"Your three-fifty change." I said, holding out the money to Den, a regular at the diner. He was an man in his mid forties, with large brown eyes and floppy black hair. He grinned at me, his eyes crinkling at the sides as he took his money from my hand.

"Thanks darlin'." He winked, "You tell your man that I can't wait for the wedding. Have you thought about what gifts you want?"

I slid his coffee towards him, shaking my head as I wiped my hands on my apron. "There's no need for gifts." I said, "We're just happy to have you there."

"I think you have all of the Rez there, don't you?" He teased, picking up his mug.

I chuckled, "Not quite...maybe ninety percent."

"Well get to planning girl. You haven't got long now." He bellowed in a gruff voice that came from years of smoking thick red cigars. He walked away and sat down at the table next to the window, pulling a book from his bag with a spine so cracked and worn that he must have read it countless times. I got a little caught up in watching him for some reason and didn't realise that Jake had walked in until he was standing in front of me, waving his hand in my face.

"Earth to Bella." He drawled when I blinked at him. I smiled, taking in just how good he looked in his a red and black checked shirt and tight jeans. Both of which obviously came from his imprint's family and at a guess I would have said it was Alice. He must have just come back from Fork's because he wasn't on patrol last night and I hadn't seen him around. He was spending most of his time over there now, which I understood.

"Hey you." I greeted. Glancing up at the clock on the wall I saw that it was three already, which meant my shift was finished. Sue was cleaning some plates out back so I said a quick goodbye and grabbed my coat from the rack. "Where do you wanna go?" I asked Jake as I walked around the counter.

"Let head to the diner nearer the school. That way you can get out of the workplace and we can grab some food." He said, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

"Sounds good." I said as we headed towards the door. "See ya, Den." I called before leaving. He looked up from his book and raised his hand, smiling.

We walked the fifteen minutes to the only other diner in the Rez. It was the one that we had visited way back in the day, before Sam and I were together. I remembered Keira trying to argue with me over Sam here and just as I thought about how long it had been since I had to suffer her, I noticed that there was an annoying giggling noise coming from a table towards the back. She was sitting there, all made up, with a guy who looked slightly older. He was pretty attractive, with a slender body and golden hair and clothes that looked new. She was still staring at me, so I made a point of running my left hand over my hair, flashing my ring.

"What is she doing here?" I asked Jake, "I thought she went to college."

"She did. She must be back for the weekend with her boyfriend or something." He shrugged as he grabbed a booth. I noticed Keira spot me and a tension came over her like a cat arching its back when threatened. I ignored her and sat down.

"Did Carlisle and the others get their invites?" I asked as we settled. We grabbed a menu each and scanned the options.

"Yeah, they were overjoyed to say the least. They just hope it's not too sunny that day, otherwise they will only make the reception."

I pouted, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that. That'll be a shame but I hope it's warm enough for the other guests to be comfortable."

"I was thinking..." Jake started, "That maybe, if you weren't too bothered about being married in the open, that maybe we could arrange for one of those wedding tents. Just so that they can definitely be there...and then if it rains you're covered too." He sounded as if he was trying to be cool about suggesting something and yet failing brilliantly. He obviously really wanted the Cullen's to come, he wanted them to share in our lives more often and I was happy for that to happen.

I thought about it. Getting a tent would probably be a smart idea. We hoped for sun but La Push didn't really have the reputation of allowing the clouds to part when you most wanted them to and I definitely couldn't get married in the rain. Besides, I knew that having the Cullen's there was important for Jake too; they were his other family after all.

"That's a good idea actually. I can get a white one to fit in with everything." The waitress came over and we ordered cokes and some food.

"Alice, Rose and Esme know all about that stuff. They get married to their mates over and over again, so they are pretty much pros."

"I suppose that will be you soon enough." I teased, "Getting married every few decades."

He rolled his eyes at me, "Who knows."

"I'm looking for dresses later. The girls and I are going in a few hours." I commented. The thought of finding my wedding dress made me nervous for some reason. I was looking forward to it, but actually choosing something would be so hard. I knew that I would probably take a while and if I didn't, luck was on Sue, Leah and Kim's side.

"Finally. Edward is taking me shopping for my suit tomorrow and I'm just a guest." He scoffed, rolling his eyes. "I think he has Armani in mind or something..."

"Nice having a sugar daddy, ain't it." I giggled, "Speaking of, I take it from what I heard the other week that there is a little more than cuddling going on between you."

