The story begins over Christmas break, a few days before Hermione returns to her 6th year at Hogwarts. My first HP fan fiction so I hope you enjoy!

I in no way own Harry Potter.

Hermione woke to the sound of a beeping heart monitor. She was groggy, and it took a while to regain full consciousness.

"Thank God your awake!" Suddenly her mother's arms were flung across her in an embrace. The simple touch made her ache. Hermione moaned as she realized her whole body was soar.

"Oh, sorry dear!" Her mother quickly stepped back.

"Mom.... What's going on?" Hermione looked down to see she was in a stark white bed. Her arm was connected to an IV and one of her legs was held up in a sling. The leg was covered in bandages and Hermione let out a gasp to see the bandages were soaked in blood. All the machines surrounding her bed told her she must be in a muggle hospital.

"Oh sweetie, you don't remember do you?" Her mother sighed and sat down in a chair near her bed. "Well a few nights ago you had gone out…there was some project you had to do for Astronomy I think? You told me you had to go somewhere far away from artificial light, so I suggested the woods behind the house…." Her mother cursed under her breath. "I..I should have never recommended that to you! If you hadn't gone into those woods…this would have never happened!" Her mother began to tear up.

"Mom, look at me, I'm ok! Don't blame yourself for…. wait you never said what happened?"

Hermione's mother calmed down, drying up her tears, "Well, about an hour after you had left, your father and I heard screaming from the woods. Your father quickly ran out after you. He told me that he found you on the ground unconscious…your leg had been bitten and you were bleeding out. Whatever had attacked you was already gone."

Hermione tried hard to remember any of this but no recollection came. "Where's dad now?"

"He's out in those woods. Him and a few animal control men are trying to hunt down whatever attacked you."

Before Hermione could respond, a doctor marched into the room.

"Ah, Ms. Granger your up. How do you feel?"

"Sore…and sleepy."

"Well I can prescribe some medication for the pain. I've come in, though, to tell you some good news! You've tested negative for rabies and if you see here…"

The doctor quickly unwrapped the bloody bandages on Hermione's leg. What he revealed was a completely healthy calf, not even a hint of damage or scarring. Hermione's mother gasped in shock.

"Your leg has completely healed! It's really a medical marvel. At the rate of your healing, I would be confident in letting you discharge from the hospital today if you'd like."

Her mother beamed at the man. "Oh thank you doctor! Hermione this is wonderful news isn't it?"

"Yes…um…I'm really tired and I thin-"

"That's fine honey, we'll leave you to rest." Her mother kissed her forehead and left the room with the doctor.

Hermione just sat on her bed looking at the leg. She was beginning to suspect this 'medical marvel' was not the wonder the doctor believed. Before falling asleep, an explanation ran threw her mind…and it was something much worse than rabies. She quickly shoved the thought out of her head. 'No need to over react…. not just yet anyways.'

Hope you guys like it so far! Next chapter involves Hermione dealing with some new ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! I'd love feedback and what you all think so far!