Chapter 4- Attraction

I woke up the next morning, feeling great! To my despair, Jacob wasn't by my side like I had hoped. As I got ready, I tried not to think of Edward and my crazy feelings for him. After eating breakfast, I decided to go and surprise Jake at the Cullen household, assuming he was back from hanging out with Edward. Edward. I wonder if he was going to be at school the next day. I walked outside to my rusty old pick up and climbed in. The ride to the Cullen residence was fairly short, even when I didn't drive as fast as Jacob. I let myself right into the house (I am allowed to do that) and walked into the family room. I expected Jake to be waiting for me on the couch with a big grin on his face, but nobody was there. In the room over, I heard a sweet song playing on the piano. Intrigued, I walked toward the sound, wondering if Jake could have learned to play the piano so well overnight. I stepped into the room and immediately froze. Edward. He was the one playing such sweet music. He was so into the music that he did not notice me standing there. Feeling like an intruder, I cleared my throat to let him know that I was there. Edward abruptly stopped playing and looked up at me under his lashes. God he was sexy. SHUT UP BELLA, YOU HAVE JAKE i scolded myself.

"Hello Bella" Edward said in his velvety voice.

"Hey Edward, um, sorry to intrude, I was looking for Jake."

"Oh, he just left to go hunt…."

"Um, alright…."

Awkward silence.

"Do you know how to play Clair De Lune?" I asked. Stupid question. URG

"Of course."

He patted the seat next to him, motioning me over. Sure enough, when I started toward him, I tripped. I braced myself for the impact, but it never came. Instead I had landed in strong, cool arms. Edward's arms. I looked up at him and he pulled me upright. Wanting to see his beautiful face, I lifted my eyes. Surprisingly, he had a small smile on his face, and his eyes looked like they wanted something. I felt this attraction towards him. I wanted to kiss him, but in the back of my mind I knew I shouldn't. Jacob. Jacob. I had to remember Jacob. I knew that this shouldn't be an effort, and I knew that Edward wanted to kiss me too. He pulled me closer, pressing me against his chest. I inhaled quickly, startled. All of a sudden, his calm, wanting, sexy expression changed to a confused one.

"What?" I asked

"Bella, I can't seem to read your thoughts. I could yesterday though"

"Maybe something is wrong with my brain."

"Your brain? I can read minds and you think that there is something wrong with you?" he chuckled.

Releasing his hold on me, Edward went back to the piano bench. Disappointed, I followed him.

"Now for that song" he said.

Edward started playing. The music filled my soul. I closed my eyes.

"This is my favorite" I said

"Mine too" Edward whispered.

I listened to the music keeping my eyes closed. At the end of the song, I slowly opened them. Edward was looking at me again, that look in his eyes telling me that he wanted me. We stared at each other like that for awhile, when Edward suddenly sat straight in his chair and started playing "Yankee Doodle" What? Weird…then I heard him. Jake. Edward wanted it to seem like nothing had happened. I rose from my seat just as he came into the room.

"Bella! What a surprise" Jake came over and kissed me.

It didn't feel right though. Not like the connection that I had with Edward.

"Hey Eddie, Yankee Doodle. Not something that you would normally play."

"One, don't call me Eddie, two, I wanted to do something different."

Edward's voice was coated with something that I didn't hear often. Jealousy. He was jealous of Jake. Shit. I am in a mess here.

"Alright, well Bella and I are going to hang out if Carlisle of Esme asks."

Jake pulled me toward the door.

"Goodbye Bella." Edward said with sadness in his voice.

"Bye Edward." I was reluctant to leave

Jake pulled the door behind him, acting all cheery again. Half or more than half of me wanted to run back in there and be with Edward, the other half or so told me to snap out of it. I still loved Jake, but it was different than what had gone on with Edward.

What the hell was I going to do?

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