His cheeks flushed and he looked around, trying to see if anyone had heard what I said. I heard the nervous flutter of his heart beat and chuckled to myself. "We've progressed." He said slowly, a cheeky smirk quirking his lips. "and it's so good."

I squealed, clapping my hands together. I didn't care who looked at me like I was a bit weird, I was so happy for Jacob. Who would have thought that at the beginning of all of this, Jake thought that nothing good would come of it. Even if it was only for a few moments, I'm glad that everything has turned out perfect for him. "So...where have we gotten to?" I asked nosily, my amusement rising when his red cheeks deepened in colour.

"Well...blowjobs, as you heard. And we've, y'know, rubbed against each other. Naked." Jake sighed, "We've still got a while to go, but its good. I'm not sure whether we'll go all the way for some time yet. Edward's pretty conservative, all the intimate contact we've had was because he lost control."

"Lost control?" I frowned.

Jake shrugged, picking up his drink and swallowing a few gulps. "I might have teased him into giving in slightly. I know, I know, it was wrong of me, but I was desperate. Every time I see him I just want to throw him down and─" He cut off, mindless of the fact that I was waiting, open mouthed, to hear what he was going to say next.

"Don't stop." I breathed and he shook his head at me.

"Let's just say that what I want to do is ultra x-rated."

I stuck my tongue out at him, "Scrimping on details is mean."

He smirked at me, "The only details you need to know is that it's hard and hot and so, so good. I just can't wait for more." He blew out a breath and I could tell he was getting a little hot under the collar, if you catch my drift.

The waitress came over, a plate in each hand. She set down my burger and fries in front of me and handed Jake his steak, trying to catch his eye by giving him a subtle thrust of her chest. I wondered why, as women, we did that. Was it purposeful or did she not even realise that she was doing it. When he just thanked her and turned back to me, disappointment flittered across her face and she walked away. I picked up a fry and chewed it, thinking about why human beings find it so important to have and be the best.

"Do you think Edward would get jealous if he saw a girl all over you?" I asked.

Jake eyebrows furrowed, his mouth twisting with confusion. "Odd question but I'm not sure. Edward is really composed, I don't know whether it's in him to feel that way."

"Oh it is." I said without hesitation, "Everyone gets jealous, especially when it comes to the person they believe belongs to them. I mean, out of everything, they are the easiest thing to lose."

"Well, if he did get jealous, I doubt he would make it known until we were alone. He wouldn't lose it in front of people."

"Cue to hot, hard sex." I smirked, winking before taking a bite of my burger.

Mischief glinted in my best friends eyes and he raised an eyebrow, "Hey, maybe that's a good idea to test out."

We ate our meals, chatting quietly as we did so. I could hear Keira's conversation, she was gushing about how happy she was now with this new guy, while he listened along, murmuring likewise comments. Her voice was a lot louder than what would be normal for a conversation between two people, pretty much everyone in the place was now part of their chat, but I knew that she must be doing it for my benefit. God forbid that I left without knowing that she was over what happened and that she is so happy now. I still feel a little smug, knowing that I won the real battle there. Even if it wasn't much of a fight.

"So do you know what kind of dress you want?" Jake asked, bending his head to sip his drink through the straw.

I shook my head, "Nope." I shrugged, "I've got no idea...I haven't even had time to flick through those magazines Kim bought round."

"What exactly have you been doing?"

"Working, visiting Lola, sorting out details like food and chairs and flowers. And I've got to decide on what Sam should be wearing as well as Paul and Leah. I didn't think getting married would be so much hard work."

Jacob smirked at me, "Well you're only going to do it once. You might as well enjoy it."

"True." I finished my food and pushed my plate away from me a little. "Fingers crossed this afternoon goes well. I don't want to come back and still have no idea what I want."

"I'm sure that won't happen. After all you will be trying on dresses for hours, I'm sure you will get an idea of what style and colour you want."

"Let's hope so."

We took a stroll to the beach and walked barefoot through the water, holding hands like we used to. It was still crazy to think how far we have both come. I remember playing tag and getting mucky in the back yard and having sleepovers, but ever since returning it's not quite been the same. We are moving on from that, which isn't always such a bad thing, but sometimes I wished it hadn't been so quick. To think that our pack had evolved so quickly in what seems to be such little time. What with Sam, Me, Leah and Jake imprinting and Collin and Brady admitting to their imprint. Leah having the baby. Becoming friends and practically family with the Cullen's. It was so much more than expected. It seems like I'm watching my life in fast forward and trying to catch up so that when it stops, I'm in the right place. I've failed a few times, sure, but I reckon considering its only my first year I'm doing pretty good.

