(Joker and Harley belong to D.C)

The clown prince of crime stretched and yawned as he arose from bed and moved towards the window, gazing out into the horizon of Gotham.

It was early morning and Gotham city couldn't have looked any more serene, the sun rising in the darkness ever so slowly.

No one would expect that mayhem would befall in just a few hours. Yes, today would be an eventful day indeed; he would make sure of that.

Sometime, late in the afternoon probably, he would launch his newest crime spree against Gotham and the Batman, creating vast chaos and destruction for all who were vulnerable. It was going to be fun.

Now, staring out his window, Joker watched the sun rise into the black sky, chuckling silently to himself as he thought of ways he could frustrate Batman. The caped crusader was defiantly going to have his work cut out for him this time!

The sun rose sluggishly, clouds drifting through space like dust in the wind, turning the once-dark sky into a painting of many pretty colors. It was truly a beautiful sight.

Hearing a hushed groan from the bed, Joker turned to see his dear hench-wench, Harley rising and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She smiled lovingly at him the minute he came into her gaze, happy that she was present to fawn over him in all his glory.

He grinned teasingly at her.

"Hello, Harl! Up early? Daddy was just watching the city before he let's loose his plan."

Harley arose with a giggle, throwing her arms around him and affectionately nuzzling his shoulder.

"'Morning, Puddin'! Ain't you just the greatest sight to see?"

Usually, he would shove the ditzy dame away from him, but today Joker didn't seem to want to. Perhaps it was because of his good mood.

Peeking from under his arm, Harley looked out the window and sighed.

"Wow, Mistah J! Just get a load of that sunrise! It's so pretty."

He chuckled at her innocence and patted her on the head.

"I suppose. It certainly won't be pretty out when Batman comes a-knocking, though!"

The two clowns watched the sunrise in distracted calmness. It was as if there was never a sunrise as beautiful as this one. It almost seemed to be a sign; a supernatural promise that today was a good day to start anew.

Slowly, Harley's hand found the Joker's, grasping it tenderly with nothing less than love.

For some strange reason, the clown felt no urge to withdraw it. He simply let her cling to it, letting her move closer to him.

"I'm glad I got up early," Harley whispered softly, "I love you so much, Puddin'."

He grunted and didn't reply. A strange, foreign feeling was sweeping over him like a mask, making his heart pang in the weirdest way. He wasn't sure what these feelings meant, but he knew that they would soon vanish like the moon from the sky had.

Presently, as the sun floated upwards and the surreal colors of the sunrise began to fade, they continued to stand at the window, watching in silence.

For now, all was tranquil.