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I had a hard time paying attention in English.

It might have had a little something to do with the two kisses Cloud and I had shared.

Or it might be that I was worried, a tiny bit, about what would happen if we didn't work out. We'd still be friends...right? Because there was no way I'd be able to live here, go to school here, without Cloud backing me in friendship.

And now in love.

"Miss Lockhart? Miss Lockhart?!"

I glanced up.

"Fuck." I whispered before answering "Yes?"

"Were you even paying attention?"

"Uhm...no. Sorry about that."

I was blushing. Oh God.

"Do you mind reading chapter three for us now, Miss Lockhart?"

"Oh uhm...of course I'll read."

I looked down at the paper and began to read.


"Fuck was that embarrassing or what?!" I exclaimed.

Ashe chuckled. "It could've been worse."

"Oh really? How could it have been worse?!"

"She could have made you read more than one chapter of that horribly boring classic." Rikku offered.

Ashe swatted her away. "Romeo and Juliet is amazing, Ri."

Rikku shook her head. "It's overkill. Slightly pathetic. All kinds of little emo kids probably sit reading that book, wondering if they should poison or stab themselves because they can't be with someone they think they're in love with."

Ashe stared at her in mock-horror. "How does the perfection of Romeo and Juliet escape you?"

Rikku shrugged. "I dunno. But hey, I gotta be off. Squall's being a douche about me missing practice...now I have to make it up with him. See you guys later."

I linked arms with my best friend. "So...what class do we have next?"

Ashe flashed her perfect teeth at me.
Just that morning she- or more accurately, her parents- had set it up with Lucrecia that we have each and every class together.

Gotta love it.


"So we get the hot teacher." I said with a wink.

Ashe grinned wider. "Hell yes we do!"

I really love my best friend.


"For a hot teacher, Valentine really can be a prick about homework." I sighed.

Aerith made a face. She hated the language I used, and I was trying hard to change how I talked.

"Sorry..." I muttered, turning back to my homework.

The math was giving me a fucking headache.

"Hey Aer, I'm going for a walk in the courtyard."

"Curfew's in twenty."

"I'll make sure I'm back in fifteen."


"You come here often?" A voice jeered, and Cloud smiled at me goodnaturedly as he began walking with me.

"Oh yes. I always come here." I said, sharing in this joke.

He smiled. "So...about earlier."

I stopped. "Yeah?"

"That...was the most amazing kiss I've ever had."

I smiled.

"The most amazing?"


"So nothing can compare?"


I pulled his face down to mine, and we stood there, wrapped up in each other.

I was woken to sunlight streaming through the window the next morning. It was Saturday. So why was Aerith...studying?

She looked at me. "Good morning. Sleep well?"

I nodded.

"Ashe wants you to come eat with her in town. Apparently something important is going on."

"She's been by already?" I was amazed. Ashe wan't an early morning person.

"It's almost eleven, Ti." Aerith informed me.

"Holy crap." I muttered. Aerith gave me a pleased look. I had actually managed to watch my language.

I sat up, pushing the covers off myself.

"Ugh." I mumbled, getting up so I could change and go find my best friend.
Ashe was outside the door, about to knock just as I opened it.
"I need to tell you something like ohmyGod you won't believe this I cant believe it myself like ohmyfuckingGod!"
I braced myself as she dragged me down the hallways, through the front doors, towards the boardwalk.
She was determined to get there right away, wherever there was.
We ran through the front door of a small cafe where she plopped us down and ordered two Oreo milkshakes with extra Oreos.
That was our regular order that never changed, so I went along with it.
"So why did you drag me here?"
Ashe huffed. "I did not drag you here, you're being overly dramatic."
I raised an eyebrow.
"Ok so I did drag you. But this is so fucking important."
Obviously. Ashe avoided bad language almost as much as Aerith did, so judging by the way she'd said "Fuck" in the last ten minutes, it really was important.

"So what the hell is going on?" I asked finally, when it became clear she wasn't going to just tell me without asking.
"Rasler's family contacted me."
I gasped. "Seriously? W-why?"
"They want me to go to their home to stay in the summertime. They want to introduce me to Rasler's older brother."
I noticed Ashe had a note of hostility in her voice as she said this.
"Um...so why is this bad...or is it good?" I asked uncertainly.
"It's like this. I feel like they're thinking they missed out when Rasler died and I wasn't necessarily...linked...to their family anymore. I feel like they want to set me up...with Rasler's brother Rex."
I gasped. "That's not even right though!"
Ashe nodded, her shortish blonde hair falling into her face.
"I kind of want to go out there though, I did like his parents. But I also am having second thoughts."

She sipped at the shake the waitress brought. "Ugh." She muttered unhappily.
I sipped at my own, wondering what to say to make my best friend feel better.

We left the cafe a little while later, and Ashe brightened slightly when she saw stores come into view. "C'mon...this will be my therapy like no other."
I rolled my eyes but followed her through every store anyways, actually enjoying myself.

Until we saw the Ulaine group again.

"Shit." Ashe muttered, not looking towards Penelo.
But I narrowed my eyes and watched her. She was glaring at us, and those guys she'd been with last time were too.
But Ashe ignored it, and their little "Princess Bitch" remarks with a small smile on her face.

We returned to school with better moods and lots of new clothes.
And a soccer game that night.

"Ulaine again?!" I shouted.
"The last match they played unfairly. This time we'll win with Tifa not being knocked out."
"Yeah Tifa...no more getting K.O'ed." Tidus joked before getting smacked in the back of the head by Rikku.
"Let's play our best, guys. We can kick their asses. I know we can." Squall said, and Rinoa stood up next to him.
"Let's do this!" She shouted, and we all cheered.
Cloud came over unnoticed when it was almost time and kissed me softly, running his fingers over my jawline.
"I'll be watching out for you." He whispered.
I smiled into his lips as I kissed him again before we headed out to our game.

The first person from Ulaine I saw was Seifer. I smiled at him as I shot the ball at Rinoa, who expertly weaved through Kadaj, Paine, and a few of our teammates before scoring.

"Yes..." I muttered, and I could hear Rikku cheering from her spot, where she was fighting for the ball from Paine.
The two were practically attacking each other over it, but in the end Rikku won, kicking the ball towards Cloud, who ran with it towrds Ulaine's side.
I watched him in awe. That was my boyfriend out there, looking fucking amazing as he wove between people and managed to pass the ball to Ashe, who kicked it right past Loz's smirk into the goal.
"C'mon guys, doing great!" I heard Squall shout as I ran forward with the ball.

I went down, trpping over something in the grass. Kadaj stole the ball and scroed against our team, Tidus missing the ball by inches.
I groaned and jumped up, and suddenly Seifer was right there leering at me. The ball was between us, throw in expertly by Rikku with one of her handstands.
I gritted my teeth as Seifer and I were surrounded by our teams, each person grappling for the ball.

I managed to kick my way out of there with the ball, and scored again.

It only took ten more minutes before we won the game.

Ulaine was looking pretty exhausted...and pissed off.

"Sore losers much?" Cloud joked from my right.
I turned to him. "Hell yes." I answered, pulling his lips to mine as our team cheered.


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