The Hidden Machines Revealed

Journal of Pokémon Science and Research

Volume CXXIII, Issue 37

Page 94-98

Professor Samuel Oak, PHD, MD, DDS

Professor James Mason, an American researcher and student of the great Professor Oak, began development of a fantastic new technique machine project several years back. It was only recently that this project came to fruition, resulting in the culmination of five prototypes of a new type of technique machine. The new TMs would be reusable, the first of their kind to do so. In addition, they would not simply teach a new move, but rather encode upon a compatible user the gift of a new ability.

Before he could go public with his discovery, it became apparent that unwanted attention was being given to his project from the corporate sector. Because of this, he entrusted his five prototypes to five of his most loyal laboratory assistants. They were to hide and protect the prototypes until such a time as Mason could bring sufficient attention to the unwanted advances of Americorp. As a result of his misdirection, the new TMs were dubbed the "Hidden Machines."

Unfortunately, Professor Mason died before he could see his works thrive completely. However, his prototypes were successfully recovered by his granddaughter, Ms. Dixon Mason. And now, for the first time anywhere, I give you a brief look at the miraculous new technology, the Hidden Machines.

HM 01


The first of the Hidden Machines is often written off as the least fantastic of the bunch. However, it is quite possibly the most useful of all five, as it has the most potential usage of all five. After all, one may not have to walk on water, or lift fifteen tons, but one certainly needs to clear brush and obstacles, and what better way than to simply slice them out of the way? In addition, HM 01 is one of the two Hidden Machines that employs a change to the Pokémon's superstructure.

Combat Potential:

Upon uploading the genetic data encoded within the chip, the Pokémon gains a lethally sharp edge on one or more of its limbs. Some Pokémon already possess the necessary edge, in which case the Machine simply improves upon existing facilities. In either case, the organic blade possesses a lethal mono-edge, sharp enough to pierce nearly any and all substances with great ease. Clearly, this is an ideal form of attack, as even a Pokémon faced with an elemental disadvantage, or against a foe possessing superior natural armor (such as in the case of Rock, Ground and Steel types), the Cut maneuver can even the odds.

Non-Combat Potential:

However, combat is not the only purpose of the Hidden Machines. As such, each possesses certain day-to-day uses. In the case of 01, it is most useful for clearing away brush and obstructions.

HM 02


One of the more fantastic of the Machines, 02 gives the gift of expanded aerial capabilities to Pokémon who can already fly. While this HM possesses the most limited of compatible Pokémon from which to choose, the advantages it offers are staggering.

Combat Potential:

While in combat, a Flying type can activate its HM power in order to levitate an opponent off of the ground. In many cases, this renders its opponent completely helpless and unable to dodge whatever follow-up attacks the Pokémon delivers. Upon brief testing, I have found that this move is ineffective against Ground types, who are able to burrow beneath the ground, thus avoiding the attack. Naturally, the move is equally ineffective against other Flying types, for obvious reasons.

Non-Combat Potential:

If the advantages 02 offers in combat are priceless, then we must create a new category far beyond that value for its benefits in regular life. A Flying type with this new power has the capability of prolonged levitation of multiple objects, allowing it to fly unencumbered while still carrying passengers and/or cargo. In short, 02 offers completely uninhibited flight. The number of objects the Pokémon is able to carry simultaneously is dependent on its relative strength and level. In the case of the first test subject, the Pokémon had no problems levitating three passengers at once.

HM 03


Surf offers yet more proof into my thus far underappreciated theory that a Pokémon does not simply utilize its element, but rather shares a fundamental connection to it. In this case, it would be Water types' manipulation of bodies of water.

Combat Potential:

To utilize 03 in combat, a Pokémon first needs a fair amount of water; between nine and twelve cubic meters seems to be the ideal amount, but it can be performed with as little as three, with more subdued results. Lacking a natural body of water, the Pokémon in question can summon the water from its own body, gathering it about itself rather than allowing it to simply dissipate into its environment. Once sufficient water has been gathered, the Pokémon creates a localized tidal wave that delivers a crushing blow of pure aquatic force to its opponent. The move is devastating, and difficult to dodge.

Non-Combat Potential:

The true miracle of 03, however, lies outside of the ring. Traversing water has always been a difficulty for beginning and experienced trainers alike. However, 03 solves all of this. A Pokémon utilizing the Surf ability is able to gather water beneath itself, then condense it to the point where it forms a solid shelf. Despite this increase in density, the Pokémon is still somehow able to maintain the water shelf at surface level. The trainer, with cargo, is then able to ride this shelf to wherever he or she chooses. As with 02, the weight and item restrictions are dependent on the level of the Pokémon performing the move.

HM 04


The second of the HMs that alter a Pokémon's physiology, Strength is supremely advantageous to Pokémon that excel at hand-to-hand confrontations. The Machine targets a Pokémon's muscle and skeletal structure, completely redesigning it to increase strength to previously unthinkable levels.

Combat Potential:

Clearly, an increase in strength is an enormous boon to Pokémon that lack the greater elemental ability that others possess (Tauros is a prime example here). However, the HM is not limited to these specific types; on the contrary, 04 is possibly the most versatile of the five prototypes.

Non-Combat Potential:

The gift of super-strength can clearly be used to remove unwanted obstructions while traveling, similar to 01's non-combat potential. To put it simply, 04 is useful for the lifting and toting of heavy objects.

HM 05


Flash is the last, possibly most powerful of the five Hidden Machines. While its technique cannot cause damage to a Pokémon, its uses outside of the ring, as well as its non-lethal attack, prove to be among the most powerful of any techniques.

Combat Potential:

While in combat, a Pokémon equipped with Flash is able to summon an immense burst of photonic energy, with their body at the focal point. Because of this, the Pokémon suffers none of the repercussions of the move. Those outside of the focal point, however, are subject to a massive amount of white light, temporarily blinding them and impairing their vision for the duration of the match, time depending.

Non-Combat Potential:

When confronted with situations involving low-level lighting, a trainer may use his Pokémon, properly equipped with Unit 05, to shed some light on the subject. While it initially appeared that the Pokémon merely summoned the light and continued to radiate as needed, further testing suggests that the Pokémon possesses a modicum of photonic control; that is, it can manipulate the light as it sees fit, illuminating anything, anywhere.

As you can see, the secrets of the Hidden Machines have only begun to reveal themselves. I'm hoping that, with time and luck, I will be able to reproduce Professor Mason's extraordinary discovery, giving the world a safe, efficient, and reusable Technique Machine that will prove to be invaluable to both veteran and beginning trainers alike. His sacrifice will not be in vain, and his discovery will be shared with the world at a proper time. His dream will be realized.

Professor Samuel Oak

Owner, Founder, Curator and Chief Researcher

Oak Institute for Pokémon Research and Development

In loving memory of Jim Mason

His dream lives on…