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Black Sheep Wanted

Chapter 17: Little Boy Blue

When Slade looked in on them an hour later, they were both asleep, Robin half sitting, slumped with his head on his guardian's shoulder, and Bruce still seemed to battle his fever. Slade found that he disliked the image, for some reason, and carefully lifted Robin to the mattress on the floor, covering him up with their last blanket. That was better. No matter how much they thought of each other as family, the only man Robin should be sleeping on was him.

Slade hesitated as that thought ran through his mind, and shook his head. They would both leave soon, and, though he had thought about checking up on the teen now and then, he knew that he had no say in whom Robin shared his bed with. He would not allow himself to obsess about it; he would simply let the boy go on his way… and as quickly as possible.

The man sat down to check the news and arrange for his 'guests' to leave the island. He guessed he had to let them stay until Bruce was well enough to travel, but that shouldn't take more than a day or two, he figured.

He found reports claiming that Bruce Wayne had been ransomed about a week ago and was recuperating at a private family resort, expected to return to Gotham within a week. Slade nodded. The plan was, if not waterproof, at least adequate, and since all the focus of the press was on the ship, no one would probably care about Wayne.

The ship, as expected, was the top story. The news sites were full of photos, graphics and video showing everything from the island to corpses, and, Slade smirked, it seemed the damn soccer-player got a lot of media-time. As far as he could tell, none of the hostages had been dumb enough to stumble in front of a bullet, which would make Robin happy. What was left of the kidnappers seemed to be rounded up, and, according to the FBI, they were 'very hopeful' that this would lead to the arrest of the planners of the whole raid. Slade snorted. Those men wouldn't talk, not without some illegal expertise, they would rather spend time in prison than die for sure, and, with being part of this rather large cooperation, squealers wouldn't be safe anywhere. Besides, the attorneys would have a hell of a time trying to prove who had done what, and the trial might easily turn into a circus.

Slade was listening to the other occupants of the room while he worked, as he was sitting with his back towards them. He heard when Robin sighed and rolled over in his sleep. He also heard when Bruce's breathing patterns subtly changed.

"Awake, Mr. Wayne?" Slade didn't as much ask, as state a fact.

The moment of silence made the man smirk. The bat had been somewhat stunned that Slade had noticed, it seemed.

"Who are you?"

"You and Robin didn't talk?" Slade asked, still looking at the screen. All Bruce could see was the back of his head.

"No… he… was upset."


"What happened? I've never seen him like this, and, again; who are you?"

"I think Robin should tell you himself."

"I should." Robin sounded tired and very young. Slade turned around, and both them men's eyes were looking at the teen. "I just don't know where to begin."

Bruce had looked up at the unknown man and tensed.

"You can start by explaining to me what Deathstroke is doing here."

"Yeah… that's kinda the easy part… I hired him." the teen said, rubbing his neck.

"You what?" Bruce gaped.

"Speaking of which, I would like to get paid," Slade subtly suggested.

"Don't be greedy, Slade," Robin muttered, rolling his eyes.

"Please tell me I'm still drugged?" Bruce begged.

"Be thankful, Bat, if I hadn't bought him from the slavers, Robin would have been dead by now."

Bruce's features had frozen, and he was looking from his ward to Slade.

"Explain." he said tensely. "Firstly how the one of the most renowned mercenary's in the world knows our identities, and then the rest. Bought? Hired? Slavers? Robin, you better start talking this instant."

Slade chuckled

"I would like to thank you for the kind words, but maybe I should explain the first part. I was doing a weapon-deal with an associate of mine, who had recently purchased a collection of children and teens from a cruise ship to be sold as slaves. Your brat here had, however, managed to free them, and was about to get punished when I recognized him, or, perhaps he recognized me…" Slade paused and looked at the young hero.

"Your voice… I recognized your voice…" Robin nodded, and Bruce, who was very much focused on Slade, completely missed the cute pink tint on the teen's cheeks.

"Is that so? Well, I knew who the boy was, and the slavers knew who his guardian was… it didn't take a genius to connect the dots."

"I see…" Bruce frowned. He knew there were more important things than his identity on the line here, but it was still troublesome.

"We signed a contract. None of us are allowed to reveal each other's secrets…" Robin said, having sensed his mentor's thoughts.

Bruce looked in surprise at Robin. Was the teen really that gullible? So naïve that he would trust a mercenary? Bruce's eyes flickered towards Slade, and, to his astonishment, the nod and the look on the man's face seemed completely sincere. Well. He wouldn't let himself be fooled, but he had no choice for the moment but to trust him.

Bruce touched his temples. His head was killing him. Robin was on his feet immediately.

"Are you okay?"

"Just a headache."

"I suggest Robin and I go and get something to eat and drink. The bathroom is through there, and there is something for that headache on the shelf in there," Slade said, pointing at the door. "If you think you can manage by yourself?" The question wasn't snidely asked, but Bruce, naturally, took it as a challenge, and nodded.

"Good. Robin, come."

"I'm not a dog…" the teen muttered, but got up and followed the man out anyway.

As Slade prepared enough instant soup for the three of them, Robin cut up some fresh fruit Slade had bought in town. Bruce would need every vitamin they could get in him. The teen worked slowly, though, and Slade noticed. He was just wondering if he should say anything when Robin spoke.

"I'm scared."

Slade had just poured the soup into three mugs and turned towards Robin, seeing tears in his eyes.

"About what?" he asked. "I'm not sure if you noticed, but we're not at a ship being shot at anymore."

The teen made a face, and sighed.

"I don't know what to tell him… how to tell him… I…"

Slade caught his chin with a finger, tilting it up gently.

"If it gets too bad, I'll just pull you into my lap… that will make him forget anything you just told him…" the man smirked. Robin weakly smiled back.

"I wish you could."

Slade blinked. Huh?

"I wish you could protect me like that…" the hero said with a wistful smile.

"Protect you? It was all about annoying the Bat!" Slade defended himself.

"Sure it was…" Robin grinned, and the man felt very, very had.

The young man in front of him tilted his head up a bit more, though, in an obvious invitation, and Slade wouldn't let that go to waste. Deviousness, in any form, should be rewarded, after all.

