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Rosalie's name is now Rose, okay?

Oh, and I know some bits of this chapter are kinda random, but it's called having a sense of humour.


Pixie_Girl: OMG!

Emmett: What now Alice?

Pixie_Girl: Look what this button does!

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Jasper: Very cool Alice, but maybe you should stop now?

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Pixie_Girl: No way!

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Emmett: ALICE!

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Pixie_Girl has sent a nudge

Rose has sent a nudge

Emmett: Dear God!

Emmett: Not you too!

Rose: It's just a bit of fun, Emmett.

Renesmee has changed her name to Goat

Jasper: Goat?

Goat: It's my favourite animal.

Emmett: I see.

Emmett: You've obviously inherited the crazy gene.

Rose: Emmett!

Emmett: Well, it was bound to happen- both her parents have it.

Belz has changed her status to online

Belz: We do not!

Goat: Mommy!

Belz: Hi honey.

Rose: Aw, guess what Nessie spelt.

Belz: What?

Rose: Favourite.

Goat: That's easy.

Emmett: Yeah. Easy. No big deal.

Rose: Emmett, how many six month old children do you know who can spell favourite?

Emmett: The same amount of six month old half-vampires I know

Emmett: ie- one.

Belz: Well done, honey. I'm very proud of you.

Jasper: Where's Alice?

Jasper: She's being unusually quiet.

Jasper: And did you get Edward?

Belz: Don't know and yes- I am pinning him down right now as i type in his email address to join him on.

Jasper: Alice?

Emmett: And there was finally silence.

Jasper: What have you done, Emmett?

Emmett: Nothing.

Jasper: Honest?

Emmett: Honest.

Edward has been added to the conversation

Rose: Hi Edward!

Emmett: Rose, what are you doing?

Rose: Well, someone has to step in for Alice, don't they?

Emmett: No otherwise there would be no point in being grateful that she's finally realised that silence is golden.

Jasper: Why hasn't she replied? This is a really bad sign.

Belz: I agree with Jasper

Rose: Is Edward going to say hi to me.

Edward: Hi

Rose: Bella I know you typed that.

Edward: No it really is me.

Rose: Sure.

Edward: Ask me something then, that Bella won't know.

Rose: Ummm... who "accidentally" broke Alice's Porsche?

Edward: Easy. Me.

Rose: Okay, it is you.

Belz: You did WHAT?

Pixie_Girl: THAT WAS YOU?????!!!!!!

Edward: No.

Rose: Yes it was.

Jasper: Alice!

Belz: EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN! I am so disappointed in you. Say sorry now.

Edward: Sorry Alice.

Pixie_Girl: I'll never forgive you for killing my baby. I'll never speak to you EVER AGAIN.

Edward: Ok.

Belz: Edward!

Pixie_Girl: I am so angry with you. I will have to um... think up an evil scheme. Give me time.

Pixie_Girl: Angry face

Belz: Oh you mean : (A/N: That is an angry face on MSN, I have no idea why and if you do please say so)

Pixie_Girl: : : :

Pixie_Girl: I hate you so much I can't even say it in words.

Edward: Jasper.

Edward: A little help?

Jasper: No Edward. She can be angry at you.

Jasper: She should be.

Pixie_Girl: Thank you.

Goat: Daddy, I think you should fix Alice's car.

Edward: Goat?

Belz: It's Renesmee

Rose: Her favourite animal is a goat

Edward: Oh

Edward: OK

Jasper: Where did you go Alice?


Jasper: Which is?

Pixie_Girl: I typed vampires into this weird thing called goggle

Belz: Google, Alice

Pixie_Girl: Whatever.

Pixie_Girl: Anyway, I typed it in and it came up with this thing about a thing called twilight.

Edward: WTF? Thing about a thing called twilight?

Goat: Um, Daddy, you said a naughty word.

Edward: No i didn't.

Goat: Well, you implied it.

Belz: Edward, stop arguing with your daughter. You said a naughty word and you know it. Don't do it again or I'll ban you from MSN for a month.

Belz: No, wait, scratch that. I won't come near you for a month.

Edward: You know you don't have that sort of restraint.

Belz: Oh don't I?

Pixie_Girl: GUYS!

Edward: Oh yeah. The thing about the thing.

Belz: Called twilight. Uh huh go on.


Belz: WT...H?

Goat: Is hell a bad word?

Belz: Only if Daddy says it, hon.

Goat: Ok.


Edward: Alice, maybe you should put the wine down now.

Pixie_Girl: I AM NOT JOKING!

Pixie_Girl: it said you were fictional too.

Belz: You mean my husband is not REAL?

Pixie_Girl: Neither are you.


Edward: What's wrong with that?

Pixie_Girl: It should be the other way round. Like, you should be described as my brother cos I'm the amazing one.

Edward: You mean I'm more important than you?

Pixie_Girl: According to this you are.

Edward: Yes!

Pixie_Girl: But Bella's more important than you. It's from her point of view.

Belz: Yes in your face!

Edward: Damn!

Goat: I'm still here you know.

Belz: Would you stop saying bad words in front of our daughter???

Goat: Am I in this?

Pixie_Girl: Yes. OMG! It has like all of our secrets!

Carlisle: WHAT?

Pixie_Girl: I know! That's what I thought!

Belz: You and Esme have been quiet…

Carlisle: You guys won't let us get a word in.

Belz: True…

Edward: Bella, concentrate. This website has our SECRET on it!

Pixie_Girl: It's not a website- it's a full-blown best-selling book!

Esme: Oh dear.

Pixie_Girl: Yes- oh bloody dear indeed!

Goat: Ummm..... she said a naughty word.

Pixie_Girl: Oops.

Pixie_Girl: Wait! I've had an idea!

Belz: Which is?

Jasper: What is your idea Alice?

Edward: Lord help us.

Pixie_Girl: There we go. I posted a comment on the website saying that I know the Cullens very well and they are most definitely not vampires. I signed it anonymous. ;)

Edward: Oh yes. Now everybody's sure to believe that we're not vampires. Well done Alice.

Pixie_Girl: Thanks

Edward: I was being sarcastic.

Pixie_Girl: Oh.

Belz: Maybe we should campaign?

Edward: Against what?

Belz: I meant complain.

Edward: Oh.

Jasper: Has anyone else noticed that Em and Rose have signed out whilst we were distracted by the whole "the entire universe knows our secret" thing?

Belz: WHAT?



Jasper: I was merely pointing it out.

Belz: I'm going to get them right now!

Edward: Um… Bella… I wouldn't do that right now if I were you… *grimace*

Belz: I don't care.

Belz: I'll thump on their door until they come out.

Carlisle: Maybe we should save this fight for later, Bella.

Belz: Why?

Carlisle: We do have more pressing matters at hand. Like the entire universe knowing our secret.

Belz: That can wait. Emmett and Rose are going to pay!

Belz has changed her status to "Fighting Emmett. Will probably be back in about ten minutes looking happy dragging a lifeless Emmett at my feet"

Edward: Alice, is Bella actually going to kill him?

Pixie_Girl: Get real Edward. Of course not. He is going to pay though…

Esme: How?

Pixie_Girl: Wait and see…


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