CHAPTER 7: Mr. and Mrs. Dracula.

Alucard had no sooner unloaded the last crate of doves than some frenzied cook accidentally bumped into him and fell to the floor. Alucard glared down at the fallen cook, who looked like he was barely able to keep from wetting himself. "Is there a problem?" The vampire asked in a slightly threatening tone.

"I-I-I n-need t-ta find S-S-Sir Integra." The cook stammered before adding a cowardly and pleading, "Please, don't eat me."

Alucard just continued glaring. "I'm not going to eat you..." The cook seemed to calm slightly, but then Alucard continued, "But, Master might... She's not in a very good mood right now."

The cook gulped. "B-but there's a problem. The truck that was suppose to deliver the chickens got in an accident. And-d... and now we don't have any chicken for the wedding dinner."

"Hmmm." Alucard replied and stroked his chin. The vampire's lip then curled and he looked over at the crate of doves. "I think I've got an idea." Alucard said before chuckling darkly.

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It had been a long time, centuries in fact, since Darius had held a blade. But there were somethings one never forgot: the first person they ever had a crush on, how to ride a bike, or in Darius's case... a horse; and of course, the perfect balance of a well forged Katana. The immortal priest leapt into the fray, slicing and dicing the small birds with the skill of a millennium old swordsman.

Seras was not quite... 'impressed', by the display. After seeing her master and Walter in action, it took a lot to impress the fledgling vampire. But she was pleasantly surprised. It seemed that Darius didn't really need her protection after all. Tsukune, on the other hand, did.

The boyfriend of Alucard's daughter was huddled down with his hands over his head. And rather than trying to fight the murderous birds off, the fifteen year old just stayed where he was and did his best to shield his small body from the mad doves' sharp talons.

"Ahhhh!" Tsukune screamed as he suffered dozens of small cuts to his hands and back, each one causing small spurts of blood to leap into the air, spurts which served to attract even more of the psychotic 'rats with wings'.

Seras charged to the young boy's defense, batting at the birds with her hands, while the sweet smell of Tsukune's virgin blood filled her senses, causing her stomach to rumble and her eyes to glow red. Seras tried to fight her instincts, to resist the urge to feed, but soon the fledgling vampire's nature got the better of her. She gave into her blood lust... but not completely. Rather then feeding on the boy, the fledgling instead began to grab hold of the doves and tear them apart above her head, spilling their life blood into her waiting mouth.

No longer feeling the sting of the birds' talons, Tsukune tentatively removed his hands from his head and looked around; but what he saw made his blood run cold with fear. Despite dating one of Alucard's daughters and getting to know both her 'sealed' and 'unsealed' versions fairly well, the fifteen year old, had never seen a vampire in true blood lust before; and overcome by fear, he ran.

"No, wait! Stay down! You're going to get hurt!" Darius called out as he took off after the kid.

Seras just ignored them both and continued to 'feed' from the doves that attempted to swarm her.

"Ahhhhh!" Tsukune yelled as he ran away from the blood lust vampire.

"Ehhhhhh!" Moka shrieked as she ran from another pack of crazed doves.

And when the two met, Tsukune tripped and instinctively grabbed hold of Moka's rosario for support. However, the cross came off of its chain, and both it and Tsukune fell to the ground. Then there was a flash of deep purple light. Moka's pink hair turned silver; and her bust line, the size of her rear and the length of her fingernails all noticeably increased.

Not too far away, a bat flew up into the air and commented, "When the Rosario is removed from Moka-chan's neck, the blood of a true vampire awake..."

The bat was cut off as Kokoa reached up and grabbed it. "What do you think you're doing? Get back here and help me out." Alucard's other daughter said, sounding put out that her weapon had decided to transform and play commentator.

A bead of sweat rolled down the bat's face, and it let out a nervous laugh as it shifted back into a mace.

Meanwhile, the 'dark' Moka had fully risen to the surface. She effortlessly batted away an attacking dove and looked around before casting an annoyed expression at Tsukune. "You brought me out to deal with a bunch of doves?"

Tsukune laughed nervously. "Well... they're attacking everyone... even the other Moka was running from them, and... Well, I tripped. And... and it was an accident."

Moka huffed and rolled her eyes before replying. "Well, at least there's a lot of them. Maybe their numbers will provide some... meager entertainment." And with that the silver haired 'S'-class monster began a full fledged assault, of aerial kicks, against the swarming doves.

Darius, seeing that the 'unsealed' Moka was more than capable of protecting Tsukune by herself, ran back to where he'd left Seras and tried to calm her blood lust mode before she went too far and attacked one of the wedding guests.