Robin was really worried, though; Slade could feel it as he let his hands wander over the tense back, down to the waist and then leaving them to rest further down, cupping the boy's ass gently. Slade was about to deepen the kiss and lift Robin up onto the counter, when the teen pulled away slightly.

"Later…" he whispered and, surprised by the promise, Slade nodded and just watched as Robin picked up the plate of fruit. The look from the teen made it obvious that he was waiting for him, so Slade grabbed the three mugs by the ears in one hand and spoons in the other.

"Don't worry…" he said, as he watched Robin chewing on his bottom lip.

"You got my back?" Robin asked faintly.

"What was that? You want to be on your back?" Slade said airily, as they walked back towards the door.

"Please!" Robin sighed.

"Knees? Well, anything you want…" Slade smirked.

"I said 'please'!" Robin clarified.

"Oh? No need to beg…" Slade said benevolently.

"You drive me up the wall…" Robin muttered, and hoped he wasn't blushing too hard as he pulled the door to the bedroom open. He found Bruce inside, standing on rather wobbly legs, dressed in a pair of boxers and pulling a t-shirt over his head.

"I thought you might prefer the bed or the floor…" Slade continued, to Robin's horror.

"What?" Bruce asked.

"We were merely discussing sleeping arrangements; Robin wants to make sure those are pleasant for everyone involved."

"Of course… I can sleep on the floor, if-?" Bruce looked somewhat confused.

"No! No, it's fine, I was just thinking about sleeping on the boat tonight!" Robin hurriedly said.

Sleeping on the boat…? Bruce had a strange flashback, but, before he could understand it, it was gone again and he shrugged. Instead he gestured to his clothes.

"I couldn't find anything of mine, and I hope you don't mind? I'll reimburse you, of course," he said, looking up at Slade as Robin helped him back on the bed.

"Of course. Take what you need. I usually do," Slade said, smirking at Robin. He was very pleased to see that his t-shirt, which fit snugly on him, was hanging a bit on the Bat… all right, so the man was far from in shape, but, well… it made some small-minded part of him glad, all the same.

"So Mr. Wayne…" Slade said, after they all had gotten their share, "why don't you begin by telling your side of the story, and Robin can tell his part afterwards?"

"No offence, Mr. Wilson," Bruce said, making it clear that he meant as much offence as this situation would allow, "but maybe you should leave me and my ward alone for this?"

"No!" Robin piped up, and then stuttered. "He… I… you see…"

"Robin doesn't remember much from the first weeks, and I'm very much part of the story. If you want the whole truth…?" Slade said, coming to the rescue.

Bruce nodded. He really didn't feel comfortable, and didn't understand how Robin could stand the piercing gray eye of their 'host', but the boy seemed strangely at ease, almost more so than with him… something about that bothered Bruce more than he could say, but he wasn't sure why.

Bruce told his story, how he had woken up in a hold with a group of other prisoners, and almost escaped twice before being isolated. After that he had made several more attempts, and Slade and Robin found out that the crack in the glass in his cell door window had been made when a crew-members head had collided with it. After that they had drugged him, and Bruce didn't remember much anymore. He could describe some of the crew in detail, however, and the others recognized some of them by the description. Robin looked sick to his stomach when his guardian mentioned the man with the tattoo.

When it was Robin's turn, Slade started by showing Bruce some of the news footage, and the teen then hesitantly told them both how he had freed the other prisoners. Slade then took over, telling Bruce of the state he found the young hero in, how he had bought him, and managed to nurse him back to heath. Robin told him about the deal and showed Bruce the contract, which the man frowned over for half an hour before nodding. Slade would get his money, although there were one or two paragraphs in there he really didn't like.

Robin continued with describing the work they had done trying to search for the kidnapper with Slade's technology. Bruce narrowed his eyes and wanted to know more about it, but was only met with a self-satisfied smirk from the mercenary.

The pair then continued, with how they found one of the ship's safe harbors and gone there, Robin trying to brush over the part where they had stolen the boat, making Slade chuckle.

The mercenary had noticed how Robin had become increasingly nervous during the story. The boy hadn't been sitting down, instead pacing the room, while Bruce was seated on the bed and Slade leaned against a wall. With the excuse to fetch a few maps for Bruce to look at, he crossed the room, brushing a hand across Robin's lower back as he passed behind him.

Bruce didn't see it, but he was getting more irritated by the minute. Partly, maybe, because being sick and having to listen to his own rescue story, especially with the mercenary grinning like that, was a rather nasty blow to his pride. It was also hard to hear what Robin had been through, as Slade spared no details about his state or what the slavers had planned to do to him. He had wanted to go after the slavers, but Slade had refused to give up his connection. Bruce had fumed about this, but he himself used informers among the lower ranking criminals now and then, and he had to admit that he understood Slade's reluctance to give his provider up. Bruce would pester Robin for every detail the young man could remember, however, as soon as they got back to Gotham… the least he could do was spread the word that, when slavery was involved, Batman might occasionally take a trip to the tropics.

There was a gap in the boy's story, though, which he had to ask about, and as the tale seemed to have come to an uneasy halt, Bruce interrupted it.

"About the teens and children, was Jamie among them?" Bruce wondered, thinking it strange that Robin hadn't mentioned his 'boyfriend' at all. He feared that the teen might have died; causing some of the trauma that obviously haunted his ward.

"No, he… he was… he was one of them."

"He what?" Bruce asked.

"One of the pirates. One of the insiders of the executive-group, we believe." Slade clarified.

"Oh, Richard…" Bruce sighed. "I told-"

"Yeah, I know, all right!" Robin snapped and Slade smirked, leaning back to watch the damage. He couldn't believe the Bat had screwed up already. "I should have listened to you! I let my guard down; I actually didn't suspect someone close to me to be out to hurt me for once!" Robin's voice rose by the second. "Sorry I wasn't paranoid enough, okay? If I had been, maybe this whole thing wouldn't have happened, is that so? Is it my fault? Is it?" Robin ran out the door at that stage, slamming it hard enough to make the men wince at the sound.

"Smooth, Wayne." Slade said dryly.

"But I just… go to hell, Slade," the man growled, starting to get up from the bed. It was clear, however, that the man was too weak to follow the teen, and Slade didn't want another member of the bat-family snooping around his lair.

"You stay. I'll go after him," the mercenary offered, and kicked away from the wall.

