Sebastian chuckled darkly and a moment later Grell's pants and underwear were at his feet.

Everything about Sebastian, from his voice to his mannerisms to his appearance, screamed perfect control. Grell shivered; he was about to see a tiny bit of the wildness.

Sebastian pushed him back down into a sitting position on the couch. Grell spread his knees, one hand covering his eyes. Sebastian knelt on the floor. Grell noticed that the hands stroking him were unexpectedly warm as they stroked him. Grell had imagined they'd be cold as marble.

"The Young Master was right." Sebastian paused, his voice innocent. "You are a natural redhead."

Grell's arched into the touch, painfully aware of the whimpers coming from him. His hand dropped to his side and his head dipped back, scarlet locks spilling across the back of the couch. He stared at the chandelier that hung from the ceiling, trying not to reach the edge too quickly. The demon butler lazily moved his hand up and down the shaft, squeezing every few seconds.

Then suddenly Sebastian swallowed him whole. Grell experienced a sweet, torturous combination of wetness and heat. Sebastian started to hum and the vibrations made the red head see nirvana. Sebastian's tongue flicked the large vein and Grell groaned appreciatively.

Sensing Grell was close, Sebastian drew back. Ciel would never forgive him if he swallowed. Grell was overcome by a vague sense of regret and a much deeper, subtler anger. He almost directed Sebastian's head to force him to swallow, but he stopped himself. It would be very un-Grell like. His alter-ego could not come out or show in any way possible. Not yet.

Grell's body jerked and shuddered as opaque droplets spurted forth, landing on Grell's pale thigh. Sebastian handed Grell a handkerchief, a smiling playing about his lips.

"What about you?" Grell asked, his heart not yet settled.

Shaking his head in the negative, Sebastian blinked. Ciel was calling him. He rose gracefully into a standing position. Sebastian touched his hand, the intricate pattern suddenly luminescent. He closed his eyes. Ciel was in his study, wanting to go over Jack the Ripper candidates.

So Sebastian left Grell with instructions to go the kitchen and to try making the tea. On his way to Ciel's study, he thought about the look in Grell's eyes when Sebastian had not swallowed. He'd looked ready to bite Sebastian. There was something off about Grell but Sebastian wasn't concerned. There was still time.

Grell stood up slowly and refastened his pants. He and Sebastian hadn't kissed. Sebastian probably thought he was a pathetic human, undeserving of a kiss. Grell knew that would change.

But if they had, Grell was willing to bet there would have been sparks and the delicious, coppery taste of blood. Sebastian seriously needed to stop acting so righteous. He smiled at his reflection in the window. Together, the world would bleed. There was crazed look in Grell's eyes, but then it vanished.