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Any other day

The day Stars Hollow lost some of its sparkle started out like any other day. The sun was shining and lit up the entire town that more than anything resembled a fairytale. It was the same as always.

The town's self-proclaimed leader, Taylor Doose, was berating his employees outside his ice cream shop, keeping an observant eye on his market located not too far away. At the same time the town's biggest gossip, Miss Patty, was busy preparing her tiny ballerinas for yet another local festival out on the lawn in front of Luke's Diner.

Luke Danes himself was deeply consumed in yelling at his customers, ranting about their disgusting eating habits. He shouted at his pain in the ass, but nonetheless friend, Kirk, to get the hell away from the donuts. Because no matter what Kirk thought about it, it really wasn't eat two donuts and get the third one for free if no one saw it disappear.

Luke's girlfriend of a few weeks, Lorelai Gilmore, sat at the counter with her usual cup of coffee and was following her boyfriend's movements with eager blue eyes. The look in her eyes promised mischief in the making.

Next to her, Lorelai's only child, Rory, was sitting – also holding on to a cup of coffee while her own smile was gracing her delicate features.

"Do you think we should stop him from actually ripping Kirk in half? It can't be good for his blood pressure." Rory asked before taking a small sip of the steaming hot java that neither of the Gilmores could live without.

They listened keenly to Luke's threats that rang out loudly in the diner. He was too busy to keep an eye on his captive audience.

Lorelai widened her cerulean eyes when Rory spoke. She didn't even look at her daughter as her gaze swung from Luke to Kirk as though she was enjoying a fierce tennis match; just waiting for one of the players to smash their racket – so to speak.

"Oh sweet child of mine; the only fruit of my voluptuous loins; are you not seeing what I'm seeing?" Lorelai nodded dramatically at the two men. "Annoying Kirk equals angry Luke and that means preoccupied Luke, who's more importantly not watching the coffee."

Rory's blue eyes, so like her mother's, widened in comprehension and she said in a stage whisper, "Free java."

A few moments later the youngest Gilmore watched in awe as her mom emptied her cup before stealthily walking by Luke, nodding her head in feigned agreement to his complaints over the still aggravating Kirk. She grabbed the coffee pot, pouring them both a fresh cup as she muttered, "You tell him Luke," Mission completed, Lorelai swiftly returned to her seat next to Rory, beaming proudly at her success.

Rory stared at her mother with a big smile on her delicate face and Lorelai lifted her chin in acknowledgement of the silent praise. "Thanks, I know I'm flawless, but I couldn't have done it without my trusty sidekick." She gestured to the unnoticing Luke and Rory giggled at her antics.

Finally a couple of minutes later, Luke was wrapping up his third rant of the admittedly still early day and came over to the Gilmores with his usual notepad out.

Luke glanced briefly at the two women before going back to the notepad and he asked without looking at them. "If you're done stealing my coffee and ruining your already declining health, what can I get you two?"

Lorelai puckered her lips in response and said. "How 'bout a little sugar for momma?" She expertly ignored Rory's teasing gag next to her. Luke frowned and looked around the half empty diner, but all three of them knew he couldn't deny his girlfriend anything and soon after, he quickly bent forward planting a very chaste kiss on Lorelai's still pouting lips.

"Hmm, is that all the sugar you could spare today? Really? You should restock, in my expert opinion." Lorelai asked him and then added teasingly while cocking her head.

In response Luke deadpanned her mockery like he always did. "Too much sugar is bad for you…"

Rory laughed gently at the couple's antics, which some people might just call foreplay. When Lorelai didn't react, but kept gazing adoringly up at her boyfriend, Rory rolled her eyes before pulling her mother to her feet saying, "as much as I love to watch the two of you kill my innocence, I've really gotta get going. Mom- remember, you said you'd walk me out to my car?"

Lorelai sighed dramatically and took one last swig of her beloved coffee. "There's just no rest for the wicked, I guess." She took hold of Rory's arm and as they exited the Diner she turned around and said in an artificial seducing voice. "And you mister better save up some sugar for tonight." She made a feline growl in the back of her throat which solicited a smile from Luke.

Luke shook his head as he watched the two women in his life that he loved more than anything, leaving his diner. Kirk suddenly appeared right in front of him and held forth a handbag that Luke immediately recognized as Lorelai's and said, "My girlfriend likes handbags. If this isn't yours, can I have it…for my girlfriend Lulu? Who's really into handbags."

Luke gave his token growl, ripped the handbag from Kirk and quickly ran after his own girlfriend. He knew that he'd never hear the end of it if she was to face the day without it and all its hidden snacks and knickknacks.

"Lorelai," he yelled when he saw the Gilmores further up the road, near the one and only stoplight that Taylor once upon a time had put up without the town's support. She didn't hear him. It looked like she was eagerly telling a story to the person on the other end of her cell phone as she continued to walk away from him.

Rory, however did hear him and stopped to turn around with a smile on her face.

To Luke, the rest happened as if in slow motion. Rory's half turned body prevented her from seeing the truck that came racing uncharacteristically fast towards her from behind.

Lorelai, who was still on the phone, looked up just then and saw the truck. She seemed to know what Luke already knew; that the truck was too fast and Rory didn't stand a chance. Then the eldest Gilmore did what any parent would have done; threw her phone to the ground and shoved her daughter out of harm's way and took the hit herself.

Luke was already running, desperately trying to reach his lover before she was slammed into the pavement. But he knew he'd be too late no matter how fast he ran.

Rory stood paralyzed a few feet away from the scene, numbly gazing upon her mother's unmoving body. Luke finally reached them and pushed Taylor out of his way when the so called leader of their town had tried to get a closer look and fell down beside the now fiercely bleeding Lorelai.

"Lorelai," Luke hissed, "come on! Don't do this to me – to us!" The sound of sirens drew nearer and Luke vaguely heard someone say they'd called the ambulance before he concentrated on the motionless woman in front of him. "Lorelai, please; open your eyes and tell us all to stop staring. Come on!"

But for the first time since Lorelai Gilmore had walked into his life all those years ago, she didn't have a snappy comeback and remained silent.