"You don't even know him!" Bruce objected.

Slade chuckled darkly.

"I would say I know him quite intimately by now. I do know, for example, that he was as tense as a high-wire about to snap. He couldn't take any sort of negative feedback from you in that state, and what did you do? The old 'I told you so'? Really clever."

"I had a bad feeling about that kid!" Bruce defended himself.

"Yes? And it wasn't just because he and Robin were fucking around?" Slade drawled.

"He… he told you? You?" Bruce gaped. He really needed to have a talk to the teen about indiscretion.

"You don't seem to understand…" Slade growled, stepping up to the man, glad to notice that he was able to stare down at him, being a hairbreadth taller. "For a long time, I was all he had, he had to depend on me for pretty much everything in the beginning, and yes, he told me. Hold that against him, and I'll personally make sure you pay for it."

Slade turned around and slammed the door on the way out just as hard as Robin.

Bruce slowly let his breath out. He was sure that he, if he had been healthy, could hold his own against the man, but damn… the look on that face had been almost… scary…

Slade expected to find Robin by the training-gear, maybe kicking something, and was surprised when he tracked him to the beach, seeing him throw rocks into the water, outlined by the sunset.

"Yeah, that's right… teach those pesky pebbles where they belong…" he teased kindly. He regretted it as Robin swirled around and threw himself into his arms, crying.

It felt good, clinging to Slade, although deep down, Robin was a bit ashamed about acting so… girlish…? But he had had enough, and he needed this right now. Slade's arms closed around him, making him feel even more protected, and soon he was able to talk, or rather stutter, again.

"He… he said… I knew he… and that's only for… I… I don't want to tell him! He'll hate me!"

Slade could barely make any sense of the words, but pulled Robin tighter towards him. It seemed being comforting was just another skill he had to pick up, and pretty fast too.

"He won't hate you, I've already told you that…" he tried to reason with the teen.

"He will!" Robin insisted. "I'm a killer! A murderer!"

"It was self-defense." Slade argued. "And if you don't want to tell him, don't. I'll gladly take the credit for your guys as well."

"I… I don't want to keep this from him…" Robin mumbled into Slade's chest.

"No… that's not it…" Slade said, sternly. "I've seen how you look at him. You are afraid that you won't be able to keep the secret. You think he can see right through you. Well… he can't."

"He can!" Robin said, looking up at Slade with wide eyes.

"Then why am I still alive?" Slade asked with a chuckle. "He won't see it, because he doesn't expect it. He's not psychic."

"I have to tell him."

"Then do."

Robin was quiet for a while, burrowing deeper into the embrace.

"Was this how it started for you? The killing?" he then asked, quietly.

Slade immediately understood where this was going.

"No. I was, as you figured out, a soldier once. I joined the army, and the war, knowing it would probably lead to me killing other human beings. I didn't think about it much at that point, I was protecting the country, there was a purpose… then I started to see how it affected some of the others. Some turned to hateful killing machines, all humanity just shut down. Some broke down, more or less completely. Some, like me… didn't seem to mind much."

"But… you continued to… after the war…" Robin said. "Why?"

"I am good at finding that purpose." Slade smiled. "I am only going to say this once, so you better listen; although I basically still believe it's true, in this we are nothing alike."

Robin blinked and frowned in confusion, so Slade continued. "You are not a killer, Robin. You can't shut away your feelings, and you seem completely unable to justify your actions, even though they are very easy to rationalize."


"Yes. You are completely useless."

Robin looked so relieved that Slade just had to take him down a notch or two.

"However, you would still make an extraordinary thief and spy… and you aren't that shabby as a bed warmer either."

"Oh. So I can be a thief, a spy or a whore, is that what you're saying?" the teen asked dryly.

"Only if you would exclusively work for me, on all three accounts." Slade said sternly, not wanting to give the boy any ideas about how to get extra pocket money.

"Never take a job as a guidance councilor," Robin warned the man.

"Never aim for the chest if you if you are close enough to go for the head," Slade retorted.


"What? I thought we were trading advice?" the man smirked.

Bruce looked up as Robin and Slade walked in. He got up from the bed and immediately embraced Robin, who, as he got over his shock, hugged his mentor back.

"I'm sorry." Bruce whispered. "I didn't mean it like that. Please… tell me what's bothering you."

In the end it wasn't as hard as Robin thought it would be. It felt like a cleansing, telling the man every detail, every thought that went through his mind, before and after, every one of his fears.

"I can't tell you that you did the right thing…" Bruce started, interrupted by a snort from Slade.

"In your opinion it would have been better if he was noble and dead, than alive and feeling guilty?" the mercenary asked.

"No. Stay out of this, Slade, it was because of you-"

"No," Robin said firmly. "None of this was Slade's fault. Yes, he gave me the gun, but he didn't make me use it… it was me who pulled the trigger, don't blame him… it doesn't make it easier for me…" he pointed out, because he knew it made it easier for his mentor, to lay the blame on another influence.

"I apologize," Bruce said, but only to Robin. "What I was trying to say from the start was that… it might not have been the right thing to do, but it was probably the only choice you had… the first was done in panic, and with the second man you didn't aim to kill, it was an accident as much as anything else… I'll help you get through this, I promise."

"You don't hate me?"

"Of course not! I hate what you had to do, for my sake, but not you. Never you."

"Awwww…." Slade said from his place at the wall, making Bruce blush and Robin burst out in a somewhat hysterical snicker.

"Speaking about hate, though…" Bruce muttered, glaring at Slade. "You are really serious about me having to pay him?"

"Yup," Robin nodded. "Sorry."

"I wouldn't mind splitting it up, though…" Slade grinned maliciously.

"Judging by your expression, I'm going to say no, but what do you mean?" Bruce asked.

"Well… Robin is the collateral here, I hope you picked that up for the contract… pay me half and then we can have shared custody…" Slade smirked.

"In your dreams," Bruce snorted.

"Oh, yes," Slade said, looking Robin very deeply in the eyes.

"I'm actually touched that I'm worth that much to him…" Robin snorted. "Slade is… how to put this kindly… somewhat cheap."

Bruce chuckled at the jibe, but Slade seemed rather unperturbed.

