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Warning: Spoilers for Breaking Dawn.


Belz has signed in

Emmett: Umm... Bella?

Belz: Yes?

Emmett: Why are we doing this?

Belz: fun :P

Alice has been added to the conversation

Alice: WOW!!!

Alice: Hi Emmett!!!

Emmett: Oh god.

Alice: WOW!!!

Emmett: Yep, you already said that.

Alice: But this is so COOL!

Belz: I told you it would be.

Rosalie has been added to the conversation

Alice: HI ROSALIE!!!

Rosalie: Er... hi?

Alice: Don't you think that this is freakin' awesome?!!!

Belz: You know you could always use smileys instead of exclamation marks.

Alice: Smileys?!

Emmett: Smileys?

Rosalie: Huh?

Belz: :)

Alice: COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!

Emmett: Why did you do this to us, Bella? Why?

Alice: :) :) :)

Alice: WOW!!!

Belz: and if you do D instead of ) it's better :D

Alice: :D :D :D

Rosalie: Why do you keep doing it three times?

Alice: I dunno

Belz: Jeez, for the coolest kids in Forks, you guys really need to catch up. Get with the times, you know?

Alice: Oh double wow!!!

Alice: :L :L :L

Jasper has been added to the conversation

Alice: OMG! Hey Jasper!

Jasper: Umm... hi.

Belz: Where's Edward?

Jasper: Hiding.

Jasper: From you and this weird… thing.

Belz: It's called MSN.

Alice: Yeh! Don't knock it Jazz!

Alice: It's so cool!!! Look- you can do this!

Alice: :) :) :)

Jasper: Umm... that's great honey, but…

Alice: And this: :D :D :D

Jasper: I see.

Alice: AND…

Jasper: Stop now Alice.

Emmett: Yes please do.

Rosalie: What they said.

Alice: :L :L :L

Alice: Don't you think that's the coolest thing?!!! :D

Emmett: NO.

Rosalie: No Alice.

Jasper: Well… not really. Sorry Alice.

Alice: pout pout, sniff sniff.

Belz: OR u could do this: :(

Alice: Cool!!!

Alice: Again

Emmett: Oh NO!

Rosalie: Bella!

Alice: :( :( :(

Jasper: Calm down, Alice.

Belz: Brb guys.

Emmett: Brb?

Belz: Be right back.

Alice: Oh don't go- you're the only good sport!!!

Jasper: I am too!

Alice: Well…

Rosalie: Where are you going?

Belz: To hunt Edward down…

Emmett: And kill him?

Belz: NO!!!

Belz: And force him on MSN :)

Alice: :L :L :L

Emmett: I can always dream…

Belz has changed her status to "Be right back"

Rosalie: Do you think that I could sign out before Bella comes back?

Alice: NO!!!

Jasper: Calm down.

Alice: I'm calm.

Alice: Emmett! Don't even think about it! Bella will NOT be happy. Take it from someone who knows.

Emmett: Fine. I'll stay.

Alice: Good.

Emmett: But I won't like it.

Alice: Co-el!

Jasper: What now?

Alice: Did you know you can change your name?

Rosalie: No. How?

Emmett: No Rose! You can't like this thing.

Rosalie: It's not too bad.

Alice has changed her name to Pixie_Girl

Pixie_Girl: COOOOL!!!

Emmett: Yeh- totally cool.

Rosalie has changed her name to Fairy-princess

Emmett: Oh no, not you too.

Belz has changed her status to online

Pixie_Girl: Bella!

Belz: So you found out how to change your name then?

Pixie_Girl: Yep. Rose has to- she likes it.

Emmett: Traitor.

Fairy-princess: I am not a traitor.

Belz: Cool names guys.

Belz: BUT… guess who I got?!!!

Jasper: You dragged him out of Renesmee's wardrobe then?

Belz: Thanks, Jazz!

Belz: I'll get him in a second.

Esme has signed in

Pixie_Girl: Esme!

Esme: Hi Alice.

Esme: Having fun?

Pixie_Girl: Yes yes yes- look what I can do- :) :) :)

Esme: Oh that's great.

Emmett: Don't get her started again.

Esme: Is this not your thing then Em?

Emmett: Hardly.

Fairy-princess: Aw, Emmett, it's not that bad really.

Emmett: Yes it is.

Renesmee has signed in

Esme: Renesmee?

Belz: She wanted to join in the fun so I set her up an account.

Fairy-princess: Can she do it?

Renesmee: Yes.

Belz: Well, actually yes.

Belz: OK, I'm going to go and get Edward now I know where he is.

Belz has changed her status to "Be right back"

Jasper: Edward's going to kill me, isn't he?

Emmett: Yep.

Pixie_Girl: No, but he'll be angry

Jasper: Great. How was I supposed to know it was Esme and not Edward?

Carlisle has signed in

Emmett: Aren't there enough people yet that Bella won't notice one missing?

Pixie_Girl: No. She'll be real sad.

Fairy-princess: Oh Emmett- if Jasper can play along for Alice, then you can play along for me, can't you?

Renesmee: Yes

Carlisle: What is going on here?

Emmett: Bella's torturing us.

Pixie_Girl: It's called FUN Emmett.

Pixie_Girl: F is for friends who do stuff together

Fairy-princess: U is for you and meee

Pixie_Girl: N is for anywhere and anywhere at all...

Fairy-princess: Okay Alice.

Renesmee: Down here in the deep blue sea! :)

Pixie_Girl: Hey! How did you know about the smiley thing?

Fairy-princess: Bella's her Mom. She would know things like that, Alice.


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