Chapter 30

Conclusion Part 2

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Everyone was looking at the man hoping it wasn't bad news but assuming the worst. Agent Thompson sat down after he ended the phone call. He ran his hands wearily through his hair.

"Tony is awake" Thompson announced. He woke up about an hour ago. Andrea said that we could probably come and see him in an hour or so. Agent Gibbs, she also told me to tell you that he's been asking to see you. So we can finish up here if you and Doctor Mallard want to go and see him."

"No" Gibbs replied back after falling back into his chair. He wanted to abandon their work and rush off to see his Senior Field Agent. Despite all of the emotions he was feeling, he knew it best to stay and work on the case "We should all go and see him together. McGee, are you and Ziva done going through all of the files?"

"We are." McGee said "All of the files are in order. The only things we are missing are Tony's files. But we don't know where he may have put them or who may have them. Is there a chance that Agent Collins may know?"

"I don't know Agent McGee" Thompson asked "We were supposed to meet the night before he disappeared because he wanted to hand over all of the evidence. He seemed agitated when we talked. He was afraid of the evidence falling into the wrong hands. He never managed to tell me though. I'll ask Andrea later and find out what she knows. I am sure that she knows. DiNozzo told me once that he was going to show her. I sure hope for the sake of the case that she did or we are in trouble."

"Ziva" Gibbs barked out "Go and get Ducky. Tell him that we'll be leaving soon. And get Abby. Tell her to stop worrying. Oh and tell them that they have fifteen minutes or we leave without them."

Abby and McGee made it up to the Squad Room in record time. Everyone chuckled as Abby had her black jacket, parasol and skull and cross bone purse. Also she was trying to balance the Caf Pow that she had been drinking. She was coming around the corner to plop everything down on Tony's desk when she tripped over the corner of Tony's desk. If McGee hadn't been quick enough, everything would have gone flying through the air along with the Caf Pow.

Pretending not to notice, Gibbs barked to everyone that it was time to go. They decided to take two vehicles so they could get there as quick as possible.


Bethesda Naval Hospital

They arrived up at Tony's room just as the doctor was coming out. They could see him lying in the bed. He looked like he was awake and talking, presumably to Andrea.

"Jethro" Ducky said "I'd like to speak with Doctor Jacobs for a moment. Why don't you step inside to be with Anthony?"

Gibbs nodded his head yes. He was anxious to see the young man inside but at the same time nervous and afraid. He hoped that Tony wouldn't be mad at him. He hoped that he could be forgiven. Abby pushed Gibbs forward and he reluctantly walked inside.

As he walked into the room he was greeted with two sets of smiles. Andrea was sitting at his side holding his hand. Tony looked worn out but was smiling back at her. He could tell that they were incredibly close in a way that made him almost jealous. He wasn't sure that the two had noticed him yet. So he pulled the other chair up to sit on the other side of the bed.

"Boss" Tony said quietly "I was wondering when you'd be coming? I guess that you know Agent Collins."

"Yes, we've met" Gibbs answered as he sat back in his chair. "The others are waiting outside to see you. I'll tell them to make it quick. But we'll be back to see you tomorrow. You'd better be careful of Abby. I saw her walking into the gift shop. I'm sure that by now that she has a mountain of balloons for you."

Tony let out a weary sigh but had a big smile on his face. "Go ahead and let them come in. Good thing that this is a big room."

Tony closed is eyes as his boss and Andrea left the room. He was exhausted and still trying to sort things out in his head. He hated the way he had treated his Boss. But it was necessary to keeping his cover. He was just glad that Andrea was still alive. He knew that his team saved Andrea and now she was free. He just hoped that he could still be on Gibb's team after everything that had happened. He also hoped that the team would forgive him. He almost started crying at the thought of losing his job and all of his friends. But Abby bounding into the room with more balloons than he could have ever imagined stopped him. So he put his mask perfectly into place so that no one would know what was wrong.

