This is my very first fan fic. I have always watched NCIS so I decided to write my own fan fiction.

This story is my take on season 8. Tony is working undercover unbeknownst to Gibbs or any of the team until Tony goes missing and is then found dead.

Warning of violence and possible character death. The way this will work is with the teaser being set toward the send of the season with most of the story written as a flashback then the ending back at present time.


Gibbs had been up in MTAC all day after learning that his Senior Agent had not reported in all week. Gibbs was upset because once more his Senior Agent was sent undercover without his knowledge or consent. Of course Gibbs rarely worried about Tony when he worked alone because that was when Tony was at his very best. However, almost two weeks with little contact with Tony and learning that he had been missing for five days with his cell phone off enough for Gibbs to decide to put a Bolo out for Tony

The picture finally popped up on the screen in MTAC that broke Gibbs out of his trance. Tony was shown late at night with his back facing the screen. Gibbs could only see his shadow, but it was obviously Tony with a woman he couldn't quite make out because it was so dark out. From the background Gibbs could tell there was water behind where Tony was standing but he could not recognize where it was.

Gibbs felt a warm hand on his shoulder and turned around to see Ziva right behind him. Gibbs turn his back to the screen and posed the question he was had feared asking all day. "Has Tony called to check in with you or McGee at all today?" Ziva looked Gibbs in the eye and said "McGee and I haven't heard from Tony in about two weeks." "I will keep trying to call Tony." Gibbs looked back at her with the look in her eyes asking the other question he had avoided asking all day. Her turned to Ziva and said"I don't know Ziva, I just don't know." At that, Gibb's eyes went back to the screen where Tony and the woman where standing in moonlight to see the time stamp of April 9, 2011 at 11:30 pm.

With a sigh of relief, he at least knew that as of last Monday night that Tony was still alive and appearing alright. Gibbs looked at the screen and saw that Tony was still talking to the woman he seemed to know very well. There was also someone else in the background. The only thing he could make out was the shape of another man's face. He hoped that Abby could use her facial recognition software to find out who the mystery man was. Gibbs asked if the footage could be sent down to Abby's lab with the instruction to try and figure out who the mystery man and woman were. Because they were possibly the only people who might know of Tony's whereabouts and if he was still alive this mystery woman and man were the ones to know it.

Gibbs kept watching the video feed finally going back to the chairs so he could watch his agent to get a clue as to whether he was alive. An hour later he received a call with the possible lead he was waiting for.

Sorry for the cliffhanger teaser but I like a lot of suspense. Please read and review for me as I am winging this story with no season plot to follow.