"I'm merely economical. The position you would take with me would more than pay that back… in time…" he smirked. "And I promise you, you would find it very… fulfilling…"

Robin glared and blushed at the innuendoes, and Bruce, missing them completely, merely snorted.

"Set up the terminal, let's call Alfred and my bank, and we'll make the transaction tonight…"

Bruce rested while Slade set up the computers, making sure the connection was good enough. Robin walked restlessly around the room, picking at the packing they had brought in, and the things they had left here during the mission.

"Slade, is there enough power to do some laundry?" he asked, suddenly needing to do something useful.

"Feeling domestic?" Slade asked. "How sweet. Yes, there should be."

Robin quickly gathered everything up and went in search of Slade's washing machine. He then spent some time trying to figure it out, and then, being male, threw everything in and pushed the button. Mission accomplished, he went back to the bedroom, only to find Bruce asleep and Slade glaring at him.

"Is the transaction done?" Robin asked, quietly.

"No, your mentor apparently decided to take a nap."

"Then why not wake him?" Robin asked.

"He looks to be a grumpy morning person…" Slade said, making Robin grin and nod. Bruce was not the most chipper one after just waking up.

"Well… then… maybe..." Robin started, a bit unsure how to go about this… "Maybe we should... go to the beach?"

"Why?" Slade asked, looking at the computer screen and not really paying attention to Robin for once.

"Err…for… some fresh air? And… maybe we should bring the sun block?"

"It's night-time." Slade told him, looking up at Robin questioningly.

"Oh. …well… it… might get… useful…?"

"Whatever for- oh…" Slade had finally seen the blush on Robin's face and grinned. "Of course. You can never be too careful. Fresh air sounds great. Let's go…"

They had barely made it outside when Slade swept Robin up in his arms and deposited him on his back in the sand before starting ravaging his mouth.

"Mmmm…." Robin murmured, and as Slade let him breathe, the teen smiled. "It all went well, right?"

"Told you so," Slade smirked, catching the pout on Robin's lip between his thumb and forefinger. "Uh-uh, I told you; no pouting."

Robin, unable to answer, pulled him down for another kiss instead. Slade grinned teasingly down at him afterwards.

"You know, I'm delighted that you are mature enough to decide to start making things up to me this way…" he purred.

"Making things up…?" Robin asked, wide-eyed. "What do you mean?"

"Well, only the little detail that you actually violated the contract and you are, according to that, to be considered as mine." Slade said, his grin turning possessive.

"What? I didn't-?" Robin objected, slightly worried.

"No? You disobeyed me, several times in fact, on the ship, and, among other things, caused the alarm to go off in Bruce's cell…" Slade said smugly, making it clear that he hadn't forgotten even one of Robin's little digressions.

"But that doesn't mean… I only agreed to come with you if Bruce was dead…" Robin said, somewhat annoyed that he was getting sand everywhere, and, so far, nothing else to make it worth it.

"Ahhh… but the wording of the contract suggest that if Bruce turned out to be dead, the contract would be annulled and you would be mine… other causes for annulment should, a lawyer would argue, lead to the same result…"

Robin mulled this over for a moment. He wasn't really worried about Slade making him do something he didn't want to do, and the man had already given him a way out, which, actually, didn't seem half bad…

"Looks like I have a lot to make up for, then…" Robin then grinned, running his hands over Slade's chest. "Where to start…?"

"That would be for me to decide, wouldn't it?" Slade said, rolling off him and stretching out on his back in the sand. "You can begin by undressing."

Robin muttered something under his breath and got to his feet, kicking his sandals off.

"No-no-no…" Slade lectured him. "Slowly. I'd like to enjoy it."

Robin looked around and blushed. It was pretty dark by now, but the light from the moon, reflected on the white sand, more than made up the lack of sunlight. Slade had brought a small oil-lantern and was not lighting it, creating a soft, orange circle of light as well.

Robin was very nervous about someone seeing this, even though it was highly unlikely.

He drew a deep breath, and started to lift his t-shirt. He had no idea about how to 'perform' and absolutely refused to do some sort of stupid dance, but Slade seemed satisfied anyway. The man had moved a bit, his head and shoulders were propped up against a smooth rock, and Robin recognized the gleam in his eye very well by now.

The shirt came off and he dropped it carelessly in the sand beside him, before starting to unbutton his jeans. He still felt silly, but as he looked at Slade and saw the bulge that started to grow in the man's own jeans, he felt slightly more secure. Slade didn't think he looked silly, the man actually found him sexy! The realization was a rush for Robin's ego, and he moved his hips slightly as he wriggled out of the tight denim.

He kicked the pants off and teasingly turned around, as his thumbs slid under the waistband of his underwear, slowly pulling them down. He heard the sound of Slade's zipper, and blood rushed to his own groin so fast he gasped. Any self-consciousness he felt about being aroused disappeared, however, as he slowly slipped his boxers off and turned around, because he wasn't alone.

Slade was stroking himself slowly, and, by the glistening, Robin guessed he had used some of the lotion. Robin took this as a sign and started to walk towards him, but was stopped with a gesture.

"No, Robin…you must work a bit harder than that before you can get what you want…" Slade smirked.

Robin muttered in disappointment but obeyed.

"I want you to play with your nipples…" Slade instructed. "Get them nice and hard…"

Robin's hands slid over his front, his fingertips slowly circling his areolas with their quickly budding centers.

"Wet your fingers." Slade said, and Robin let his fingertips slid into his mouth before continuing to play. He hissed as the night air suddenly felt very chilly at those spots, making his nipples almost painfully hard. One of his hands drifted down over his stomach, towards a very aching goal, but, once more, Slade showed his cruel streak.

"No, Robin. You are not allowed to pleasure yourself like that. Remember, this is for my benefit…"

Robin groaned a bit, but continued playing with his upper body only, pinching and rolling the sensitive nubs between his fingers, while, with his eyes half closed, he watched Slade stroking himself.

"Come here."

Robin smiled as he stepped closer to the man, thinking that the show was finally over, but again, he was refused.

"Give me your hand."

Robin, nonplussed, reached forward, and his fingers were suddenly covered by a large dab of lotion.

"I want you to finger yourself, get yourself nice and slick…" Slade leered.