After an hour or so, Jake had to go and see Billy, having spent a little too much time in forks recently. I headed home, walking quietly and looking around, watching people walk past and listening to the sounds of nature. I wondered whether Sam would be home yet, since he had left for work just before six. The girls were meeting me at home in only a few moments so as soon as I got through the door I headed into the living room, patting Loup as he shuffled around my legs, sniffing my ankles.

Sam was lounging on the sofa, spread out with an arm behind his head. He still had his uniform on and his eyes were closed, his chest rising and falling steadily. I smiled and rolled my eyes, leaving him to rest as I ran upstairs and changed into sweatpants and a hoodie. I was looking for a little comfort before having to be in and out of clothes all evening. Heading downstairs again, I fed the dog before hedging into the living room again. I wouldn't wake him up, mainly because he needed some rest but I kissed Sam on the cheek just as I heard the sputtering of the truck parking up. For some reason we had decided to squish into the truck for this trip again, I'm not sure why but I think it was Kim's doing.

I grabbed my bag and headed out. I could see the girls were already in the cab and quickly yanked the door open and threw myself in. "This is much easier with Leah being half the size." I sniggered as I closed the door behind me.

"Tell me about it." She replied as the other two chuckled, "There are a lot of things that are easier to do without the bump."

"Oh yeah." Kim wagged her eyebrows.

Sue shook her head and turned the truck around, heading down the road. "Have you ever wondered why most of your conversations involve sexual suggestions and double entendres?"

"Because we're young?" I tried, shrugging my shoulders.

"We're human?" Kim added, looking at me as if in query to whether her answer worked.

Leah frowned, "I just reckon it's because we all a bunch of horny animals."

"And you've just had a baby." Kim chuckled, "I thought you might want time off of all that."

"Are you kidding me? Nothing dried up just because there is a child." Leah shifted, "I reckon its worse now."

"Poor Rylan." Sue muttered quietly, although it was loud enough for us all to hear. Leah faked a shocked gasp and pouted, sticking her lips out.

"Anyway..." I cleared my throat, "What's on the agenda?"

"Getting you a wedding dress." Leah scoffed as though I had forgotten that was what we were supposed to be doing.

I pulled a face at her and she laughed more, "I know that." I said, "But how and where?"

"There are a few dress shops that we will visit. We don't have all the time in the world but there will be enough if you find the right one or no dress at all." Sue said the last part as though that would be the worst thing to happen in the world. She was doing so much for this wedding and I know she was looking forward to having the whole thing happen. Leah's wedding was simple and easy...mine wasn't. There were going to be so many more people and so much more money to spend. She was loving it, I'm sure of that but it was stressful too.

"I hope I can find one. I'm desperate to know what I'm going to wear."

"So are we." They all said in unison.

"You're not very good at this are you?" Kim rolled her eyes, "I'm sure you're supposed to know what kind of thing you want."

"I know, it's just I never thought about getting married at this age, I thought I'd have years to think about it. And now I don't know what I want."

"Well we still have some time." Sue said, "Not much...but some." She added, "You're getting married in about four months, it's going to go rather quickly you know."

"Yeah, I know. Oh that reminds me, I was thinking about getting a tent to cover the ceremony, just in case it rains and if it's too sunny it'll block out the rays for the Cullen's. We can have the food cook beneath it in the evening as well."

Sue nodded, "Sounds like a good idea, I've seen a few adverts for those in the wedding magazines so we can take a look tomorrow."

I leant back in my seat, thinking about everything that I need to do to get this wedding sorted. It was no wonder that I have been subconsciously putting it off, organising a wedding was just demanding, even with all the help I'm getting. I was definitely looking forward to the day itself, just so that I didn't have to plan anything anymore and could have a nice, long holiday with my soulmate.

We got to Port Angeles and walked straight into the first dress shop that was on Sue's list. It was a large place, most likely well known to those who were into this kind of thing. With posh chairs and table with a silver tray full of glasses of champagne. Around the room were racks of dresses, some wedding dresses and some bridesmaids. I saw a gorgeous deep red halter dress that would look great on Leah as my maid of honour and made a note of it to get her to try it on once I was done.

