Alison Cameron had no idea how this affair had begun.

She certainly hadn't planned for it to turn out this way, and she assumed that he hadn't either. She didn't even like the man.

Ok, that was a lie. She had a thing for him, she always had. She couldn't help it. There was no discernable reason for this strange attraction, considering the man was twice her age and treated her with more disrespect then she'd ever experienced in her entire life. Besides, on more then one occasion he had blatantly informed her that he did not have, nor would ever have, any feelings for her.

And yet here they were, hidden in a storage closet, quickly reassembling their wardrobes.

"What was that?" She mumbled after a minute of silence.

"Cameron, do you really need me to have 'the talk' with you? You're a doctor, after all. I assumed you would know what that was," He mumbled in his usual gruff voice, sliding his jacket on over his wrinkled t-shirt. She groaned, rolling her eyes.

"House, I know what that was, I mean…," She paused, choosing her words wisely.

"Where did that come from?" He stopped, reflecting for a moment.

It had all happened too fast. They'd been sitting in the conference room, attempting to diagnose their latest case. House scribbled their symptoms on the board as his team quickly attempted to put the pieces together.

House seemed to be egging them on, as though he already knew what the diagnosis was. After many futile guesses, Cameron finally picked the one he'd been hinting at. He smirked at his ducklings, shaking his head,

"It took you thirty minutes to guess this basic diagnosis, you morons. The patient could have died in that time." Chase sighed and Foreman glared at House.

"Well, maybe you could have told it to us instead of stringing us along this entire time," Foreman mumbled, gathering the files in his hands. House laughed at his anger.

"Yes, but then you wouldn't learn anything. Chase, go administer the antibiotic. He'll be fine in an hour. Then go do my clinic duties." With an arrogant humph, House limped haughtily out the door and into his office. Groaning, Chase made his way into the hall.

Foreman glanced at his watch briefly before shoving his files into his bag and heading for the door.

"I am officially off," He murmured in Cameron's general direction as he disappeared down the hallway. Cameron sighed, waving goodbye half-heartedly at where he had once stood. Of course she had to work the night shift.

She pulled out a file and began to scan it, but she couldn't help but feel House's eyes on her. Choosing to ignore him, however, she scribbled notes in the file. Her decision to ignore his gaze was unacceptable to him, so he began throwing his toy ball against the glass wall that separated his office from the conference room.

Thump, thump, thump.

"Ignore him," she thought to herself as she flipped a page.

Thump, thump, thump.

She couldn't focus with that irritating sound. Whipping around, she glared at her boss who sat coyly watching her from his office, throwing the ball against the glass. He threw it at her, she knew. If the glass wasn't there she would have been hit. She glowered at him, finally mumbling,

"House. What do you want?" He glanced at her, cupping his ear and yelling,

"What? I can't hear you." Obviously a lie. She could hear him perfectly, and she knew from personal experience that he could hear everything in his office. He'd heard her tell Chase personal things before, which he did not hesitate to use against her. She cringed at the thought. Enough of this, she thought to herself, and turned back to her files.

Thump, thump, thump.

"Gah," She shouted, quickly making her way over to his office. He smirked up at her as she stood in his doorway, a very angry look on her face.

"Can I help you, Doctor Cameron?" He asked seriously, as though he really had no idea why she was fuming in his office.

"What do you want?" She mumbled, agitated. He was always so immature, it was a wonder he had even become a doctor.

"Maybe I just wanted to spend time with you," he had a smirk on his face. She groaned, rolling her eyes.

"Unlike you, House, I actually do my work," She turned towards the door.

"So please, let me do my work."

She stopped the instant she felt the ball bounce roughly off the back of her head. House let out a short chuckle as it rolled across the ground, bumping into his desk.

"It slipped."

That was the final straw.

With one quick motion, she rushed back into the room and snatched up the ball, much to House's horror.

"What do you think you're doing?" He hissed, pulling himself out of his chair.

"You're a grown man, House, at least on the outside. Toys are for kids." She quickly made her way to his office door, heading down the hallway.

"So I'm giving this to a kid." She ignored the frantic squeak of shoes and cane from behind her as House quickly followed, trying to keep pace.

She was able to elude him for the moment, nurses and patients gaping at her as she jogged down the hallway. As she made her way to the elevator she could hear him yelling something about taking advantage of cripples and she couldn't help but smirk. She slammed the elevator call button three times, glancing around the corner to see his fast approach. Luckily, the doors of the elevator opened at that moment and she rushed in, slamming the close button.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips and she couldn't help but giggle at this situation. What on earth was she doing? She usually never allowed herself act this immature, this…

…This House-like.