Robin, looking longingly down on the man's cock, really felt punished at that moment. He figured that all the could do was to give the man such a good show that he would give in as soon as possible, and, with that thought in mind, he turned around and slowly bent over at the waist. He looked back, smirking slightly, as he ran his fingers over his cleft, shivering as the cold lotion touched his sensitive entrance. He pushed his middle finger inside, but the angle was awkward. Robin instead shifted, putting a hand between his legs. Parting his cheeks slightly with his index and ring finger, he let his middle finger sink into his heat again. It reached deeper like this.

"That looks good… get it all in there… looks like you already have been fucked, the cum leaking out of you…"

Robin gasped at the words, working harder. It was very frustrating, though…

"Poor little thing… it's too small? You can't reach?" Slade asked, his voice dripping with fake concern. Robin could only whimper pathetically in reply. "Come then…" Slade finally allowed, and Robin straightened up, and turned slowly, almost afraid of being stopped again. "Come…" Slade called gently again, like coaxing a shy animal forward.

Robin quickly straddled the man's waist and moved backwards.

"No, not so fast…" Slade said firmly.

"Please!" Robin exclaimed desperately as the pleasure of being filled was denied him yet again.

"Good boy. That's all I wanted to hear…" Slade smirked and thrust his hips upwards invitingly.

Robin growled, promising to take his revenge, as soon as he could think again, and positioned himself. Normally he would have plunged down, but now, after being teased for so long, he wanted to take it slow and enjoy every second. He sank down, head tilted backwards and lips slightly parted, moaning softly, feeling very ridge and vein, tensing and releasing around the thick shaft as he went.

Robin discovered that riding Slade, without bruised knees, was wonderful. Sure, he was doing all the work, as the lazy bastard just laid there, but being able to control the speed and depths of the thrusts completely was worth it. Robin had found a perfect rhythm when Slade wrapped a hand around his erection, making Robin lose his concentration for a while.

"You… don't need… gonna come soon… anyway…." Robin panted.

"I know. I won't allow it." Slade said, and, as Robin was about to release, the man squeezed the base of the teens cock, stopping him.

"Uhhh!" Robin cried, as he bucked, convulsing around Slade in a dry orgasm, short and unsatisfactory, due to the man's hold. Slade worked his own hips, however, and Robin felt his insides being coated with the man's essence.

"You- you came… and you didn't let me…? Why?" Robin asked, close to tears from pent up frustration.

"Don't just sit there." Slade said, releasing his grip to slap Robin's right buttock. "If you want to come, you better get me hard again. Start riding."

Robin winced at the sting in his cheek, and glared as he slowly started to rock back and forward, carefully so Slade's softening cock wouldn't slip out.

"I'm not sure, but I think this is crueller than killing people…" Robin muttered.

Slade chuckled, knowing the boy was only joking.

"Be polite, or I'm going to come inside you many times before allowing you to… I'm going to fill you up so much you'll be leaking cum for weeks… make sure you have something to remember me by…"

"You could just… send a postcard or something…" Robin muttered. He was working faster now, since Slade was already hardening, and the teens eyes grew round at the very strange feeling of the man growing and pulsing inside him, lengthening and stretching him. It felt like there was something moving on its own inside him. "Oh, good lord…" he panted.

This time Slade let him come, although he dragged in out until Robin's thighs screamed in agony, and the man finished with him. Robin collapsed forward over the man's chest. He felt Slade's cock finally slipping out of him, joined by a trickle of sperm and lotion.

As Slade shifted below him, Robin pushed down.

"Move and I'll kill you." the teen hissed.

The man chuckled, but relaxed against the rock again.

"Fuck…." Robin mumbled after a while. "That felt… wow…" he looked up at Slade with tired but shining eyes. "Have you really never bottomed, Slade? Damn, you are missing out… it's just the best."

"Glad you think so…" Slade purred, obviously taking all the credit.

Robin sighed, thinking that he would really, really miss this, but it couldn't be helped. It wasn't like he could keep Slade locked up in the basement to use at his own convenience, was it…? Was it…? Robin looked up at the man again, with a grin.

"No." Slade said. "I don't know what just went through that devious, horny little mind of yours, but no."

"Yeah, well… I don't think I have strong enough chains, anyway…" Robin shrugged.

Slade raised an eyebrow but decided not to prod. He had a feeling the answer would be rather disturbing.

"Let's go back. Bruce might have woken up by now." the man suggested instead.

"No. Can't walk. My legs are too sore." Robin mumbled.

"All right, I'll carry you, like the little princess you are." Slade chuckled.

"Remind me to kick you in the balls before we leave the island…" Robin growled tiredly as he was helped up and Slade helped him dress. The man only had to tuck himself in, and put the oil lamp out so he could hang it from the crook of his arm, before he was ready.

"Too tired to do it now?" Slade smirked.

"No… to smart… I might still have some use for them…" Robin smirked back, the mirror image almost scary to behold.

"Little minx…" Slade chuckled, so delighted by Robin's wickedness, that he overlooked the threat to his own person. He swept the boy up in his arms and easily carried him all the way back. Jut before he reached out for the doorknob he leaned down and kissed the teen soundly, only separating when the door cracked open.

"Robin! What happened, are you all right?"

Robin realized that he had been wishing that his guardian was still asleep but so was clearly not the case.

"I'm fine, I just…" Robin thought on his feet… well… 'in Slade's arms' but it worked out well enough, "… stepped on something sharp. Slade didn't want me to get the wound dirty."

"Can't have one with a fever and one with gangrene…" Slade muttered, as he thought Robin had described him a bit too caring. "I'll take a look in the bathroom."

Slade closed the door behind them, and put Robin down on the toilet seat, holding one foot up for inspection.

"Err... Slade? You know I was just covering for us, right?" Robin whispered.

Slade snorted.

"Of course. It would, however, be good to have something to show the bat since he will insist on taking a look for himself." the man muttered.

"Oh… yeah… right… I should have said I twisted my ankle…" Robin blushed.

"It's okay, this will do." Slade said, as he had found a small, half healed over scratch on the sole of the boy's left foot.

"OUCH!" Robin cried out as Slade ripped the scab off.

"What's going on?" Bruce frantically demanded to know from the outside.