Blasting the doves with a gun had finally begun to lose its appeal to the No-Life King. He turned to his master, sighing as he blew the head off of another dove without even looking. "Master, have you had enough, yet?"

Integra discharged three more rounds before turning to her servant. "Enough? This whole thing is utterly preposterous! Of course I've had enough, you bloody idiot!"

Alucard grinned smugly. "Well in that case, Master... Do I have your authorization to release the Control Art Restriction?"

Integra stopped and thought about the request for a moment before growling. "Fine, Alucard, but only until the doves have been dealt with... and do try to keep from hurting the wedding guests."

"Even the Iscariots?" Alucard asked, prompting offended looks from Maxwell, Yumiko and Heinkel.

"Yes, Alucard, even the Iscariots. We did invite them after all. It would be in poor taste to allow my... 'pet' to rip them apart and suck their blood." Integra replied with a half smile.

Alucard let out a dark chuckle before responding, "Very well, Master. Releasing Control Art Restriction to level three... level two... level one. Situation B. The Cromwell approval is now in effect. Hold release until targets are silenced." And with that Alucard's 'human' form disappeared beneath a swirling mass of red eyed shadows.

The mass floated up and a dark chuckling filled the air as black tendrils shot out, skewering the remaining birds in mid-flight. The tendrils then retracted back into the shadowed mass, pulling thousands of twitching birds along with them.

And with a disembodied belch, it was all over. Not a single dove could be seen anywhere in the skies above the Hellsing mansion, and the mass of shadows descended back to the ground. The black mass then twisted itself inside-out until, once again, Alucard stood in his human form.

Darius had finally managed to calm Seras out of her blood lust mode. The fledgling looked up at the priest with an embarrassed expression. "S-Sorry."

Darius smiled back down. "It's okay... At least you didn't hurt anyone." Seras half smiled, and Darius continued. "Come on, let's go find that groom of yours." Then the half smile expanded into a full fledged one as Seras rose and the two set off to find her master.

Luckily, he wasn't too hard to find. He was still in the same place that Seras had seen the shadow mass descending to. Seras called out and waved at her master, before seeing the sleeve of her dress and realizing how horrible she must look.

The fledgling's dress was nearly shredded from the doves' sharp talons. Her hair was matted down with a mixture of blood and sweat. Her body... as well as what remained of her dress was caked in blood and guts from the doves she'd fought. Yet, to her master... Seras had never looked better.

Alucard shadow shifted over to his bride's side and looked her over, hungrily.

Darius, recognizing, the gleam in Alucard's eyes decided to cut to the chase, before his... less than pure groom got carried away. "Do you, Vlad Drăculea, take this woman, Seras Victoria, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall... 'live'?"

"Of course I..." Alucard began.

But Darius cut the vampire off, "I wasn't finished yet." The priest loudly cleared his throat. "Now... Do you promise to love and cherish her; and, forsaking all others, pledge to her your commitment and your... fidelity until death do you part?"

Alucard glared at the priest for his implication... But the vampire did understand why Darius had emphasized the part he did. To have and to hold was one thing, but to pledge one's fidelity and to forsake all others was quite another... especially for an immortal vampire. Eternity was a long time. Alucard's face twisted slightly, but then he looked down into Seras's beautiful eyes. They were so full of hope... and love... even towards a self admitted monster like him. "Oh, fine." Alucard replied.

And Darius, wisely deciding not to push for the traditional 'I do', moved on to Seras. "Do you, Seras Victoria..."

"I do." The vampire fledgling replied before Darius could get another word out.

The immortal priest shook his head. "Anxious?" He asked with a slight grin. Seras blushed, and Darius chuckled. "Fine. Then by the power invested in me by God Almighty and through the divinity of His only begotten son, our Lord Jesus Christ, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Seras closed her eyes, parted her lips slightly and leaned forward expectantly. She was then roughly jerked and laid across Alucard's shoulder.

Seras eeped, before exclaiming, "Master, what... what are you doing? You're suppose to kiss me." Seras responded as she squirmed in protest.

Alucard repositioned her slightly, tightening his grip, and began to walk towards the mansion. "Oh don't worry, Police Girl. I'm going to 'kiss you' all right. But I doubt you're going to want to be out in public when I do." Alucard smiled smugly before continuing, "Besides, we wouldn't want to give my daughters any ideas... now would we?"

Although Seras couldn't see the smile from her position, she still got her master's meaning. "Oh." Seras failed to restrain a little giggle as her face flushed. But then she remembered something. "M-Master... What about the reception? All the guests..."

"Let them wait." Alucard growled as he entered the mansion and began to head towards the basement. "God knows I have." Alucard continued in a low grumbling voice that was more to himself than Seras. "Two years, absolutely ridiculous."

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