I walked the entire store, sifting through the dresses, my hands touching silk and lace and satin, the materials soft and delicate on my skin but still I saw nothing that interested me. I tried on the dresses they suggested but found them either the wrong cut, the wrong colour, too much of this or too little of that. Nothing appeased me or excited me and I had to close my eyes and pray that this would not continue for long.

"Stop panicking." Leah spoke calmly as she pulled another down over my head. This one was a slinky number. Pleated chiffon in a glistening white with a slit in the skirt that reached my thigh. I knew already that I wouldn't choose it but I had given up fighting and had decided that maybe only trying them on would show me which one I wanted.

"I'm not panicking." I lied, smoothing the material down as the skirt fell to the floor. I looked at myself in the mirror, tilting my head as I surveyed myself.

Leah scoffed, shaking her head, "I know you. I can see it in your eyes. You will find a dress, don't worry."

I closed my eyes, taking a breath before opening them again. The dress was nice and I looked good in it, but it didn't want it. I held my arms up and Leah slipped it off of me. "I know I will." I said, "I just want to find it now."

"Impatient woman."

"Can you blame me?" I asked, casting my eyes towards the other dresses that hung on the silver pegs in the changing room. Kim and Sue sat on the other side of the curtain, chatting away, both of them resigned to the fact that we would be going somewhere else.

"Not at all, just don't stress yourself out over it."

I shrugged pointlessly but thought about it, knowing that she was right. To get stressed out over all this was silly. I still had time but it was easy to worry when I was thinking about the biggest day of my life so far. Groaning thickly, I grabbed the next dress and tried to force myself to relax

An hour later and I was in the same, dress-less situation, a permanent pout on my lips. I was tired of not getting anywhere with this and wanted so desperately to find the dress. The one that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it on a hanger or decorating a mannequin. The one that I knew would fit me perfectly just by looking at it. The one that would instil that yearning in me for the second of July to come by as soon as possible, just so that I could wear it down the aisle and show Sam just how beautiful I could be. But it wasn't happening.

We were on the way to shop number three after two failed attempts at trying to find the 'one'. I had realised, quite soon into this shopping expedition, that I was thankful that I was only doing this one time and one time only. Trying on wedding dresses equalled nothing more than being pulled around, getting sweaty and messing up my hair, all to spend a few seconds in a dress that I either felt looked ridiculous, couldn't breathe in or cut in under my arms. I must have tried on twenty dresses so far and while the girls were trying to keep my spirits up, they were struggling and I was close to giving up today.

"Stop it!" Sue growled, throwing a look over her shoulder at me as we walked through the streets. "This is the last stop today anyway, so we need to give it a go otherwise you might miss out."

"I know." I pouted, scuffing my trainers against the pavement.

"Don't worry about it." Kim said, throwing an arm around my shoulders and pulling me against her.

Leah came in on my other side and tapped her hand against my arm, "Bells, we may just have to go further afield. Maybe we'll find something in Seattle or we'll just have to fly to Paris." She winked and I chuckled.

"Maybe." I nodded, smiling.

"Baby girl, it'll all work out in the end." Sue said before she slowed to a stop. "Here we are." She turned towards the shop and pushed the door open. It seemed to be a small wedding boutique; through the window I could see the silver rails of dresses covered in clear plastic and white armchairs with a patterned cloth upholstery. The fitting rooms were hidden behind a silver curtain that at this moment was tied to one side, its material folding in on itself perfectly.

Kim and Leah went in next and I went to follow them went I stopped short, my eyes moving to the other window and taking in the display. My heart started racing before I even had time to focus on what I was seeing, but when I had, I wasn't disappointed. I had found it finally...that dress that was not just a dress but the dress. I had thought that I would be going home with nothing but now, looking at the perfect gathering of materials that called at me from behind the glass, I knew that I didn't have to worry. I was going to have a dress and it was going to be this beautiful, majestic thing.

It was a full length, A-line gown with a corset closure. It wasn't white or ivory like I had expected my dress to be, but rather a very light gold. The overlapping ruched bodice progressed into the softly draped skirt so perfectly that my hand flew to my chest, pressing against myself and trying to contain the bah-dump bah-dump's of my heart. The gathered skirt was inset with a panel of such delicate looking lace that also embellished the neckline and side skirt. I loved it.

"Bella what are you─" Sue stopped short as she poked her head outside to find me. "Ah!" she squeaked, "Girls she found it." she grabbed my hand and yanked me inside.