"Tony, Tony, Tony" Abby hollered out "I'm so glad that you're okay. Never ever scare me like that again mister."

"I won't" Tony answered as he closed his eyes to the pain "Ziva and McGee can go ahead and come in."

Abby motioned for the two others to come in. Tony wished that they would just go and leave him. So many emotions were running through his head right now. On one hand he was anxious to see his friends. But on the other hand he just wanted some privacy right now.

"Tony" McGee asked seeing the fatigue and sadness in his friend's eyes. "We can come back when you're feeling stronger if you'd like."

"No" Tony answered fighting to keep the traitorous tears from falling "Its fine. I've missed all of you."

"We were worried about you" Ziva questioned "You look worn out. We will come back and see you later."

"That's fine." Tony answered trying hard to fight away the tears "I'll see you later."

Tony watched his friends leave the room. He really needed some privacy right now. The only one that could comfort him could barely keep her eyes open. He was going to ask Matt to take her home for the night. Andrea was exhausted and needed to get her first good night's sleep in months. He was relieved to see him walk in behind his boss.

"Matt" Tony asked "I want you to take Andrea home for the night. I know she's exhausted. I'm sure she doesn't want to go to her place. If you could let her stay with you tonight, I think it would be so much easier for her."

"Are you sure DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked from the doorway.

"I am" Tony said as the pain started creeping up again.

Noticing the agony he was in Gibbs ran out into the hallway to find a nurse. A few minutes later the doctor came. By that time he was barely aware of what was going on. He didn't even feel the pain medicine as it went into his body. He could feel himself sliding into nothingness.

As soon as Gibbs could see that Tony was asleep again he slipped out into the hallway. Outside, everyone was standing together after seeing the doctor rushing inside. He could see the tears on Andrea and Abby's faces.

"Tony's going to be okay" Gibbs announced "He was tired and in pain. The doctor gave him something to help so he'll be able to sleep through the night."

"Andrea" Matt said as he told hold of her hand "Tony wants you to come home with me tonight. You're tired and you can sleep in the spare bedroom."

"No" she said as she wiped even more tears away "I need to be here. I can't leave him."

"You won't be any good to him if you can't even keep your eyes open. I'm sure that the doctors and nurses will keep a close eye on him." Matt said stating the obvious. One only had to look at her to see she was about ready to collapse from exhaustion.

Abby walked over to her and pulled her away. She was just as worried about her friend as she was and would stay here as long as it took for Tony to be okay again. But she had to be strong for everyone else. "Go back with Agent Thompson" Abby said brightly "Tony will be here in the morning. You've got to take care of yourself. And besides I'll need you to help me bring in the rest of the balloons because Tony really really likes them." Andrea smiled as Abby went to go and stand behind McGee."

"That's fine" She said "I really could use a soft bed. Thanks Matt."

As visiting hours had actually ended an hour earlier, the nurse shoed everyone out with instructions for all of them to get some sleep. They all parted ways with the plan to meet at NCIS at 0600 before checking in on Tony.


Bethesda The next morning

Andrea was coaxed away from Tony's side as she was needed back at FBI to give her statement. This gave Gibbs the time to hopefully try and make amends with his Senior Field Agent. He was napping in the chair with a blanket that one of the nurses had left. He'd finished his first cup of coffee when he felt someone watching him. He sat up in his chair to see Tony lying there awake. Gibbs immediately pulled his chair up to the bed.

"Hey Boss" Tony whispered "What are you doing here?"

"What do ya think DiNozzo" Gibbs snarked "I was waiting here until Agent Collins got back?"

"Oh" Tony said with his eyes downcast. He really wanted to talk to his boss. But he wasn't ready to do it just yet.

"DiNozzo" Gibbs started to say. But Tony interrupted him.

"I don't want to talk about it right now." He started to pull the covers up so he could pretend to be asleep but the other man yanked them off of his head.

