Things Naruto would never say:

1) I give up.

2) Sasuke, you're better than me.

3) Here, Itachi, have my Kyuubi.

4) I'm glad I have you, Sasuke.

5) You're right, Sasuke.

6) I hate ramen.

7) Why am I so puny?

8) I'll never be as cool as Sasuke.

9) I'll never be strong.

10) Icha Icha Paradise is my favorite.

11) Where's all the boobies?

12) Gaara's so lucky.

13) I wish I didn't have friends.

14) I'm so unlucky. My life is so sad. Wah, wah, blubber, blubber.

15) You can have the fame, Sasuke. I don't care.

16) Ugh, I don't wanna be Hokage! Kiba, want to take over?