Leah and Kim were already seated in the chairs, sipping cups of what smelt like coffee. The shop assistant was standing beside them, dressed in a neat pencil skirt and ruffle front blouse. She grinned widely, cocking her head, her blonde bob swinging slightly with the movement. Sue rushed over to her, letting go of my hand.

"We need to see the dress in the window, please." She said, almost bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Finally." Kim muttered jokingly.

"Ah, the Maggie Sottero. No problem, just give me a second to take it off the mannequin. It's the only one we have in store." The woman, Kate her name badge stated, lifted her hand towards two other cups of coffee. "Sit down and relax a little, it may take me some time." she plodded off towards the window display, pulling back the white curtain and slipping behind it.

I grabbed my coffee and swallowed three long gulps. I was getting hungry now and hoped the coffee would stave it off for a while. At least until I had tried the dress on. I could the girls tittering excitedly but couldn't take my eyes off of the curtain, watching as it rippled with Kate's movements behind it.

"I'm going to be honest here...I was getting worried." Kim admitted, holding her hands up. I glared playfully at her. "Seriously, I didn't think it would be this hard to find a dress when most of them look great on you anyway. Bitch."

I crinkled my nose at her, sticking my tongue out. "That poufy one didn't look good."

"Ain't that the truth. I never thought a person could look like a cloud." Leah laughed to herself, the mirth in it showing just how much seeing me looking ridiculous amused her. I glared at her and she laughed even more.

"Here we are." Kate said loudly as she came out from behind the curtain, my dress draped over her arms.

I jumped up and went to have a closer look. I reached to touch the bodice, just a light stroke of my fingertips, I didn't want to ruin it. "Wow, I can't wait to see it on." I said, to no-one in particular.

"Let's get it on then." Kate suggested, nodding towards the fitting room. "Head on in there, I'm right behind you." I headed into the dressing room and waited as she pulled the curtain closed behind me. She hung the dress up as I stripped out of my clothes. "So when's the wedding?" she asked, her eyes dropping to my left hand and widening when she saw my ring. "Wow, that's lovely."

I lifted my hand to look at it, "Yeah, it is isn't it. We're getting married on July 2nd."

"Not too long to wait then." She said as she gathered up the dress and lifted it above my head.

"No, which is why I'm glad to have found this dress now."

"It's always the most nerve wracking part, finding the right dress."

I lifted my arms up and she slid the dress down my body. I faced away from the mirror, not wanting to spoil my first look. Kate moved behind me and started tightening the corset, pulling quite hard on the ribbons so that it squeezed my ribs tighter than I wanted. I mentioned this and she loosened it a little.

"So what's your man like then?" She asked, the question coming out as if she had asked it a thousand times before. Which too be honest, she probably had. I wonder whether they had a script to follow for when they spoke to the brides; personally I couldn't think of anything worse than having to deal with picky bridezilla's all day.

I thought about how to describe Sam and came to a halt. It wasn't an easy task, at least not for me, when I found almost everything he did perfect. Even the things that pissed me off I liked, just because it was him doing it. I didn't tell her that because I didn't want to look like an love-struck fool...even if I was.

"He's great." I started, wincing at myself when my voice pitched a little higher than usual. "He's just a good guy, y'know. He looks after me." She was faffing around with the neckline of my dress and I saw her eyes drop to my ring. I wondered whether she was suggesting that it was his money that looked after me or if she was jealous, I was used to women I didn't know judging me for what I have with Sam that the idea that she was just admiring my ring again, didn't cross my mind until afterwards.

"That's good." She said, heading back behind me to finally securing the ribbons. "It's all you need isn't it...a man who takes care of you"

"It goes both ways. Do you have a man?"

"No." Her tone was a little sharper than I had expected, but no outwardly rude. "Haven't found my prince charming just yet. They never seem to work out."

"Well men do have two major faults." I smiled, trying to ease her obvious unhappiness at her current situation.

She came around to my front, smoothing out the skirt as she did. "What are they?"

I smiled at her, "The things they say and the things they do."

She laughed and nodded as if she could relate. "Isn't that the truth. Now, ready to look in the mirror?"