"We should talk about this now before it's too late Tony." Gibbs said as he put his hand on the other man's shoulder. "If we don't talk this out now we never will. So let's have this out right now."

"Boss" Tony tried again. But Gibbs wouldn't hear of it and decided to go first.

"DiNozzo" he said "I need to apologize to you. I should have listened to you when you came to me last winter. I was too wrapped up in that danged undercover op with the F.B.I. I wish that you'd forced me to listen to you. I could have protected you better."

"Boss" Tony answered not able to look into the blue eyes that were watching him. "I'm sorry. I know that I should have come to you that day in the bar. I recognized her immediately from a case that we worked together when I was a cop in Baltimore. Once I found out what she was doing, I knew that I had to help her. Rustav is a very dangerous man Gibbs. I knew that if she was found out somehow, all we'd find would be her body with a bullet hole in the back of her head. What could I do?"

"You could come to me" Gibbs quietly replied "We were too close this time. The next time you may not be so lucky. I, actually the team needs their Senior Field Agent back."

"But Boss" DiNozzo replied "How can I come back? Everything that I did was unauthorized. I lied to you and everyone. And after the last time we talked…. Well I can't ever take that back. Well I guess that some of it might have been true. I was just playing the part. I want to come back if you and everyone will take me back." He waited for the other man to say something but instead got a clip on the back of his head.

"DiNozzo" the older man asked "Next time just come to me first. Heck, you know my door is always open. I just don't want you to think you can't come to me."

Tony started yawning again and Gibbs took it as a sign to head back to work. "DiNozzo" Gibbs snapped "Abby, Ziva, and McGee will be here later so you may want to rest up a little bit. I'll be back later. And stay out of trouble. Ya hear me."

The younger man yawned and waved goodbye as he watched the other man leave. He felt better but he just wanted things to be back to normal. He'd seen the guard outside. He looked like he belonged to the F.B.I. but couldn't be too sure. He decided to close his eyes to rest but fell asleep before his head hit the pillow.


Bethesda 1800

Gibbs decided to wait until the evening to visit his agent again. He knew that Ducky had been there a few hours earlier to speak with the doctor. When he got to the room, Tony and Andrea were laughing about something he couldn't hear. As he got closer he noticed that they were looking at something that he couldn't make out. He stood in the doorway and watched the easy interaction between the two young people. From what he could make out, they were looking at some pictures brought in from Abby. Gibbs cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Sorry Boss" Tony said grinning sheepishly "Abby brought some pictures in from my place. Andrea wanted to know more about the team and I thought these were the best way."

"Sounds like he has a great group of friends Agent Gibbs" Andrea said with a smile "Oh and Tony's getting out of the I.C.U. tomorrow. They said that he's doing better than they thought. In fact, they said he could be out of here in a few weeks."

Gibbs sighed. He was so happy that his agent finally someone in his life. But at the same time he realized that he wasn't needed as much anymore. That saddened him a bit as he watched the two finish going through the rest of the photo albums.

The next day Tony was finally out of the I.C.U. and into a regular room. Abby had clearly seen to the decorations because every time Gibbs walked into the hospital room many times to find balloons and flowers covering every spare inch of the room. Every night Tony had Andrea take some of the balloons to the children's ward of the hospital. After about a week Tony finally broke down and told Abby what they were doing. She scolded the two but then agreed to help them deliver balloons every day to the sick children.

Finally the day came when he was finally released. He let Andrea take in home knowing that Gibbs would want him to stay at his place. But he just wanted to go home even if it was just for a few hours. He also needed to get his place back together after the last time he'd been there. Tony was a little bit disappointed to see that Gibbs wasn't there but figured he had caught a case or something. But he was finally ready to go.

"I have your car waiting for us." Andrea said with a smile.

"How'd you find it?" Tony asked as he eased himself into the waiting wheel chair.

