A/N: This story is something I'm writing on the fly, thus I have little to no idea where or how I want it to end up. As per my own style I'm going to make it up as I go along and once the idea formulates itself I will return to the early parts to re-write it. Thus please bear with me, as this will most likely jump and be incongruous in parts. I also don't have any of the books with me right now, so while I plan to have this story run somewhat parallel, I guarantee it wont in the beginning. I also have no beta to re-read this so please feel free to point out any errors simply be kind about it? I'm fragile. =P Thus the end of my semi-rant, onward with the show!
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"I WHAT?" The Boy-Who-Lived shouted, his temper spiking and his emerald green eyes flashing silver stripes through them.

"Please calm down m'boy," said Dumbledore, his blue eyes twinkling madly. Harry growled low in his throat. A cough from the corner on the other side of the room drew their attention, as Severus Snape looked disdainfully between them.

"Albus stop being purposefully vague," the Potion Master snarled, annoyed with the Headmaster. Harry looked at him briefly before refocusing on the old man.

"Well Harry, there's something I should have told you earlier, I suppose. There are so many things I should have told you…" he mumbled looking away briefly. "Harry you aren't necessarily human." When he received no response, but a blank stare, he continued on.

"You are a rare magical species called an Ander, I was hoping that the Ander blood in you would remain dormant, but it seems that it had it hasn't." Harry simply sat heavily in the over stuffed chair looking back over at Snape, ignoring the new feeling that surged through him at the sight. The Potions Master all but ignored him.

"What does Snape have to do with it?" he demanded.

"Professor Snape, Harry," Albus corrected absently. "Well, you see, Harry, when I sent Severus to retrieve you on the eve of your birthday it seems you were coming into your inheritance, and well, your Ander instincts took over." The headmaster seemed to be having difficulty saying what exactly the boy had done.

"Potter your extreme inability to control yourself led you to formally propose to me via an Engagement Kiss. And before you ask no you cannot simply 'take it back', your Ander blood would not allow it. Apparently your instincts have deemed me a 'worthy' mate and will take no substitute save a witch or wizard stronger than myself." Snape said is usual snarky tone in place as was the sneer. The sneer seemed to slice through Harry's numb body.

"M'boy are you alright?" Dumbledore began to ask but before he finished the sentence a sharp green light erupted from Harry, once it faded he was left in the seat gasping. Snape and Albus looking around nervously when a responding white light formed, two dark silhouettes stepped out.

"Give me one good reason not to rip your heart out of your lying, manipulating body Albus Dumbledore!" demanded an angry feminine voice, the spots faded from his sight and Harry gasped at the two beautiful people standing threateningly before the headmaster. The woman was built with every curve in the right place, her waist length dark-red hair was plaited with a few sparkling beads threaded through. The male was just as atrociously beautiful, the eerie similarity between their perfectly carved faces hinted to a relation of the familial kind. His hair was cropped jaggedly to his shoulders and was as ebony black as Harry's own.

"Ah, Miss Aviva and Mister Azar to what do we owe this delightful visit?" Albus asked, cowering before the infuriated Ander's. The male growled but any further comments were cut off by Harry's sudden shout of pain.

"Tend to him, Az," Aviva growled, whilst looking back at Dumbledore with animosity. Harry arched off the chair as he was thrown back into memories of the previous day.

A/N: Anders are a species of my creation from my independent novel and a source from my own brain, thus if you steal the concept without my permission (I often share) I will hunt you down and eat you. =D Or Aviv will. She is rather violent. Anywho you'll learn more bout them later. So suggestions are open to, well, anything. I will have some more original characters popping up so suggestions for those parings are up for grabs.