Robin's ear as their lips finally parted. Then the boy took a firm hold of Robin's waist and turned them towards the stage, pressing Robin back towards himself in a hug, listening intently.

Two minutes into the speech, Robin started to feel a little dizzy. So many people in the room, the heat had risen. Robin glanced towards the doors and windows and found them closed.

Strange… didn't they understand that it was going to be hot in here? he thought to himself, and took half a step. He stumbled slightly as the dizziness increased, and now he saw several other people stumble as well. From there, everything happened quickly. People started dropping to the floor, and suddenly Robin realized that this didn't have anything to do with the heat.

"There's… there's something wrong… we… we need to open…" he slurred, turning around towards Jamie. As he looked up on his boyfriend he was startled to find the lower part of his face covered by a filter of some kind.

"Jamie…?" Robin's knees buckled and he stumbled forward into the boy's arms.

"Sorry Rick… nothing personal… just business." the boy muttered behind his mask as the world around Robin started to fade away.

To be continued…

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