February 14th 1999

"I will not condone to this young man! Not in your condition." One irate potion's master said watching his younger lover scowl.

"Merlin Sev I'm pregnant not dying!" Harry said scowling viscously. Severus Snape looked at his husband with agitation.

"You're a little over due and you know it. We're not going to risk you having birth in some random bathroom." He shot back eyes softening with concern.

"I still think you just don't want to go out for valentines day. The great former Professor Snape cannot bear to be seen on such a frivolous holiday." The green eyed boy muttered glaring at his lover. Severus chuckled slightly and gave Harry a hug.

"It would ruin my reputation." He agreed, and Harry eventually gave in once his spouse promised to make him cupcakes. While waiting Harry rubbed his stomach peacefully daydreaming that his twins would be born on Valentines Day that would irk Severus so much. He was so into the daydream that he almost thought the wet feeling on his leg was part of it until he snapped out of it looking hastily around for Severus.

-Sev! My water broke. – He called through the link as the first contractions began. Severus dashed in followed closely by Draco who had begun his healer training little more than a month ago. They transfigured the chair he was in to a more comfortable bed and Severus held his hand.

"Don't worry Harry we called Madam Pomphry, Draco's only making sure nothing happens until she gets here." Severus assured him with a small glance of apology towards Draco. Harry winced as the contractions got stronger. Madam Pomphry appeared and everything began to happen in a blur. Harry was propped up to occupied with his coming children to be mortified when she settled between his legs. He breathed evenly the way she'd made him practice and pushed when told to aside from that he mostly tuned out. Not long after the contractions began Az and Ron popped in, and a little while longer Madam Pomphry lifted up one of the twins with a smile. Draco took the little one and cast a quick cleaning spell and wrapping him up in a white blanket. The baby's eyes were blue like all newborns but they were almost a blue-green. There was also a fluff of black hair on his little head. Harry smiled at the little baby kissing his son's forehead and smiling at Severus,

"Raveal Drake Snape." He whispered patting his son's head and giving Harry a quick peck on the cheek. Draco smiled, and after a few moments madam Pomphry handed Draco Harry's little girl. Harry knew the moment he looked at her that she was going to be spoiled rotten by her father. Her eyes such a dark blue that he was sure they would be black. She also sported a few black curls. Severus who held Rave, the little boy had already fallen asleep, came closer smiling at his lover and little girl.

"Vera Ethelinda Snape." He whispered and handed Raveal back to Harry. The twins opened their eyes and stared at each other before yawning. Harry smiled and looked up at Severus.

"I love you." He whispered. Severus smiled and returned the sentiment to him and each twin. Madam Pomphry hated to interrupt;

"Sorry Hun but I do have to interrupt for a moment." She said with an apologetic smile, "Your little girl, Vera she has a lightning bolt birthmark on her hip." Harry's hand unconsciously went to touch the scar that he no longer had. Instead he maneuvered the sleeping twins to unwrap Vera's blanket and looked at the mark. It was slightly darker than her skin and stood out on the left side of her hip. He sighed; he and Severus would pull through whatever the twins dished out.

"We'll pull through love. Knowing our luck she'll take after you." Severus teased with a smile. Harry retuned the smile and looked at his children with a sense of accomplishment. Yes they were in for an adventure.

A/n: THERE DONE! =P this was going to be a longer birth scene but I'm lazeh so um yeah. Go check out the first chapter of the Sequel The Next Generation. =D

PS: I'm not telling you too much bout the Ron/Draco/Az tirade I will include a few smut scenes but I will tell you that Draco's childe is Ron's and Az's potential children are Ron's there will be no cross breeding between Az and Draco, I'll