I wasn't really sure whether I was. This would be it, I knew that once I saw myself in this dress that there was no going back. It had to look good because there was nothing else I would be able to wear. Crossing my fingers, I turned around and faced the mirror. It felt as if my heart stopped for a minute and my stomach churned with nerves as soon as I saw myself. It really was the perfect dress for me; it hugged my figure and its light gold tones sat nicely against my creamy flesh. The skirt wasn't too big but it was enough of a statement and the detail on the bodice was wonderful. I tried to see myself with my hair and makeup done, walking down the aisle and the image came easily.

"I'll take it." I said, even though she must have realised that I wouldn't let myself lose this masterpiece.

"Let's show your girls." Kate said, throwing back the curtain just as I turned around.

Sue, Leah and Kim had been talking but as soon as I was revealed they shut the hell up and stared at me in silence for a good minute. I was starting to get a little agitated when Kim whispered.


"It's fabulous." Sue beamed, her eyes flickering all over me. I thought for a second about my mother and realised that I hadn't had a second about her not being here for this moment. Did that mean there was something wrong with me? How could I have forgotten about her in this? I realised quickly that it was because she wasn't as accessible to me anymore and that the people sitting in front of me were just as much my family as she was. They were as close to me, maybe even more so, then those that I shared my blood with.

"I'm having it." I stated, looking down at myself again.

Leah blinked at me, "I'm not surprised. It's beautiful."

"How much is it?" Sue asked Kate, who smiled tightly at her.

"Twelve hundred." She said.

My eyes widened slightly, surprised that it wasn't even more expensive. I had been saving money from the diner for my dress and I did have enough, so I wasn't too bothered. Sue nodded and pulled her purse from her bag. I frowned.

"What are you doing?"

"This is going to be your wedding present from your father and I." She said.

"Are you serious?" I gawped. "You can't do that."

"Yes we can." She stated, "And we are."

"Seeing you in that makes me want to get married." Kim pouted, staring at me like I was some fictional character come to life.

I stood, frozen "Is his happening?" I asked and they all smiled at me reassuringly in unison. I took a deep breath, my mind a blur. "Wow, okay. I need to get home to my fiancé I reckon." I wanted him now. Wanted to hold him and kiss him and just feel him next to me.

"I'll help you slip out of the dress." Kate smiled, "And then we'll order you a brand new one."

She followed me back into the dressing room and wrestled me out of the dress. She left me to get dressed and I could hear her talking with Sue, ordering me a brand new dress and handing over the first instalment of money. I hadn't expected her to offer to pay for it, but I knew it would be one of my favourite wedding presents; one that I hoped would go on to any daughter I may have with my Sam.

I dressed quickly and escaped the dressing room, walking straight Leah's arms. She hugged me, smiling like that cat who got cream. "I'm so happy right now." She whispered to me, "Before you came into our lives, I never thought I'd be happy again. I'm so glad that Sam imprinted on you, so glad you get your happily ever after. Especially since you delivered me mine."

I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. emotions running high, I squeezed her tighter and let out a quaky breath. "Love you sis." I muttered.

"Right are we all set?" Kim asked as Leah and I pulled apart.

Sue came over, "We are, I've booked in the next sent of measurements for when the dress arrives. Let's get home shall we."

We found the car again, and chatted all the way back about the wedding and the reception. I was happy to get home in the end though; it was getting dark and I wanted to see Sam. Sue dropped me off last and waved goodbye as I bounced up the path. My mood set firmly on the good side for the time being. Loup greeted me when I walked through the door by yipping loudly and head butting my calves. I stroked his head and followed the heart-warming, mouth-watering scent of hot pizza into the kitchen. Sam was standing at the counter, transferring slices of meat pizza from the box onto two plates. He looked up at me as I came in and smiled.

"Hey you." He said, closing the pizza box and picking up the two plates, meeting me halfway and leaning down to kiss me.

"Hey." I replied between kisses. "Have a nice sleep earlier?" I asked and he blushed slightly as if embarrassed.

"Yeah, sorry about that." He said as we went to sit at the table. I raised an eyebrow.


"It would have been nice to see you a bit before you left."

I chuckled, shaking my head, "You were tired, I'd much rather you rest. Was work okay?" I took a large bite of pizza and savoured the flavours on my tongue as he nodded.

"Yeah, not too bad. Arrested a couple of kids for shoplifting, broke up a domestic...the usual." He cocked his head at me, chewing slowly. "So, did you find a dress."

I couldn't stop the smile from spreading my lips, "Maybe." I said, shrugging innocently and pointlessly since my smile gave me away.

He winked at me, "Well, good luck with that."

