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'Inner Thoughts'

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Book 1: Secrets Reveled

Summary: What if Tsukune wasn't human, but instead was another S-class monster only heard of in ancient history? (Meaning well over 12 centuries ago.) Starts after the Ishigami incident. Tsukune will be a little OOC, but this will probably be fixed by Kenta. Pairings are, of course, TsukunexMoka.

It was just a few minutes away from midnight in a world with a school for monsters. Not a sound could be heard anywhere on the campus of Yokai Academy except the occasional swear word coming from the forest (if you could even call it that).

"God damn it! I hate my parents, and I hate the fact that I have to hide my true abilities!" yelled out a frustrated fifteen year old student while grabbing his hair.

The student looked to be 6' tall, looked to be about 15 years old, had dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was currently wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes while his black academy jacket is currently hanging on a tree branch.

'You know why we have to hide are true abilities Tsukune.' said a voice inside the now identified Tsukune's head.

'I know… but I just wish they could trust me more.' thought Tsukune while looking glum.

'Hey cheer up. Besides I do remember mom and dad saying that if anyone did accuse us of being human we could show them what we really are.'said his inner self to his outer self.

'Thanks for reminding me.' thought Tsukune while grabbing his school jacket before walking off to his dorm room to get a few hours of sleep before having to head to class the next day.

(The next day)

Slowly Tsukune woke up from another night of training in his mindscape. Slowly, VEEEEERY slowly, he rose from his bed while cursing the suns very existence.

"I wonder what that cursed Kami has planned for me today." Said Tsukune out loud while grabbing his school uniform so he could take a shower.

'Well whatever he has planned for us we'll have to endure.' replied his inner self while Tsukune started the shower.

As Tsukune was taking his shower, he got a weird thought in his head.

'Hey, what if Kami's a female?'


'Nevermind, anyway you're right. Hey, why don't you take a nap?' thought Tsukune while washing his body and hair.

'Very well then. Oh and before I forget, you can call on our true power but only, and i stress that word, if it is necessary.'said his inner self before falling asleep while Tsukune was getting dressed.

"Very well." said Tsukune before locking his dorm room and heading to the lobby.

As soon as Tsukune stepped into the lobby he noticed his first friend he made at the Academy. Moka Akashiya.

Moka was a pink haired vampire who stood a proud 5' 10'', was 15 years old, had emerald green eyes, and nearly C-cup breasts. Today she was wearing a black thigh length skirt, grey under shirt, and a black school jacket along with her silver rosario with a blood red bead in the center. (B-RN// Holy crap! she's gone goth!)

"Morning Moka-chan." said Tsukune while smiling at her.

"Morning Tsukune-kun." responded Moka while smiling at seeing her first human friend and crush.

"Were you waiting for me Moka?" asked Tsukune while his face showed a hint of confusion.

"Yeah I was." said Moka with slight embarrassment.

"Well then why don't we get going? I doubt that Mrs. Nekonome will be happy about us being late to class." said Tsukune with total seriousness.

"Yeah your right Tsukune but…before we leave…can I, umm... have…some of your um…blood?" asked Moka with a light blush while poking her fingers together.

Tsukune was just about to protest when Moka's eyes grew 3 times there normal size, and they suddenly grew sparkles. "Fine." sighing in defeat, Tsukune braced for the pain that he was sure to receive.

"YAY!" Moka yelled out in triumph before sinking her fangs into his blood vein and beginning to drink his succulent blood.

Tsukune didn't flinch much at the pain, but that doesn't go for him yelling out in pain when Moka sunk her fangs into his neck. After the pain passed he had to repress a shudder at Moka's tongue licking and her mouth leaving the spot that she had just bit.

"Sorry Tsukune. I didn't mean to take so long." said Moka with sadness and a small amount of regret.

"Don't worry about it Moka." said Tsukune trying to comfort Moka and ignore the slight pain that still existed from when she bit into his neck.

"Ok Tsukune!" said Moka once again her usual cheerful self.

"Good." Said Tsukune while grabbing Moka's hand. Not even five steps outside the doors of the males' dorm building Tsukune's poor head (if you want to think of it that way) went strait into a hug.

"Good morning Tsukune-kun!" said a blue haired 16 year old. The 16 year old stood 5' 11'', had violet eyes, a face that looked to young for her, and D-cup breasts. She was currently wearing a tan thigh length skirt, a white long sleeve shirt with a cream colored vest over it, white leg stockings (don't know if that is what they really are), and a red bow around her neck. This was Kurumu Kurono, a succubus.

The only odd thing about the so-called 'hug' was the fact Tsukune's face was being pressed (and quite forcefully at that) into the teenager's chest. (have a picture and the link will be at the end of this chapter)

"Mphuphoo, mph pmppph mmph!!!" (roughly translated, "KURUMU, I CAN'T BREATH!") sadly no one heard him, probably due to the fact that Moka and Kurumu were currently having a glaring contest.

That was before someone yelled, "Keep your hands off of Tsukune you big-breasted idiot!" (Sorry in advance to Kurumu fans). Not to long after hearing that, a wash bin fell straight onto Kurumu's head knocking her out, allowing Tsukune to be released from the hug of death, and giving Tsukune a chance to recover his lost breath.

Tsukune's savior was none other than Yukari, the youngest student of the group being only 11 years old. She stood 4' 3", and was the smartest out of the whole student body. Yukari had black shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and a face you could never say no to. She was currently wearing a white long sleeve shirt, a tan skirt, and a black cape with a matching witches hat.

