Have you ever desired something to such an extent 

that it's kept you up at night,

literally killing you inside, 

because you feel like you'll never win it.

Have you ever tried so hard,

feet bleeding, and legs shaking,

arms tired, and head aching.

And you swear to all that is good and holy,

if you dance another eight count you'll die on the spot?

Have you ever been so passionate about a song

that you feel like there's no possible way 

you could ever express it in movement...

And then out of nowhere 
comes the most beautiful and inspiring choreography you've ever done?

Have you ever felt so over worked and tired,

After all the hours and hours

of the cliche blood, sweat and tears,

and more Excedrin than you think is legal,

you hear a critic say that they don't like your concept,

and you just want to give up right there
but then you have an epiphany and wonder,

"What does it matter what they think?"

Because thats your heart on that stage,

and you know it belongs there.

And after all the pain, failures, and hours you work
you know that it'll all be worth it...

Because dance is your passion.
And no one can ever take that away from you.

I wrote this after receiving a bit of harsh criticism at a choreography session I was working in the other day. It's really difficult to have something that you put your heart and soul into judged harshly, when they might not really get the concept anyway.

Regardless, I'd really like to hear what you all think, reviews are always appreciated :o)