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xX-Eyes of Humanity-Xx

I don't like the look that sometimes passes through her eyes when she looks at me. I get a hollow drop instead of a tug in my chest and it makes the words fall from my mouth like trickling water and I don't like it because I'm supposed to have a comeback for everything. I guess the one thing that I can't retort to is a look from a girl that reminds me of what I used to have. What I lost.

Sometimes I get the overwhelming desire to hold her. Don't get me wrong, though. I hate her and everything about her. I hate the smile that she won't let me see and the hair that makes mine look like a train wreck and the eyes that make me freeze in my tracks. But sometimes when I look at her and hear her voice, I wonder if I could just touch her and a part of her heart would move into me. I couldn't believe that the Princesses of Heart were really as pure as I heard until I met her, so now I can't help but wish she would share that purity with me…

That's when I place my hand to my chest and feel nothing and know that, even if she could, there would be nothing there to hold it.

At night, I don't hesitate to start a fire to keep her warm and I let her huddle beside me, but only because I don't need her running off into the dark again. She sleeps better now, or maybe she is just exhausted, because she dozes off sitting up, but jerks awake when she starts leaning and her head rests on my shoulder. The look that I hate comes back when she utters an apology and I wonder why she feels the need to apologize to someone who had kidnapped her. But I don't say anything and she goes back to sleep.

Except one time, she didn't go back to sleep.

Her head touched my shoulder and I expected the usual, but then I realized she was moving closer and her eyes were wide open. The hollow drop echoed in my chest.


Her body tensed against mine and she raised her eyes to meet mine and, for the first time, I wanted to look away. I didn't want to see that fire burning behind her gaze. The fire that I couldn't tame. The fire that wasn't mine.

My hand wrapped around her throat when she abruptly moved forward and I could feel her breath on my skin and taste it on my tongue. That stare still wouldn't leave me alone and I wanted to push her away, but my fingers only loosened their hold and my thumb traced along her jaw. Her chest rose sharply and fell, shuddering, and she tried to come closer, but I managed three words before she could close the gap that was already much too small.

"I'm not human…"

The look that I hated flickered like a dying light and her whisper was almost enough to achieve what she had been seeking, "What do you mean?"

I didn't want to respond. I didn't want her to know the truth and I didn't want to remind myself of it. So I repeated, "I'm not human."

Confusion marred the skin between her brows, "Then what are you?"

"Nothing…" My eyes jumped to meet hers, and then I moved my hand from where it was tracing along her bottom lip and placed it to my empty chest, "Nobody."

It was my own heat that warmed me when she moved away and rested on the ground and fell to sleep. The fire crackled before me and I narrowed my eyes at it because I didn't need to remember that it was the only thing that could ever reside in this hollow shell of a body. I didn't need to remember that it was what kept me alive and what made me Nothing and what forced me to tell a girl I hated that I couldn't save her because I wasn't real.

Because I wasn't human.


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