Things Suigetsu would never say:

1) Karin, you are so beautiful.

2) Karin, you are totally NOT a bitch!

3) Sasuke, you is my hero!

4) Slice, slice, slice, I made salami!!!

5) Kisame's so sexy!

6) Daddy!! *Kisame: Suitgetsu, get OFF me.*

7) Hey, it's Zabuza's sword, I'll just--OH MY GOD! *Zabuza: Grawwwwr my sword!*

8) Kisame, can I hold the sword? *K: No.* Can I TOUCH the sword? *K: No.* Can I THINK about touching the sword? *K:* ='[

9) Choujuurou, you look like a turtle! :D

10) Big brover, I wuv you!

11) *Sasuke: Karin, how did you get these bite marks on your neck?* It wasn't me! o///o

12) OWWIE, I bit my lip!

13) *Karin takes a sip of water: Ew, this water tastes funny...* OWWW OMG MY ARM! MY ARM!

14) Let's go surfing, bra.

15) The Game.*

16) Zorro is my IDOL.


18) *Kisame: Gatorade.* H2O!! *K: Gatorade.* H2O!!!**

19) Sasuke, I am totally NOT in love with you.


*For those who don't know, "The Game" is a game in which so long as you don't remember that you're playing, you're winning. So someone tells you about the game, and then you forget about it, and a few weeks later, you're reminded again, and you lost, and then it starts over. It's actually a very fun game. I just lost, by the way. Crap.

**The Waterboy