The next thing that happened didn't surprise Tsukune or Moka. Kurumu woke up and started yelling at Yukari for ruining her time with Tsukune. Yukari responded with the fact that Tsukune needed someone to love him, not some big-breasted nitwit. That was the straw that broke the camels back what happened next would make any cat fight you have seen/read about look like the signing of a piece treaty.

Tsukune and Moka could not help but sweat drop at their friends' antics before thinking 'Why I am friends with them again?'

"You know Tsukune...if we wait for them, we will possibly be late for class, or miss it." Said Moka while Yukari summoned ten wash bins to fall on Kurumu's head.

Yukari's attack could be heard on the other side of the campus, and if you listened, you could hear a loud, *CLANG!!* which successfully silenced the succubus. however, Yukari unfortunately passed out from using too much Magic. (poor girl) -Kenta

"I know." sighed Tsukune "Why don't we just go to class without them?'

"Yeah we should do that." said Moka while the two walked away from the two fighting girls. (or cats, if you want to put it that way...)

While they continued walking to school Moka was talking to her inner self. Why don't we take a peek? "Omoi dokusho no Jutsu!"* (Yes, i used a ninjutsu, deal with it.)

'This may be my only chance to tell Tsukune how I feel without being interrupted.' thought Moka before being interrupted by her inner self.

'Whoa whoa whoa, what do mean by that? Don't you mean tell him how WE feel? You know as well as I do mom and dad would never accept him as our mate. Plus it doesn't help that dad would kill him once he saw him...' said inner Moka while stressing the word our.

'Bu..' was all Moka was able to get out before being interrupted by her inner self.

'No buts you know what father would do to him if he even saw him.' said her inner self sadly.

Moka pictured her father meeting Tsukune. All she could see was her father laughing miniacally at the bloody mess that was Tsukune, while Moka absentmindedly thought, 'mmmm, blood.'

'I…I understand.' thought Moka greatly depressed.

'Good. Oh and by the way, Tsukune has been calling you for a while.' Said inner Moka before returning to sleep once more.

"...ka. Moka." Said Tsukune trying to get a reaction from Moka as he was quickly growing alarmed.

"Sorry Tsukune. I was thinking about something." Said Moka slightly embarrassed.

"That's ok Moka, I just wanted to ask you...could you help me with my math homework tonight?" asked Tsukune before entering the classroom.

"Sure." Moka said, a little too quickly before taking their seats.

Not five minutes after the bell rang for class to begin, Kurumu and Yukari walked into the classroom looking as if they had gone through hell and back again. Five seconds after taking their seats, their teacher came into the classroom.

Their teacher stood 6' 2", had blond hair with two tufts standing up on top of her head, (her true ears, the class just doesn't know it...)she wore glasses, and looked to be no older than 20 years old. She was currently wearing a purple strap shirt with a purple jacket over the shirt, a purple knee length skirt, and purple high heels. This is their homeroom teacher Mrs. Nekonome. (B-RN// too...much...PURPLE!!! *Splodes*)

"Good morning class." said Mrs. Nekonome with that same old kitty smile.

"Good morning Nekonome-sensei." said half the class still on the borders of falling asleep and being awake.

"Today we are going to be talking about another S-rank monster that has only had one actual recording in history." Said Mrs. Nekonome while the rest of the class immediately woke up to hear about this unknown monster species.

"Your talking about The Beings of Twilight, or as the humans refer to them as, The Fallen Ones." Said Tsukune almost automatically before slapping his hands over his mouth, as he immedietally thought, 'OOOOHOHOHOHOOOOooo SHIT!'

"Yes, that's right Tsukune. Although I am curious about how you know about them?" asked Mrs. Nekonome, her ears perked up in interest, while the rest of the class looked straight at him with curiosity. Meanwhile, both Mokas, Kurumu, and Yukari all thought 'Tsukune what are you hiding from us?'

'SHIT. What should I do?' Tsukune thought/asked himself while panicking.

'Relax, why don't you just show them.' responded Tsukune's inner self.

'And HOW exactly am I going to do that!?' mentally yelled Tsukune with both irritation and curiosity rushing about.

'You will see soon enough.' Responded his inner self before going back to sleep all the while chuckleing.

Not more than a minute later, the door slammed open revealing…


Imorta- "What did Tsukune's inner self mean by 'show them'? Who slammed open the door? WHY ON EARTH AM I STILL TYPING!!


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BTW, this is the link to the, "Hug of Death" (http://blackrose8009(dot)deviantart(dot)com/art/Suffocation-100019120) copy the link, but change the (dot)'s to periods. that'll give you the link.

Beta-Reader Kenta- "This was fun to Beta-read, and since Imorta here loves killing random succubus's with wash bins, i thought it was quite entertaining...no offense to Kurumu fans...*watches for any forming mobs*

i'm more of a Yukari fan than anything else, but i DO enjoy Kurumu's "Hug's of Death" that she gives to Tsukune. There's always comedy watching (or in this case, reading) about some guy dieing from that which most guys would love to have happen to them. (personally, i think it's funnier to watch it happen to someone, instead of it happening to me...MUHAHAHAAAA!!)

anyway, i think this story will progress pretty well, if Imorta doesn't lose interest in the story, which probably won't happen for at least 12 chapters or so....but he's new here, so give him a break.

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