AN: Okay. As far as I'm aware, this is the first story posting in the category of 'Wolf' that I suggested a while back. Whoo.

I hope I got the wolf behaviors correctly, especially at the part where there is more than one wolf. Please let me know if anything is off, thanks.

This is just a quick little oneshot, so enjoy!

Solitary Howl

A pair of amber eyes slowly and carefully followed the movement of its prey. Watching every single move the small animal took, it calculated how long it would take for the animal to be lifeless on the ground in its jaws.

The wolf felt a deep growl in his throat, threatening to escape and give away his position, but fortunately the wolf managed to growl very quietly as its yellow eyes continued to follow the hare's every movement.

As if deciding that the prey was close enough to its maw, the wolf crouched into an offensive position, muscles taught, before exploding out into the clearing with its powerful hind legs. The hare, seeing its possible demise, let out a little squeak of fear and bounded off in the direction of its home. Its safehaven.

The chase was on.

Unfortunately, the hare was no match for the power and endurance of the wolf. The wolf managed to run the hare to its exhaustion point, all the while herding it away from its hole, and tackled the animal to the ground. Ending the hare's life almost instantly with the snap of its neck, the wolf licked its chops and settled down to have a midnight snack.

The wolf had almost finished devouring its prize, when it heard the howls of a nearby wolf pack. Instantly, the wolf's back went rigid and its hackles rose as it started to growl.

In front of the wolf was a pack of four wolves, all looking hungrily at the almost-finished hare. Food was scarce in these parts of the woods so competition for food was fierce.

Because it hadn't eaten in days, the lone wolf was determined to fight for its food and therefore stood its ground against the threatening wolf pack. It was clearly outnumbered, but it would try anyways.

The bigger of the wolves in the wolf pack padded forward, hackles raised as well, as it sized up the lone wolf. It raised its tail in dominance and snapped its teeth as a warning all the while letting a long growl escape from its mouth.

The lone wolf – with a slightly less dominate personality – whimpered and slunk back and allowed the massive male wolf to eat the rest of his hare.

It was going to stick around, either. So, with that thought in mind, the lone wolf launched into a run and let out a mournful howl.

The howl of a solitary wolf.

A solitary howl.

AN: I told you it was short! I really want to practice on writing stories about animals though, so I would really like some feedback on this. Thanks.