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A/N: This was written for the "Resolution" theme at batfic contest on LJ. The word count limit was 500 words. I am thinking about expanding this drabble into a longer oneshot though. Maybe.

A New Year

Bruce sighed, leaned against his balcony, and tossed the champagne in his glass over the edge.

The annual Wayne Family New Year's Eve Party was a tradition, one that Alfred insisted he kept up for appearances. But the arrival of a new year hardly seemed worth celebrating when so much had gone wrong in the past one.

No sooner had Joker been locked up in Arkham than a new threat appeared. A masked burglar the media had dubbed Catwoman, whose extraordinary solo heists made Joker's bank robberies look like a catwalk. The media blamed Batman for her shenanigans, even theorizing they were cohorts, despite the fact Batman had foiled her latest attempt to steal a priceless necklace from the Gotham Museum of Art. It didn't help that they'd been caught on tape during the unfortunate moment Catwoman had chosen to kiss him before making her escape. Catwoman knew how to cover her tracks. Despite his best efforts, he was no closer to discovering her identity.

"Got a light?"

Bruce turned and saw a raven-haired beauty in a silky black dress standing before him.

"Sorry. I'm not allowed to carry fire hazards anymore."

"Ah, right. Never mind." The woman put her cigarette away. "I need to quit anyway, my line of work."

"Ms. Kyle, isn't it?"

"Call me Selina, Mr. Wayne."


"Bruce. I noticed the Gotham Humane Society had you listed as one of their top contributors. The way the paparazzi portray you, you don't seem like the animal type."

"I'd have to disagree with you there. I come off as a bit of a snake sometimes."

"Or a dog, the way you run through women. Tell me, Bruce, do you believe in monogamy?"

"Confidentially, yes, but don't tell my three dates that."

"Don't worry, I don't know their names."

"Neither do I. Actually, Selina, my parents were always strong supporters of animal rights. I make a donation each year in their memory."

"Admirable. What are you doing out here alone, anyway?"

"Just thinking about my New Year's resolution."

"And what kind of resolution does a man like you make?"

"Business matters. A client I've got my eyes on that I just can't seem to catch. You?"

"Typical woman's dream. A piece of jewelry I've been eyeing. Nothing my boyfriend could afford, of course."

"You should dump him then."

"Believe me, I'm considering it."

Suddenly, the crowds of guests inside the penthouse began chanting the countdown.

"Sounds like the ball's dropping. Won't your dates miss you?"

"I'm sure they'll find some other socialite to smooch."

"I better get going, Bruce."

Selina turned to leave as loud cheers began ringing out. The New Year had arrived.

"On second thought…"

Selina pulled Bruce into a long, passionate kiss.

She released him, looked up into his eyes. "I hope your resolution comes true."

He watched her disappear into the celebrating throng. Then he touched his hand to his lips as a spark of realization came to his face.

"I think it will."