For a moment she wondered if this had all been a part of one of his games, trying to get a reaction out of her. She doubted that, considering the look of shock and horror that had graced his face.

"Looks like I found a way to get to you," she mumbled, satisfied as the doors began to slide close.

That satisfaction vanished as a cane jammed its way in, forcing the door back open. She felt her heart drop at the look of anger in his eyes. Not good.

She waited for him to chastise her, but he just silently got on next to her and allowed the door to close. She glanced at him, not saying a word. He was out of breath, courtesy of the little run she had just forced on him. He reached out slowly, extending his hand to her.

"Hand it over." He mumbled breathlessly. She ignored him, though, and instead reached forward to click the third floor.

"I told you. I'm taking this to Pediatrics." She nearly jumped back when he suddenly slammed his cane into the emergency stop button, causing the elevator to lurch.

"What are you doing?" She asked wide eyed, a feeling of nervousness setting in. Was he that mad at her? It didn't seem like a big deal, and yet she almost felt a little frightened. But House would never hurt her.

Would he?

"Give it to me, Cameron." He mumbled, though his voice lost all anger. She wasn't sure, but he didn't seem nearly as threatening anymore. He seemed almost happy, or as close to happy as House could get. Probably excited over this turn of events in his little game.

"No." She reached forward to restart the elevator, but House blocked her with his cane.


"House, people might need this elevator. Patients could be dying..."

"Then I suggest you hand me the ball." She couldn't help but smile at this little game.

"Fine. Get it yourself," She mumbled as she held the ball above her head. As he reached out for it, she snatched his cane away. Without it, he was unable to maintain his balance long enough to reach for the ball. She felt her face flush as she realized how immature she was acting, but she couldn't stop herself. House had simply pushed her over the edge.

"Oh, well aren't we the mature one? Not only do you take advantage of cripples, but you disable them, as well." Now he was attempting to reach his cane and ball, which she kept from him. He was growing tired of this game, however, so he quickly jabbed her in the side.

Gasping, she dropped the cane to the ground, which he grabbed up eagerly. She held her side, a flash of anger in her eyes.

"That was cheating," she mumbled and he just smirked.

"Well, in most games I would get a handicap. That's my handicap." He took a step towards her now, and it suddenly hit her how strange this situation was. What on earth was she doing in this elevator, holding her boss' toy above her head and taunting him? This was not at all like her.

She began to lower her arm, almost feeling ashamed. He took advantage of this, pushing her against the elevator's wall and pinning the arm with the ball in it above her head.

"I will take that," He murmured, removing it from her hand. To her surprise, though, he didn't move after retrieving it. They sat like that for a moment, staring at each other and House contemplated this compromising situation he had found himself in. How he had managed to pin his young, naïve little employee to the wall of the elevator he had suddenly forgotten, but at that moment he lost all concern.

As the idea sparked in his mind, he could not help but smile. He could feel the pulse in Cameron's wrist increase. He knew the effect he was having on her. So he decided to take advantage of the situation.

Leaning in slowly, his lips found their way to hers. She struggled at first, shocked by his sudden actions. After a few seconds, however, her resolve weakened and her mind, which screamed at her to get out of this situation, faded away. Her free hand found its way to his neck, and she pulled him closer. He realized the opportunity he had found, and he used his free hand to quickly press the emergency button again.

The elevator lurched back to life, much to Cameron's disdain. She looked up at him, completely confused. What is he doing? What just happened? Oh lord, what have I just done? She felt her face grow hot as he stepped away, a smirk on his face as he tossed the ball in the air. She suddenly felt sick.

This had all been a part of his game. And he'd gotten exactly what he wanted. She'd let him have exactly what he wanted. She couldn't bring herself to look at him. It was all over.

The doors opened and, as he stepped off, she heard him casually say,

"Follow me."

Embarrassed, she trudged grudgingly behind her boss, her eyes on the ground. She waited in sad anticipation, knowing at any moment he would rant and rave about their encounter on the elevator. To her surprise, however, he found his way to an empty storage closet and pulled her in after him. Even more surprising, she let him.

And that is why she sat here now, confused and embarrassed as she and her boss attempted to clothe themselves.

He pulled himself up and offered her a hand, which she hesitantly took.

"House, this…" She murmured, but was interrupted as he responded emotionlessly with,

"Relax. It's just an affair."


This is the intro to a Hameron story I had rolling in my head. I definitely intend to continue this (: So yes. Reviews would be greatly appreciated.