Naruto, You're Not Pregnant!

Chapter 10: Actions

"Yo, Sasuke."

"Kakashi," Sasuke greeted wryly. Despite the pleasantries, Sasuke began moving away from Kakashi immediately. With a quick dart to his left, Sasuke moved out of Kakashi's immediate range of attack. He could sense the presence of Sakura followed by his "replacement" on Team 7, Sai, and Kakashi's co-leader. He had no interest in speaking to any of them. He didn't know, nor trust, Sai and Tenzou. Sakura seemed to lose her head around him. While he wasn't particularly in the mood – or position – to negotiate with anyone, he felt Kakashi would at least listen.

Kakashi had always given him choices as long as it didn't put anyone in immediate danger, himself included. Sadly, he felt Kakashi showed him more fatherly concern than his own father had at times.

As he expected, as soon as he began to move from tree to tree, Kakashi followed him, likewise not making any motions to attack.

"I don't intend to cause Konoha harm. Chasing me is a waste of your resources. Leave me alone, and I'll do the same," Sasuke said, picking up speed, wondering if he had really gotten that much faster than Kakashi, or if the older nin was merely pretending to give him the advantage.

"I can't do that Sasuke. You see, you do seem to have an interest in coming back to Konoha. Twice now in the past few weeks you've returned to Konoha. Now, I do believe you when you say you don't intend to cause Konoha harm, not with your son behind its borders at least. Speaking of which, congratulations on becoming a father!"

Sasuke took an incredulous sideways glance, seeing the one eyed smile on Kakashi that he hadn't seen since the age of thirteen.

"It's better for everyone if you were to stop chasing after me," Sasuke said.

"What about what's best for Masashi?" Kakashi countered, his tone serious. Sasuke held his head high.

"Especially for him."

"Unfortunately your track record is against you. You seem to have a nasty habit of thinking you know what you're doing, and in reality, you end up hurting everyone – including yourself. Unless you've finally realized how horrible of a father you would be."

"I'm not a horrible father," Sasuke snapped back, unable to help it. "I'm doing what's best for everyone." Sasuke was going to add that doing what was best for Masashi was that the Konoha ninjas should focus their attention on Masashi rather than him, but in the next instant, Sasuke skidded to a halt, turned to his side and threw three kunai with exploding tags to his left. He watched, eyes narrowing as Sakura jumped high and to the right to avoid the attack.

He cursed. Even when he hadn't attacked them outright they cornered him.

Sasuke heard the flapping sound above him, not seeing the attack. However, he remembered that his replacement could ink creatures into being and thought he had seen Sai on a bird before. Sasuke rolled to his left toward where the smoke was still clearing from the exploding tags, using the smokescreen for coverage. The large ink bird that Sai rode gave an annoyed caw as he flew upward and away from the smoke before swooping back down to make another pass at Sasuke.

Just as he went to roll to the side, Sasuke felt something tug at his legs. Looking down, he saw branches twisting up his legs holding him in place. Cursing himself for not expecting Tenzou's attack in the smoke, Sasuke pulled his sword from its sheath. Letting the lightening chakra flow from his body into his sword, he slashed at the twisting vines with a wide arc, severing the branches from the grip on his legs.

He leapt into the air above the haze of smoke and jumped from branch to branch before jumping above the flying bird. With a downward sweep of his arm, he stabbed the ink bird Sai was on. For good measure, he kicked Sai off the bird before it dissolved into inky nothingness, using the momentum from shoving Sai in the opposite direction to get a lead away from the Konoha ninjas.

His eyes darted back and forth noting Sakura had several kunai in her hand. Sasuke jumped high above the trees. As expected, she threw the knives at him. He blocked them easily with his sword, sending them flying back at her, distracting her just enough so that when Sasuke landed within the trees she wouldn't see his exact location.

Sasuke cursed. He should have asked his team to stay. While he believed he would be able to take them all on if necessary, he didn't want to have to injure them. He cursed their relentlessness. Why couldn't they just leave him alone?

His one saving grace was that the smoke seemed to have made the dogs retreat. Kakashi must have called them back once they had determined his general location. Now the only thing he had to worry about was making his escape without them catching his scent and chasing after him. He'd never been one to run and hide, but with the thought of Seishi counting on him to return, his choice was made for him.

He could wait them out...

Sasuke spotted a tree with only a few lower branches. He put his sword back into its sheath and pulled out two kunai. He dug one in for a spot to place his feet, using the other as a loose grip. He discarded the idea of using chakra to bind him easier to the tree. Instead, he opted to use one of the basic genin genjutsu to blend into the bark of the tree. It was minimal enough chakra use that they wouldn't sense it, and he was high enough that they wouldn't see him immediately hidden in the shadow of larger trees. With his back to the tree, he eyed the area around him.

