He had been gone for an hour. What can you do in an hour? This is not a rhetorical question. I am done with secrets; I am done with lies and liars. From now on I want someone to tell me the truth, whatever that may entail. So for all the things you could possibly do in an hour, I lay on the kitchen floor trying to work out why I was such a dumbass. He had never loved me in that way, I don't know why he did what he did, but it's not because he loved me and I can also take it that he doesn't love Oli either. If he loved Oli then why would he kiss me? It just wouldn't make sense to do that, because when you love someone you don't cheat on them, you just don't.

I got up and started to make coffee for something to do, what else was there. I wondered where Frank and Matt had gone but then I gave up thinking about Frank, it only made me angry after all. I sat down on the table just for a change; I needed a change, a new perspective if you will. I downed my coffee in one and soon a chorus of spluttering and choking filled the kitchen. That stuff was too damned hot!

It was at that particular moment that the doorbell rang, of course they just had to come now. The timing was too perfect! I got up to answer it whilst nursing my tongue and hesitated by the door, remembering that the last time I had opened it I had also opened my life to yet more humiliation and disappointment. This time it couldn't be any worse, right?

Wrong. The second I opened the door I wanted to scream. If it wasn't one of them it was the other, Oli now stood on my doorstep looking awfully worried but when he saw my face he looked slightly ashamed.

"Hey" he whispered quietly.

"Um...Hi. You ok Oli?" he shook his head, obviously not ready to speak.

I invited him in and we both took seats at the kitchen table as I waited for him to speak, somewhat slowly and quietly he did.

"I'm just worried" he sighed outwardly and looked up at me.

"....About...." I prompted.

"I am worried about Frank and Matt. Well actually it is really Matt who concerns me the most, you know that he was in some kind of mental institution don't you?" I shook my head at this.

"Well he was, Frank told me when he was over there. There is a newspaper article about it, he set a house on fire and I'm not one hundred percent sure but I think most of his family died in the blaze."

"My god" was all I could respond with, an arsonist had just been in my house and I had no idea.

"Yeah, but it was really freaky when I was at Frank's house" I cringed at the idea of him anywhere with Frank "Matt was talking about you staring at me in Chemistry, then he was-"

"What!" I screamed "I was actually not looking at you! I was wondering who the new kid was!"

Oli looked rather shocked at my outburst "Dude, I know you like Frank, it's cool!"


"I know you were looking at Frank...and...I also saw him coming out of here with Matt." Oli looked down ashamed of himself.

"So you stalk your friends?" I responded.

"No" Oli replied "I stalked my boyfriend."

That really caught me off guard; I didn't expect him to openly admit that to me but then again why wouldn't he. If Frank was my boyfriend I would have no problem with others finding out. So I absently nodded.

"Gerard, before I go on....I need to know...did anything happen?" he looked away "Did anything happen, between you and Frank?" I almost felt sorrier for him than I was ashamed of myself, almost.

"Why would anything happen between us if he's your boyfriend?" I snapped quickly, Oli nodded.

"I'll take that as a yes then...I sortov, already knew. He doesn't love me." A single tear ran down the outside of his face as his whole posture crumpled slightly, but still remaining in the sitting position. I reached over and placed my hand on top of his, trying to comfort him even though we weren't meant to be friends, that's what he needed right now.

"Hey, well if it's any consolation he doesn't love me either." Oli scoffed at this "It's true. Trust me I wish it weren't but we are more of a game to him than you could ever know. When Matt saw me and Frank kissing he started singing, yes singing" I repeated as Oli looked up slightly confused "Yeah I can believe he was mental....is mental. He started singing about what a player Frank was and that's when I stopped kissing him and asked him to leave. There was no way I could have been with him after that. I loved him too much and the thing is that I'm not sure he even knows what love is!" I stood up with my chair flying backwards. "I could have given him everything, I needed to, but there was no way he would have done the same for me which I needed even more." It was at this point that I started crying as well and it was Oli's turn to speak.

"That's exactly what I felt for him as well. It's funny how one person can mess you up so badly." he mused.

"It's not funny, it's sick" I replied, and he only nodded.

Then bringing himself to his feet he walked over to face me.

"But no matter what he's done we need to protect him from Matt." Oli said defiantly.

"How do you even know Matt will hurt him or even have a negative influence on him?" Oli looked me dead in the eye and then began.

"Last night I had the weirdest dream about Matt, Gerard." That was weird.

"But you only met him today." I replied feeling confused.

"Exactly. In my dream Matt was in a burning house, I was there too and he was singing. Yes singing" he repeated for my benefit "You see how would I know about him and his fire obsession before I knew him? He was singing this song, I can't remember how it went but it was something about burning the city down and then he said something to me, and I didn't understand what he meant but now I think I do. It was a warning about himself." He took a step closer to me "Gerard, he was warning the both of us. We need to find those two now, or we could lose Frank forever.....'Last night he had the weirdest dream, that you and he drove of the darkest streets, passing through these lights that I created. Closure'".

I stood rooted to the spot as Oli recited those words.

"Cryptic and chilling, but you understand them don't you G? Closure. Death. I have to stop it, will you help me?"