"Just a splinter, Wayne." Slade let him know disdainfully.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Robin called back, cradling his now somewhat bleeding foot and glaring daggers at the man in front of him.

Slade shrugged and dabbed at the foot with disinfectant before putting a band aid on it.

"There. Take a shower." he suggested, and then grinned. "You smell like me…"

Robin blushed cutely and started to take his clothes off.

"Maybe you should wait until I have left?" Slade suggested. "We could shower together if you want, but even I can't think up a plausible explanation for that…"

"Just get out of here…" Robin muttered, shooing the man away as he got up on rather wobbly legs.

Bruce was frowning deeply as Slade re-entered the bedroom, and the man couldn't help but flash him another smirk, making the Bat's frown deepen considerably.

"Where is Robin?"

"Taking a shower. He got quite sticky…" Slade said innocently. "Should we return to business, then? I have made a list of supplies I have had to buy or use for this mission, which the contract states that I should be compensated for." Slade handed Bruce a rather extensive list, and the man took his time, scanning it.

"You are even charging for toothpaste?" the millionaire asked, like he didn't believe his eyes. "And what's this? Body lotion?"

"Robin likes to use quite a lot. He's sensitive." Slade said, trying to suppress a smirk. "You may ask him if you want."

"Ask me what?" Robin said, as he walked out of the shower with a towel around his waist. He had cleaned up as quickly as he could, having a bad feeling about leaving the two men alone together for too long.

"Is it true you like lotion?" Bruce asked, not expecting the sudden complete blush on Robin's face.

"I… uhh… I…"

"It's okay!" Bruce reassured him, very puzzled by the reaction. "Anyone can have dry skin… Slade is just charging for it, so…" Was Robin worried about using something that might be considered 'girly'? Bruce knew that he was at a sensitive age, but he really had expected his ward to be a bit more secure than that.

"He's what?" Robin snarled, embarrassment replaced by anger.

"That's fine, I'll let you have the lotion for free…" Slade chuckled, confirming Robin's suspicions that he had added it just for the hell of it.

"That's very generous of you…" Robin growled, muttering something that sounded like 'son of a bitch' under his breath.

Bruce felt lost. He had absolutely no idea what was going on, and decided not to comment on anything else on the list, in case he got Robin more upset. Instead he agreed, and they started the process of contacting the banks which would be involved, while Robin took some clothes into the bathroom to dress. Bruce spent some time identifying himself and, after the transaction, when the man had returned to bed for some rest, Slade spent another hour at the screen, working.

"What are you doing?" Robin asked curiously. He had had some time to cool down from Slade's little joke, and had decided to be civil again.

"Moving my money around. I hijacked a personal account for the transaction, but I need to move my share before some factory-worker in Ohio suddenly realizes he is rather rich."

"Can't you leave him a bit? As a tip?" Robin grinned.

"When I said 'factory-worker in Ohio' I was just using an example. I have no idea who the account belongs to. Might be a mob-boss. Or a politician."

"Oh. Then don't."

Slade gave an amused snort.

A troubled Bruce was resting, but not sleeping. Instead he watched the two interact, and the feeling that something was wrong kept growing.

He thought back to what Richard had been telling him. The really big issues aside, this whole thing had started with him finding out that his love interest had betrayed him… Bruce knew how that felt, both in the deadly and more mundane way. He remembered his first real love… how old had he been? Fifteen? Sixteen? Robin's age… He was so sure they were going to spend their lives together, and then he overheard the girl's parents congratulating their daughter on her catch. That wouldn't have been that bad, if the girl hadn't replied in a similar, smug, fashion…

Bruce sighed. He had been heartbroken… he had broken a few hearts himself, unfortunately, on the rebound… He wondered if Robin would too… nah, too much time had passed, and the only one available since than had been…

Images, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, suddenly flashed in front of the detectives eyes. A look, a touch, a blush… Just now, when they returned… Robin in Slade's arms… his… his t-shirt had been inside-out! The final piece, the arm around Robin's naked waist, landed, and the picture, so horrifying and so wrong, was complete.

Slade and Robin were, so far, blissfully unaware.

"So, you're paid… gonna throw us out now?" Robin grinned.

"There will be no need. We're leaving." The voice behind them made Robin freeze to ice. He turned around slowly, as Slade got to his feet.

"In a rush, Wayne?" the mercenary asked. He had to admit that meeting the man's eyes at that moment weren't… pleasant…

"Are you in a sexual relationship with my ward?" Bruce voice was dark and deadly like venom. Robin made a choking sound and fought an urge to take a step back, hell, he really wanted to run like crazy, but he knew he would be needed… at least for burying the bodies… He looked at Slade. Would the man deny it? Everything about Bruce said that it was no use…

"Yes." Slade said simply.

Robin's heart stopped. Sure, the man couldn't very well deny it, but it could have been said without the smirk.

"I see."

Robin's eyes snapped to Bruce. The man looked… Robin didn't know. He had never seen him like that before. There were no bulging veins, no twitch around an eye… in fact the man looked like he was wearing his cowl; completely expressionless.

The punch fractured the left side of Slade's jaw and loosened several back teeth.

"Bruce!" Robin cried out in shock. He had never seen the man move so fast before.

"Don't worry, Richard, I'm completely calm." the millionaire said, sounding the part.

"Lucky me." Slade said dryly through clenched teeth, holding his jaw so it could heal properly, and waiting for the teeth to set as well.

"Stop it!" Robin did a very dangerous thing and stepped between the two.

"Get away from him, Richard; you have nothing to do with this. In fact; leave the room." Bruce ordered.

"…nothing to do..? I would say I have everything to do with this!" Robin objected. "You, on the other hand, don't! It's none of your business!""

"No? That my ward has been sexually abused is none of my business? He used you, Robin! Don't tell me you are too naïve to see that! You were weak, afraid, alone… and he took advantage!"

"We used each other!" Robin snarled back, which maybe was closer to the truth than he wanted it to be. "Of course you think he took advantage, because that's what everyone does, right? No one can actually just grow close to you without having an ulterior motive? I'm not saying Slade didn't have one, he's not a nice guy, as he keeps reminding me, but I knew what I was doing."

Bruce and Slade gave identical snorts, for similar reasons.

"You are just a kid, and he's an adult! He must be… damn he must be twice my age!" Bruce sounded disgusted.