"Agent Gibbs found it" She answered "He had Agent McGee track where the last GPS location on was. It took a couple of days but they found it. McGee thought it make you feel better knowing that your team found it."

"Yeah" Tony answered "So it was still at the airport where I hid it?"

"According to McGee and Abby it was still there" she answered back with smile "No let's get you home."

"You don't have to ask me twice" he answered as he was wheeled from the hospital room that had been his home for the last few weeks. He also was looking forward to spending time with his friends. A half hour later they had finally pulled up to his apartment building.


Tony's Apartment Building

"Let's get you inside then I'll come back for your things." Andrea announced as they went through the doorway. As soon as they made their way in through the doorway his manager walked out to great them.

"Tom" Tony said "This is Andrea Collins. She's an old friend of mine. It's kind of a long story but she'll be staying here for a few days." Andrea and Tom shook hands as he opened the elevator for the two younger people.

Tony was so worn out by the time they made it to his apartment that he didn't even hear the sounds coming from the other side. Andrea opened the door and ushered him inside.

"Surprise Tony welcome home" A bundle of pig tails yelled as he gave him one of her famous hugs.

"Abs" Tony gasped "I can't breathe. Let me go please."

"Sorry Tony" Abby exclaimed as she helped Andrea lower him to the nearest chair. She then proceeded to hop on the couch next to him. "Everyone, Tony's here now."

Tony looked confused by what Abby had said. He didn't know if it was because he was tired or if it was the pain medicine. He looked bewildered until he saw that everyone was there in his apartment.

"We made you dinner Tony" Abby exclaimed "Ziva and I made your favorite lasagna with garlic bread and a salad. We all wanted to be here to welcome you home."

"So DiNozzo" Gibbs barked out as he reached down to pat him on his shoulder. "You even think about helping and I'll head slap you so heard that you won't know what hit you."

"Hey Boss" Tony said quietly "Thank you for bringing my car back."

"No problem DiNozzo" Gibbs snarked "You owe me one now."

Ziva came and sat down on the other side and gave their friend a quick hug before rushing back to the kitchen.

"It's good to see you Tony" McGee said as he also gave him a pat on the shoulder "It's been so quiet lately."

"It's good to see you too Probie" Tony answered as he started to close his eyes. "Where are Ducky and Jimmy at?"

"Ducky had a last minute autopsy to do and Jimmy had to go take care of his grandmother" McGee answered "But Ducky said he'd be back to check on you later."

Everyone stepped into the kitchen to give the injured agent some time to rest. An hour later he woke up from his nap feeling refreshed and very hungry. Everything was great and after everyone was finished eating and doing the dishes they quietly let themselves out.

Gibbs was hesitant about leaving his Senior Field Agent and would have preferred to take him home to his place. But he agreed to give Andrea a break every evening until Tony could be alone.

One week later

Gibbs knew that Tony was beginning to get restless as he was starting to feel better. So he enlisted Abby, Ziva and McGee to come over to his apartment to keep him occupied. It also gave Gibbs and Agent Thompson time to get his written statement as the judge agreed that he wouldn't need to testify in person.

During that time they also learned that Andrea was being sent away for another case. Tony was heartbroken and extremely agitated. That was when Gibbs decided that it was time to move in for a while. Ziva and McGee could handle things just fine. And so Director Vance approved the leave time.

The attention and the time spent with his friends helped with Tony's recovery. Someone was always with him during his physical therapy and would stay the night with him after Gibbs left. He really missed Andrea and hoped that she would be back soon.

Three weeks later Tony was released to come back to work on light duties. Then two weeks later he was back on full duties. The night before he was back to work officially he walked into his apartment to a big surprise. Tony rubbed his eyes because he couldn't believe who it was.

"I wanted to surprise you" Andrea said "I just got sent back this morning. Matt let me tell you the good news myself. Rustav and Agent Cooper were convicted on all charges. Rustav will be going away for a long time."

Tony smiled for the first time in months as he pulled her into an embrace.

The End