From all around him he could hear sounds of the Konoha group looking for him. He waited to see if Kakashi would summon his dogs again. From what he could remember, he should be high enough off the ground and far enough away from any branches for them to catch his scent.

But Kakashi didn't seem to be interested in using his dogs to find him again. Sakura made a sound of frustration before Kakashi instructed her to go with Sai and search the air. Kakashi and the wood user, Tenzou, began searching the area for him. It was these moments that Sasuke was grateful to have a sensor like Karin in his team. It was far easier to find someone's chakra with a sensor around.

The punch to his face startled him almost as much as the feeling of being knocked out of the tree. He landed, trying not to make a sound as a warm body landed on him, straddling him and holding his hands over his head.

"You can talk with me now, or I can call everyone over here and we can fight till you're exhausted enough to talk," Naruto growled.

Sasuke glared up at Naruto. He looked into the foreign eyes of Naruto's sage mode. Sasuke weighed his options. The grip on his wrists was crushing him. The ridiculous amount of strength Naruto gained while using his sage powers was something Sasuke couldn't counter. Not to mention Naruto's ability to sense other's chakra far outweighed even Karin's abilities. Sasuke wouldn't be able to hide. He debated on using his sharingan. However, that would take more time and energy. He was sure that Naruto's chakra presence was obvious for the others to sense, and Sasuke doubted they would have long before the others surrounded him.

The easiest option would to let Naruto talk – quickly – and convince him to let him go. He trusted that his team had had enough time to take Seishi away from the area. He only hoped that they had gone far enough out of Naruto's range that he wouldn't be able to sense Seishi. There was no way he could let Naruto follow him too far. The thought of not having at least Seishi made Sasuke's head swim. He took a deep breath, weighing his options.

"I didn't expect you to be with them," Sasuke admitted.

"Took me a moment to find a baby-sitter," Naruto explained.

"So talk."

"Why did you leave Masashi with me?" Sasuke paused for a moment. Naruto wasn't asking about the presence of another baby with his teammates. If he did notice another presence, Sasuke hoped that Naruto decided the unknown presence was just a new member.

"For his own good."

"It would be better for him if you were there too. There are things I can't teach him," Naruto admitted.

"Kakashi can do it," Sasuke gritted out, hating to say it.

"I want you to do it."

Sasuke swallowed. He hated the way Naruto looked at him. The hurt and disappointment twisted into Sasuke's gut, but what hurt even more was the raw emotion, the longing and caring. The love.

His body was reacted to Naruto sitting on top of him. He remembered how Naruto had fucked himself on Sasuke's body in a very similar situation. His mind wandered back to that moment, to the moment that had led to the twins being conceived. It took him a moment to realize now was not the time to think such things.

"Stop chasing after me. Spend your time helping Masashi instead."

Naruto looked down at Sasuke. The defiance had left followed by pleading. Sasuke didn't plead unless he was pushed past his limits. Even as his chest tightened at the thought of letting Sasuke go, his hope refused to die. He had Masashi. He understood that for whatever reason Sasuke felt that leaving Masashi with him and leaving the area was best for Masashi. Naruto also saw how hard it was for Sasuke to leave their son. It was this fact more than anything else that Naruto couldn't understand. Why was it better for Sasuke to leave? When would he stop complicating everything and just be with them?

Naruto got off of Sasuke, reached down, and helped pull Sasuke to his feet. Sasuke looked at him warily.

"Promise me you'll come back and see him," Naruto demanded.

"You're letting me go, just like that?" Sasuke asked.

"I don't think I can ever let you go. But I won't chase you, today, if you promise to come back."

"Why can't you let me go, Naruto?"

Naruto thought Sasuke ought to know the reason to that. In fact, he was pretty sure his past actions had spoken quite loud and clear how he felt about Sasuke. Actually, come to think of it, Sasuke probably knew, just wanted to hear him say it.

Instead, Naruto leaned, blushing, and kissed Sasuke firmly on the lips. He pulled back to look at Sasuke. Hopefully his actions would speak louder than the words he wasn't sure he could say. Sasuke's face was unreadable, but the next think Naruto knew, Sasuke had pushed his back into the closest tree, his body warm and flushed against his, his lips harsh against Naruto's. Naruto twisted his hands into Sasuke's clothes as Sasuke pressed his hips flushed against Naruto's.