"He's practically immortal!" Robin snarled back.

"STOP DEFENDING HIM!" Bruce roared, making Robin take that step back, bumping into Slade. "Has he said one word, one word to defend himself or you? NO! And you know why? It's because-"

"You broke my jaw. Not to worry, it is fine now, no need to apologize." Slade drawled.

The mercenary caught the detective's fist this time.

"No-no, I let you have one free shot, because, basically, I deserved it, but I won't fight a man who can barely stand from fever, over something that, Robin was right, is not his business."

"I will-"

"Get some rest." Slade pushed the man backwards, until he fell down on the bed. Robin could see that Bruce's fever had gone up again, his skin pallid and clammy. "I assume you would want to leave in the morning. I'll arrange it."

"See, Robin? See how easily he casts you aside?" Bruce voice was hoarse, both from the illness and the situation. "He has gotten what he wanted; his money, and you were just a bonus!" He snarled from the bed, unable to get up as the room spun.

Robin walked up to his guardian and gently pushed him down against the mattress.

"Yeah, I know…" Robin sighed quietly "I knew it would end like this, but Bruce? He was my bonus too…"

Two days later, and Bruce and Robin were standing in a small international airport on one of the largest islands in the area. Slade had borrowed a helicopter from somewhere, and flown them himself, with the condition that Bruce sat in the back and was hindered from strangling the pilot.

The mercenary was currently doing them another favour, by using his contacts to make sure they would be able to enter the US anonymously. Bruce had kept the beard, only shaving and clipping it until he didn't look like a Sasquatch, and he was practically unrecognizable. Robin could pass for any teen, behind his sunglasses and ordinary clothes.

Bruce had been pretty sick, the fever peaking before breaking, and Robin had had a chance to talk to the man without being interrupted by violent outbursts. After the fever had gone down, however, there hadn't been much talking. When Bruce had been sick, Robin had been glued to his side, and as he got better, Bruce had made damn sure not to let the teen out of his sights for even a moment, keeping him away from Slade. It was clear that the man was blaming himself for, what he was determined to believe, despite every evidence to the contrary, was a terrible experience for Robin. A stolen kiss was all they had had, but even that made Robin feel too guilty to enjoy.

"Bruce…? Bruce, I…" Robin started.

"I understand."

"Don't hate me."

"Again, son, I hate your choice not you…" Bruce sighed, laying a hand on his ward's shoulder. "But, boy, I really hate your choice…" he added, glaring at the desk where Slade stood. The man was handing some papers to a young boy, who ran across the hall to them, handing them to Bruce, eyeing the man with very large eyes.

"Yes?" Bruce asked, trying to not let his irritation out on the boy.

"Is it true you have a giant stick up your butt?" the kid asked, making Robin burst out laughing.

Bruce whipped around, starting to walk briskly towards their gate.

"The man over there told you to ask?" Robin grinned.

"Yeah, he also told me to tell you to take your glasses off." the kid said, sounding a bit shy.

"Whatever for?" Robin said, but did it anyway.

"To prove he wasn't lying." the boy said, and then grinned happily. "He wasn't. Your eyes really are beautiful!"

Robin blushed and quickly slipped the glasses on again.

"I… see… well, let me find something for you, for bringing over our things, eh?" he said, starting to dig through his pockets.

"No need, mister, the man already gave me twenty bucks, and he said that if you blushed he would leave another twenty by the desk!" the kid snickered and was off.

Robin straightened up, blushing some more. Damn Slade! Well, this was it, then… time to say goodb-

He looked up towards the desk, but it was empty. He turned his head, craning his neck, and standing on tip-toe, but the man was gone. Robin's eyes darted through the groups of people, knowing that Slade would be a head taller than most of them, but he didn't even catch a glimpse of the man. Robin's shoulders fell. Just as well. He had no idea what he was going to say, anyway… what had he expected… a hug? A kiss? Ridiculous!

But a fucking WAVE would have been nice!

As Robin turned to follow Bruce, there was a flicker of a familiar face in the crowd. It wasn't Slade, though, and when Robin looked back it had disappeared. He hadn't even been able to place it.

Someone had though. Someone had recognised it from a picture and was now following the person with a very vicious smile on his face. The discovery had been a coincidence, a complete fluke, but it had saved him a lot of time and effort.

Jamie Sparrow, though that naturally wasn't his real name, had really been enjoying himself for the past couple of months. After being one of those 'left' and 'rescued' of the hijacked ship, he had been island hopping, keeping a low profile, out of the eyes of the media, but now it was time for work once more. He was on his way to the Mediterranean, via London, where he would pick up a new name and look, before the job started. It was a much tighter operation this time, only valuables, but that just meant it would be safer and pay well.

He had just checked in and was looking around the lounge, trying to decide if he should eat before the flight or take his chances on the free food onboard, it might actually be eatable for once. He decided to head for the lunch restaurant just in case, but bumped into a man half way there.

"Excuse me." he muttered, in a way that really wasn't very apologetic.

"No, excuse me, it was entirely my fault…" a deep voice rumbled above him, making Jamie look up. And up. And up. Oh, my, this was a big one, wasn't he? "Why don't you let me buy you a drink, to apologize properly?" the man with the mirrored sunglasses smiled.

Jamie grinned back. A free drink, followed by a free lunch, perhaps? With this guy he wouldn't mind paying for it either, a quick blowjob in one of the bathroom stalls should suffice.

Jamie should have known better than to accept drinks from strangers.

Robin and Bruce were about eight hours into their flight when the news reached them. The plane was a commercial airliner, and Robin had started to understand why a private jet was a very good thing to have. He was close to strangling the kid behind him, when the radio crackled and the captain declared that there were a news bulletin he thought would be of interest to most of the passengers. Robin quickly plugged in his headset and tuned in the channel the captain had suggested. Soon the plane was filled with mumbled speculations and even a few cheers and clapping. Bruce and Robin stared at each other, and the face in the crowd Robin had seen suddenly had a name.

According to the news, six hours ago, a young man, known to have been on the hi-jacked ship, had been dumped, unconscious and suffering painful but superficial injuries, on the doorstep of the main island's police central. Attached to him had been detailed information, written and digitally recorded, about the attack, the groups involved and, more importantly, the planned future attack on a casino cruiser in the Mediterranean. The information had been taken seriously, and, thanks to a huge international police effort, unlike any the world had ever seen, the first arrests had been made within an hour.