"You fancy going for a run after this? I need to spread my legs a little." I took another bite of pizza, arching my back to stretch out the kinks that had formed from a long day on my feet. I was tired but I knew that I needed to phase and play for a bit before bed. Sam and I haven't been out just the two of us for a few weeks now and the wolf in me was itching to race around with her mate.

Sam's eyes widened a little, as if surprised by my question. Maybe it was a little out of the blue. "Absolutely!" he said, "That would be great, we haven't done that in a while. I hope no-one else is about."

"So do I, it'll be nice if it's just you and I."

"Speaking of, I arranged the flights for the honeymoon today, we're flying to Hawaii on the 3rd then its onto Bali from there, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, china and then Fiji for a last relaxing destination."

God, just thinking about all those places made me want to jump on the plane straight away. "Sounds amazing." I sighed happily, "Just you and me, chilling out in the sun or travelling around. It'll be the first time that it's just the two of us for longer than a couple of hours."

"Yeah well being the leaders of the pack doesn't come with much private time."

"I'm not complaining. We get enough."

"Yeah we do." Sam's grin turned salacious and he winked at me before shoving almost half a slice of pizza in his gob.

"Sexy." I muttered sarcastically, rolling my eyes. I couldn't stop my grin. "I saw Keira today." I threw in. Sam blinked at me, his face blank. "Remember...the girl that slapped me because she was obsessed with you."

"Oh her." Sam raised his eyebrows, "She didn't start anything did she?"

"Nah, she was with some boy. I made sure to flash my ring though."

"Of course you did. Just had to stake your claim."

I nodded, "Can you blame me?"

"No. Whenever any guy looks at you I want to grab you and kiss you hard, just so they know you are mine."

"So romantic." I sniggered, finishing off the last of my food and leaning back in my chair.

Sam finishes off three more large slices and shoves the box with the last slice into the fridge, no doubt for when we come back from our run. I watch him move around the kitchen, cleaning up and singing Rihanna's 'we found love' to himself and wondered what I would do without him. I was glad that I wouldn't need to find out. This man was going to be my husband in a few short months and from there it was just going to be us in charge of our own little family. The thought was enough to make me smile even more and Sam caught sight of it and sent me a questioning gaze. I shook my head, silently telling him not to worry about it.

"Let's go out then." Sam said once he was done, rubbing his hands together in excitement. I slipped my ring off and placed it on the counter, not wanting to lose it when I phased. I had half a mind to take my clothes off too but I doubt I'd get away with another indecent exposure incident if I got caught.

Sam grabbed my hand and led me out, shooing Loup back when he tried to escape with us. My poor puppy whined sadly when Sam shut the door and I felt bad for leaving him behind but I knew it would be better without him wanting to climb all over us. My fiancé obviously didn't feel the same way, he just scoffed and pulled me along, in a rush apparently.

"Whoa, slow down there." I said, giving is arm a harsh yank, not that he felt it what with the fact that his arms were about three times the size of mine, his superior strength matching that too.

He grinned at me, pulling around to stop in front of me. He hands cupped my face and he leant in until there was barely any space between our mouths. "I'm going to kiss you now." He said before fixing his lips over mine. My hands came to rest of his arms, slid up to his shoulders and then down his chest, feeling the thick, rock hard muscle which only served to send flashes of heat through my body. He kissed me hard, not even allowing me to take a proper breath, his hands slipped down my back to squeeze my ass and I squeaked my surprise into his mouth.

He pulled back, grinning smugly as I tried to catch my breath. "What was that for?" I asked but he just shrugged.

"I just wanted to kiss you." He grabbed my hand again and we walked to the forest, ducking under branches and climbing over logs until we were in deep enough that we could safely remove our clothes, staring intently at each other as we did so but ignoring our bodies physical reactions. It was pretty much given that if we were around each other and there was naked flesh on show that it was going to be hard to keep up with what we were doing and not rush at each other and fall to the ground in a tangle of limbs.

"Here, give them to me." I said, holding my hand out for his clothes. He chucked them over and I hid them with mine under a sparse scattered of leaves and a few twigs. We were too far in for someone to stumble along them, especially at this time of day.

Leaves crackled beneath my bare feet and the wind licked at my skin so gently that I shivered not from the cold but from something else entirely. I walked over to Sam, who swatted my bare butt as soon as I was close enough, and nodded my head towards the rise of the woods, where the trees were denser.