Just as abruptly, Sasuke pulled back, looking as flustered as Naruto felt. He took a deep breath, composing himself.

"I promise to come back."

And he was gone.

Naruto leaned back against the tree, disbelieving. Sasuke said he would come back. He promised. And while Naruto knew it was for the sake of their son, it didn't deter from the fact that Sasuke promised he'd be back. Naruto couldn't help the silly little smile on his face as he let the sage chakra flow out of him.

Still grinning, he steadied himself and called out to Kakashi and Yamato. Yamato was blushing faintly, and Kakashi had this stupid look on his face. Naruto was pretty sure they'd seen the whole thing, but at the moment he didn't think anything in the world could damper his spirits. No, Sasuke wasn't with him now, but he would be. Naruto believed this more deeply than he had ever before.

"Uh, was that really wise, letting him go?" Yamato asked.

"He'll be back, he promised. And obviously he keeps wanting to see Masashi," Naruto said, his mind set.

"Naruto..." Kakashi began. He scratched his head, looking as though he wasn't sure where to start. Naruto wondered if Kakashi would say something about the two of them kissing. It wasn't as if any of them didn't know that something had happened between Sasuke and Naruto – they had a baby together after all. But Kakashi still seemed hesitant. "When Pakkun was tracking Sasuke…he said he smelled more than just Sasuke's regular team."

"What?" Naruto said, frowning. "Do they have a new member? Is it someone we know?"

"My dogs said there was another person with Sasuke who smelled like Masashi. At first, I thought perhaps they were just picking up traces of his scent from when he was with them. But they said these were, uh, 'fresher' baby scents."


"Naruto, what if Masashi has a twin?" Naruto felt as though Kakashi had punched him in the gut.

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, what if Sasuke kept one twin and gave you the other one?" Kakashi stated simply. Naruto's entire body felt numb. The temporary euphoria left him faster than he thought possible.

"That doesn't make sense," Yamato put in. "Why would he knowingly separate them?" Naruto shook his head in disbelief. He didn't want to believe it.

"Sasuke has always wanted a proper family. He wouldn't just give up his son. And he wouldn't separate twins," Naruto said firmly.

"Not unless he felt it was for the best. Naruto think. Sasuke did give up his son. Why would he do that? I agree with you; it's not likely that he would give one up unless he was separating two Uchiha sons. You know he has always hated what happened between him and his brother – and with the power struggle within the Uchiha. It has been handed down the generations within their clan. Look at Madara and his brother. Even Sasuke was led astray by the temptation of gaining such power. He's separating the twins because he thinks it's best for both of them if they don't know about each other, and they don't have that temptation," Kakashi filled in, helpfully.

"But that's stupid!" Naruto scoffed.

"Agreed. But Sasuke has always acted how he feels is best. Though he really seems to complicate things, doesn't he?" Kakashi added thoughtfully.

"That bastard," Naruto said, thinking about when he had meditated holding Masashi while in sage mode. He'd felt what he thought was an echo. It was the other twin. Somewhere, he had another kid out there. No, not just somewhere – with Sasuke. That was why Sasuke was doing his hardest not to be found. He wanted Masashi, but he felt that by separating the two it was for their benefit. Naruto's face burned in humiliation. Had Sasuke – as per usual – just toyed with his feelings and kissed Naruto in order to get Naruto off his back?

Sai and Sakura landed softly on the grass next to him, the ink bird looking at Sai expectantly.

"What's the plan?" Sakura asked, ready to go.

"We think Sasuke's hiding Masashi's twin," Yamato said when Naruto didn't speak.

"What? Another baby?" Sakura asked, aghast.

"That's unexpected," Sai noted thoughtfully.

"Why are we standing here? We need to find them, quickly!" Sakura said, rearing to go. Naruto shook his head.

"No," Naruto murmured.

"What? But Naruto! How can you-"

"No. It's not worth it. Sasuke thinks what he's doing is best. If we try and take the other twin from him, think of what he might do," Naruto said, his tone pleading. "As long as we don't push Sasuke, the baby will be okay for now."

"You spoke to him?" Sakura asked. Naruto merely nodded.

"Naruto, he has one of your kids," Yamato pointed out gently.

"I know that, okay?" Naruto's insides twisted. He thought about another baby growing up, not knowing him. But he also thought of how he would feel if someone dared tried to take Masashi from him. Naruto wasn't sure what Sasuke would do if he wasn't ready to come back, and Naruto tried taking their other child with him.

"Sasuke promised he'd come back to see Masashi. And this time, no matter what, I won't let him leave. And I'll make sure to get Masashi's twin too."

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