"I know who you think is behind this…" Bruce hissed, "…but I just want to add that if that is true, we will get a bill in the mail soon."

Robin tried to hide a chuckle, and nodded. It would actually not surprise him one bit…

Robin spent a week in Gotham as Richard Grayson, which turned out to be a lot of work. They attended a few gatherings to let, what passed as, Bruce's friends, know he was alive, or 'back and kicking' as far too many different people joked. There were interviews as well, and they both repeated a well rehearsed story, the most boring and uneventful one they had been able to come up with. He was in daily contact with the Titans now, and he felt rather homesick as the week came to an end.

Stepping of the plane, Robin drew a deep breath. Jump City. He didn't know city air could smell so good. Especially at an airport… was he drunk? Robin grinned madly to himself as he made his way through the airport, finally hailing a cab at the exit. He felt a slight twinge of longing as he realized that his motorcycle was no longer waiting for him where he had left it, in the secret garage in the city, and neither was his uniform. As he had arranged for the Titans to sell his bike, he had told them to take everything back to the Tower, as it had seemed just as well at that moment.

It didn't matter, though, not anymore. Dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt, wearing the sunglasses he had kept, more or less to annoy Bruce, since they were from Slade, he took the cab to the docks. Fifteen minutes later, he stepped into the Tower's living room.

The welcome back party was well on its way, and even though it was just them, the original Titans, they managed to make enough noise for thirty people.

Robin was overwhelmed. He had almost forgotten how hard Starfire hugged, and what it felt like to have his back heartily slapped by a metal hand, or his arms full of whatever furry creature Beast Boy had chosen to morph into in his joy. A cool hand on his arm and a soft, small smile from the forth member of his group meant just as much, and had just as much impact on him.

"Oh, guys… I have missed you so much!" Robin announced, not in the least embarrassed by his admittance. There were times more suitable for the role as collected and, let's face it, slightly reserved leader. Now it was time for just the opposite. Robin smiled even wider and took his sunglasses off.

"Come on, grab the pizza I know you are hiding somewhere, and let's take a seat, there's so much to tell you…" he said to his stunned friends.

Among the things he had learned during his absence, well, suitable to tell his teammates, that is, one thing that stood out; daring to trust. His week among Bruce's empty, fake friends had clinched the deal. Robin didn't want that, and his friends didn't deserve it…

"First… my real name in Richard... I grew up at a circus, but my parents were murdered when I was eight years old…"

He didn't tell them everything. Some he would tell them in time, some never. He didn't reveal that it was Slade who had helped him, although he thought that one day, maybe he would have to. He didn't say anything about their relationship either, but he finally told the rest of the group that he was gay. Starfire spent a few embarrassing minutes, lecturing the others about what that meant. She looked pretty surprised as they all insisted that they already knew the basics and had no desire to know the particulars.

He told them that he had killed. It shocked them, taking the edge of the gay-thing, and Robin wryly thought that he hoped killing people, to have a smooth coming out, wouldn't catch on.

They were quick to comfort him, however, using words like 'self protection' and 'not your fault'. The words were emptier than when Slade and Bruce had said them, but only because they were coming from much more innocent sources. They fought almost daily but rarely faced death. Robin knew he would never have that innocence again, but he treasured it with them, and let himself be comforted.

He told them about Bruce, and they swore to keep the secret, to never even hint at the fact they knew. Robin trusted them, and it felt great.

He kept the details about the mission sketchy, just that they had helped the law enforcers from the inside. With so much other new information, the group didn't mind one bit.

"Oi, Robi- Richa- Rob.." Beas Boy stuttered, ears drooping in confusion as he broke off.

"It's Robin. Richard is for when I'm in Gotham, attending boring parties and trying not to gag from the finger food."

"Forgive me; is fingers a common food at parties?" Starfire asked, looking worried.

"It's just another word for snacks." Robin smiled. "What was it you wanted to say, BB?"

The changeling's ears perked up as he remembered.

"There was a crate delivered for you this morning! I think it's from Batman!"

"Oh?" Robin asked, feeling a bit uneasy. Maybe Bruce had decided to finally wash his hands of him, and send the things he kept at the manor back? Robin thought they had parted at reasonable good terms, though he had to endure a very embarrassing physical, as Bruce had promised on the ship, and, Robin suspected, because of Slade, the man had probably ordered a few more test than were really necessary. He had suffered his 'punishment' in silence, however, and, as he had suspected, he was perfectly healthy. Maybe the millionaire had changed his mind, though?

They headed down to the loading dock where the large crate stood.

"I've scanned it for explosives and everything else I could think of." Cyborg said.

Robin gave him a sideways look.

"You don't think Batman likes me, do you?" he grinned. "Good job, though, it's not like we know it's from him."

Cyborg nodded shortly and then gestured towards the wooden box.

"It's all yours, Rob."

Robin grinned and grabbed a crow-bar. As soon as he had gotten the top open, the sides fell away, revealing the contents.

The Titans stared.

"Err… if that's from Batman… I'm notsure he does like you…" Beast Boy said, looking doubtful and scratching his head. It immediately got thumped by Cyborg.

"Are you crazy, twerp? Can't you see what it is?"

"It is most dirty, is it not?" Starfire didn't sound thrilled either, and Raven rolled her eyes, muttering something about 'toys'.

"What do you mean? It's a piece of junk!" Beast Boy exclaimed, waving his arms at the metal teen and the claimed junk respectably.

"It's a Harley Davidson!" Cyborg snarled, and the bickering of the day was in full effect.

Robin had finally picked up his jaw from the floor, and taken a step forward. Noticing a note on the handlebars, he snatched it up and read it.

'Take good care of her. I'll drop by some time, to make sure you do'.

It was signed with a simple 'S'.

Robin stroked the dusty tank of the 1947 Knucklehead, and smiled softly.

I will, Slade… and I can't wait …

The End.

A/N: And that's it. Happy ending, if not really surprising, I think, did you? I feel really peaceful right now, which is usually a sign that I'm satisfied with the ending… that it's believable and complete enough, if you know what I mean…?

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