This is my first ADJL fanfic. I love the character rose so I figured I do a collection of drabbles about her. Enjoy!

Title: Lost Memories

Rating: G

Notes: I thought I do a twist about Jake's wish where he sets her free from huntsclan. Wrote this for Jan 5 2009 prompt in livejournal community 31_days

Summary: Rose feels odd about remembering things certain things from when she was a young child.

Disclaimer: I do not own ADJL

Rose breathed in the sweet aroma of the apple pie. Her mother told it was her favorite and how, when she was a little girl, she would look in the oven while it was cooking and constantly ask when the pie would be done. It was strange to her that the scent of baking apple pie didn't trigger any childhood memories. Rose could only visualize the situation as if it were a still-life. It didn't feel real to her. It felt like a false event, like an implanted memory. But why would her own mother lie to her about something so minuscule?

Rose placed the fork into the slice of apple pie and ate it. It was as delicious as she remembered it being. She never understood the bizarre thoughts that enter her mind about her memories not being her own. None in Rose's family recall anything of the huntsclan or that she was taken away from them as a baby. There was an empty void in her mind from the lost memories of being huntsgirl. It was slowing being filled with false experiences that her relatives vaguely remember about her childhood.