Sam wagged his eyebrows, "Am I ever." He said and phased into the huge, black wolf that he was. He took off into the trees with bounding leaps, his muscular legs pushing off of the ground with effortless ease. I watched, slightly mesmerised before I snapped out of it and phased myself.

My bones and muscles and organs shifted, rearranged themselves as my body changed from human to wolf. I felt fur sprout, tickling my flesh before I couldn't really feel it at all. When I was all canine, I licked at my muzzle and felt the wind ruffle my long snowy coat.

Came and get me baby.

Sam's voice in my head was teasing and I shot off after him, legs moving swiftly beneath me. My paw smacked into the earth with dull thumps as smells assaulted me; dead leaves, damp dirt, other animals. I smelt deer and my mouth watered, I forgot for a second that I was supposed to be following Sam and almost turned into the direction of what smelt like a meal. It didn't matter that I just ate, the thought of fresh meat, of hot blood flooding my mouth, it made me suddenly starving all over again.

Hey, eyes on the prize. Sam thought, sending me thoughts of him and I in a more favourable position. I scoffed and chased after him, the images in his mind showing me where to go to get to him. I whipped passed trees, stirring up leaves around me as I went, I caught sight of black fur and pushed myself harder.

Then it all went blank. His thoughts hidden from me by darkness. I looked around me, stopping in my tracks, trying to figure out what was going on. I could feel him still and knew that he was hiding from me on purpose. I sniffed around, trying to scent him and catching his spicy aroma a second before a huge solid shape smacked into my side. I went flying, rolling across the ground with my attacker. Teeth nipped at my throat and clipped my ears but I fought back just as valiantly, scrabbling against my foe as I tried to gain the upper ground.

It wasn't working very well though. Sam was much bigger and strong than me and he was determined to win. I used my smaller stature to my advantage though, darting out from beneath him to escape. I ran, my legs pumping hard, burning even. I could feel him behind me and the sound of his paws hitting the ground was so loud it was as if it was coming from inside my head. Birds scattered from trees as we ran passed. Sam's mind was just full of the need to catch me now and mine was racing with ways to escape.

I felt teeth snap at my tail and took a sharp turn to the right, racing downhill to ease the ache of my legs. I heard and yip and what sounded like a crash and laughed heartedly.

Gutted. I thought, making sure he knew how it amused me. His growl filled my mind but I didn't let it distract me. I circled round, going wide as to miss him on the way up. The trees got thicker and I had to make more nimble moves so that I didn't crash like Sam had.

I'm getting closer. Sam thought, chuckling evilly.

I didn't stop to looked around but I would have to pause soon. My tongue lolled out of my mouth as I panted hard, trying to breathe and cool down. My heart was thumping away in my chest and my energy bar was dwindling a little now. Constant running got tiring after a while. I could feel my legs slowing no matter how hard I pushed them. I was about to stop for a second, just to scout out a place to hide when I heard the snap of a twig from behind me. I shot around, presented with my fiancé in his wolf form standing a few yards away, staring at me with hunger in his gaze. He licked his muzzle and slowly cocked his head.

This is it. He thought, images of me pinned beneath him, his muzzle around my throat, flashed through my head. Want to surrender.

Surrender my ass. I replied and he pounced.

I dodged the first one, skirting around him, but I was too late for the second time he lunged. His mouth locked around my neck and his body pushed me down into the ground. I was on my back, my paws pressed against his chest and my mouth open, trying to snap at him. I growled, snarling as my back legs kicked out but it didn't change a thing, he still had the upper hand.


I barked, No... I wasn't going to give up that easy, but he knew that now didn't he. I could see him smiling in my mind.

Give into me. Sam yipped, I've got you now, you might as well give up.

Well have you ever known me to give up?

His teeth tightened around my throat, not enough to really hurt but just enough to pinch. This is me, Bella, you've got to give it up to me. We've got eighty years left of this.

I can't wait. I replied, closing my mouth and letting my head fall back to expose my throat more. He let go of me, his teeth releasing and his tongue snaking out to lap at my neck, my chin and my muzzle.

I love you. He thought, getting off of me and letting me roll over.

I shook myself and leaves, stones and dirt flew from my fur. I know. I sent back to him and he chuckled.

Come on you, he said, let's go home.

I watched as he started through the trees, his tail swishing from side to side. I followed quickly, nipping his flank as I passed him.

I could deal with eighty years of this. I thought, making sure he could tell how happy I was.

I knew he was smiling when he said, So could I.

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